Remove Carpet Stains With Genesis 950


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One of the biggest mistakes with cleaning carpet is that people try using household cleaners that have chemicals that may damage your carpet. Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner that actually breaks the bond of stains. It is designed to work with water to get into the stain. Once it does this, the stain can be lifted and removed. You can do this using a bucket with warm water and a sponge. If not, using 950 in a steamer will pick up all of the stain and more. If you are not breaking the bond like 950 does, you do not get rid of the stain.

Genesis 950 works great on all types of stains. Initially, it was designed for pressrooms to remove hard setting ink stains from floors, equipment and clothing. Today it is used in car dealerships, garages, tile and flooring centers, and in the home. Nothing cleans carpets and furniture like Genesis 950. Remove the most stubborn stains. Whether it is paint, pet accidents, grease, oil, ink or food, Genesis 950 will pull those unsightly stains from whatever surface it is on. In a steamer, you can get your carpet to look like it was professionally cleaned and save quite a bit of money in the process. For those of you with pets, whether it be cats or dogs, Genesis 950 will do more then remove the stains, it will also remove the smell. When the bond of the stain is lifted, that means the odor of the stain is removed as well.

To remove stains from coats, leather, or upholstery using Genesis 950 Concentrate:
1. In a spray bottle, mix 5 parts water with 1 part 950 Concentrate
2. Mist the area affected by the stain
3. Let the mixture soak into the stain
4. Lightly brush the mixture into the stain
5. Brush off the residue with clean water
6. Dry the area with a terry cloth towel or rag

To make your carpets look professionally cleaned, use Genesis 950 in any steam cleaner.
Follow instructions on the steam cleaner and use recommended amount of Genesis 950 in place of any other cleaner.
After steam cleaning, run over cleaned area with water in the steam cleaner. By doing this, you will see the clean water become filthy very quick. This is because the previous Genesis 950 previously applied will be working with the water to break down and lift all stains from your carpet.
Your carpet will look clean, new and professionally cleaned.
If you are doing a large room or several rooms, save money by ordering a 2.5 gallon cube of Genesis 950.

Save yourself the time and expense of removing stains. Genesis 950 does it all. It's also great for cleaning stains on clothes, shoes, purses and car interiors. Most importantly, where ever you use it, it is safe. There are no harsh toxins and it is environmentally friendly. Perfect for California and other states with strict guidelines.

Order online at, or call direct at 847-244-3600.
Gallon $49.30
2.5 Gallon Cube: $64.30
5 Gallon Cube: $107.10
Spouts for the cubes are also available for an additional $3.00
Shipping and handling are not included in the pricing