Genesis 950 Green All Purpose Cleaner & Stain Remover


Is your cabinet of cleaning supplies cluttered with half empty containers of cleaners all designed for different jobs. Maybe a stain remover for carpet, a cleaner for tile, a couple different pet stain removers (because the first 3 you tried didn't work), a cleaner for the tub and another for the oven? How many times have you thought about throwing away a bottle or two just to have some room in your cabinet? But, because you spent so much on the cleaner, you are hesitant to throw it out.

Genesis 950 makes life easier when it comes to cleaning. Genesis 950 simplifies cleaning. Instead of needing a cleaner for each task, Genesis 950 is the cleaner you can use for everything. Imagine opening your cabinet and instead of a basket full of cleaners, you just have one bottle!!

As an all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 can be used throughout the house. Remove pet stains from carpet and drink spills from furniture. Easily clean greasy stove tops and ovens. Use it in the bathroom to remove soap scum and mildew from showers and tubs. Clean woodwork and trim, remove smudges from doors and walls. Take it outside and clean siding, cement and outdoor furniture. The uses are endless.

If the phrase "All Purpose Cleaner" makes you think the product is less effective, you haven't tried Genesis 950 yet. As an all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 works a little different that traditional cleaners. Genesis 950 does not contain the harsh chemicals found in most cleaners. Such cleaners rely on the chemicals to create a reaction with the stain in hopes of breaking it down. Not Genesis 950!

Genesis 950 is a surfactant. This type of cleaning relies on water. Genesis 950 is sold in concentrate form. It needs to be mixed with water to become active. Once Genesis 950 and water are introduced to a stained area, the 950 works to make the stain water soluble. Once water soluble, the stain looses it's adherence and breaks away from the surface. At that point, it can be rinsed away.

Being concentrated, you save money. If Genesis 950 is used as a general cleaning solution, it can be mixed as low as 1 part 950 to 7 parts water. This essentially turns 1 gallon of concentrate into 7 gallons of cleaning solution. of course there may be instances where you want to increase the ratio. Typically, we recommend filling a spray bottle with 1/3 950 and 2/3 water. This is the best ratio to have on hand. It allows for general cleaning and more moderate stains and spills. If you do have 2 spray bottles, fill one with each of the different ratios so you have a cleaner for the basics and a more advanced cleaner for tougher stains.

Best Green All Purpose Cleaner

General Cleaning

Genesis 950 can be used throughout the house. Clean kitchens and bathrooms with ease. For general cleaning, spray your mixture of Genesis 950 and water onto the stained area. Give it a few minutes to soak into the stain. Once it has soaked into the stain, you will be able to wipe the stain up. Typically, Genesis 950 will allow you to wipe away things you normally have to scrub. In some cases, if the stain is extremely difficult, you may need a second application, or an increase in the amount of 950 in your solution.
Best Cleaning Product For Kitchen

Use Genesis 950 throughout your kitchen. On stove tops, you will be amazed at how easily Genesis 950 breaks down grease splatters, food spills and burnt areas. Simply spray the stains, give it a few minutes, then wipe them away with a damp sponge.

Genesis 950 can revive tile floors. It works to pull dirt and dust from deep withing the pores of the tile. Remove years of buildup in the grout as well.

Bring stainless steel to life by removing all those fingerprints and smudges.

Clean counter tops, sinks and so much more.

Best Cleaning Product For Bathroom

Genesis 950 works wonders in the bathroom.

Remove water stains and buildup on fixtures. Take a close look at your faucet in the bathroom. If you look where the metal from the faucet meets the porcelain, you might see a fine layer of grime deep within that space. Genesis 950 can break it down with no scrubbing required.

In the shower, remove pink mold, mildew, soap scum and water stains.

Easily clean around the base of the toilet.

Genesis 950 is safe on all the surfaces in your bathroom. Granite, ceramic, tile, porcelain, chrome, and metal can all be cleaned with Genesis 950.


How to clean pet stains
Pet owners swear by Genesis 950. If you have a pet, you know pet stains are inevitable. We've had amazing feedback from customers who have collectively removed every kind of pet stains you can think of.

Feces, urine, vomit are the most common pet stains Genesis 950 can remove. But it can also remove stains from less common instances. For example, we had a customer amazed because Genesis 950 was able to clean up everything after a dog had puppies in the living room! We've heard from customers who have remove blood stains from a nail trimmed to close to the base. Genesis 950 removed blood stains from urinary infections or other health related issues for several customers. Then there's muddy paws. From winter slush in the North, to red clay in the South. Genesis 950 can clean it all.

Customers constantly state that they had carpet they were ready to replace but didn't want to spend the money. Genesis 950 is often a last ditch effort before replacing carpet. Genesis 950 has saved customers thousands of dollars by restoring carpet, removing stains AND removing odors.

Best DIY Pet Stain RemoverFor older pet stains, or pet urine odor in carpet, Genesis 950 works best in a carpet cleaning machine. This allows the solution to get into the padding and properly break down the odor causing bacteria. If odor is an issue, spot cleaning the surface will not do anything to remove pet smells from carpet. That odor needs to be removed from the padding. Additionally, a carpet cleaning machine will also be able to get the solution deep into the carpet fibers. In most cases, the end result is not only a clean carpet, but a carpet that is soft to the touch.

Pet owners are constantly struggling with pet stains. There are endless brands and types of pet stain removers. Some for cats, some for dogs, some for urine, some for carpet, some for hardwood . . . the list goes on and on. Those products can also be pricey. Why waste money on several different cleaners when Genesis 950 can combat them all?

Many pet owners try to go with the least expensive route possible. Typically this ends with a DIY pet stain remover recipe. These recipes can be counterproductive as the ingredients can increase indoor urination, or not effectively remove stains.

The Problem With DIY Pet Stain Recipes

VINEGAR - Nearly every DIY pet stain remover recipe calls for vinegar. Vinegar is a natural cleaner because of it's acidic properties. It is inexpensive, and it is commonly found in homes. However vinegar has an acidic base. Pet urine has an acidic base. Pets urinate based on where they smell they have gone before. because the acidic properties of urine and vinegar are similar, they have similar scents. Cats and dogs are not able to distinguish the two apart. because of this, if they smell vinegar in the carpet, they will think it is urine, and continue to go in that spot. So if your pet keeps going in the same spot, even though you cleaned it with vinegar, you now know why! DO NOT use vinegar to clean pet stains. 

BAKING SODA - Baking soda is included because of it's ability to neutralize odors. However neutralizing odor and removing it are two different things. When you have pet odor, you don't want it to just be covered up. You want it gone. Baking soda will not do this. Another thing baking soda can't do is remove odor from the padding. Treating pet stains with baking soda may only minimize stains on the surface. It can not get into the padding. If you somehow were able to get it into the carpet padding, it would clog the pores to the carpet and damage your carpet cleaning machines. Even in powder form you run the risk of blowing out your vacuum engine. As the tiny particles are pulled into the machine, they can clog the filter. If you have ever had a vacuum burnout, think back to whether you had used any powder based cleaners. If you use a carpet cleaning machine, baking soda becomes paste like. This will in turn damage your machine as well. 

SOAPS - Soap based cleaners include laundry detergent and dish washing soap that are used in some DIY carpet cleaning recipes. Soap should never be used in carpet. Period! Soap works through a process where it attracts dirt. The purpose of soap is to bring the dirt and dust, or in this case pet stains to a central point. However in carpet, as the soap based cleaner moves downward, it brings that stain with it. Eventually, soap gets in the padding. Have you ever had a stain seem to go away but then come back some time later? Reflect on what you used to clean it. It was most likely a soap based cleaner. As humidity changes, all that collected dirt moves upward and your stain is back. Unfortunately many brands of carpet cleaning solution are also soap based. You may also find a resin or slime like film on your carpet fibers. Genesis 950 can actually break the soap residue down and remove that from the carpet as well. 


If you don't have a pet, Genesis 950 can still be used on carpets to give them an amazing deep cleaning. Genesis 950 removes pollen, dirt, dust, food spills and stains and heavy traffic areas. The results of cleaning carpet with Genesis 950 will leave you amazed.

Best carpet Cleaning Solution Best carpet Cleaning Solution


Genesis 950 can also be used on furniture. Use it as a spot cleaner for food and drink spills, ink smudges or makeup marks. For a deep clean, use the attachment hose of any carpet cleaning machine. Genesis 950 can be used on leather, cotton, polyester, suede and microfiber. We even have antique dealers who use Genesis 950 to clean delicate fabrics like satin or oriental rugs!

best stain remover for furniture best stain remover for furniture

 best stain remover for furniture

Simplify your cleaning with Genesis 950. It is the only cleaner you need in your house for everyday chores as well as those difficult jobs.