Remove Pet Stains, Urine & Odor From Carpet And Furniture

How To Remove Pet Stains

Genesis 950 is the best pet stain remover for everything from visible stains on the carpet surface to pet urine lingering in the padding. Genesis 950 is different from other pet stain removers. Instead of using enzymes or soap, Genesis 950 works as a surfactant. A surfactant interacts with a stain to reduce tension. Such a reduction causes the stain to break away from the surface it has attached to. Simplified, it means that Genesis 950 allows stains to become water soluble and break down for removal. 

Genesis 950 is a versatile cleaner. It is sold in concentrate form. This means you are getting an industrial strength cleaning product. For it to work properly, water needs to be added. While Genesis 950 breaks down stains, the water added to it makes it water soluble. A little bit of Genesis 950 goes a long way. For general cleaning, typically a mixture of 1 part 950 to 7 parts water will break down most stains. In some cases, especially where odor is the issues, a higher ratio may be used to properly break down odor causing stains in carpet padding. 

Genesis 950 can be used in a number of ways. Here are three common ways Genesis 950 can be used to remove pet stains and odors. 

Remove pet stains Genesis 950
Everything Home Life Genesis 950 Review
When urine in the carpet is creating odor issues, we recommend that Genesis 950 be used in a carpet cleaning machine. This will ensure that the solution cleans the padding as well as the surface. if you have odor issues, cleaning carpet surfaces will NOT remove the odors. Urine travels downward into the padding. Once in the padding, the smell will persist until the padding has been cleaned. A carpet cleaning machine has the power to saturate the padding, as well the suction to pull everything from the padding up past the fibers. Using a machine will also ensure every fiber in the carpet is evenly and thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning the fibers will revitalize the color of your carpet as well as leave it feeling soft and plush. In this review by Everything Home Life, you can see in the final photo how new the carpet looks. It is evenly cleaned, and plush enough to leave wheel tracks on the carpet. 

remove old carpet stains
The Small Things By Bre Genesis 950 Review
Carpet can also be spot treated. in The Small Things Genesis 950 review, isolated stains were spot treated. Spot treating is perfect for stains that are fresh. It is also good for stains that do not include urine. Vomit, muddy paws, and feces are ideally treated by spot cleaning. While Genesis 950 can remove visible urine stains by spot cleaning, it is still recommended to machine clean urine based stains as the urine seeps into the padding. Spot cleaning will not remove urine odor from below as previously discussed.

pet stain and odor removal
Organic Sunshine Genesis 950 Review
Spot cleaning can be performed on carpet, furniture, rugs, hardwood, tile and any other surface.  In instances where surface stains have odors, such as this feces stain, Genesis 950 can remove the smell. Organic Sunshine reviewed Genesis 950 and in addition to removing ink stains from a rug, Genesis 950 was used to clean this pet stained rug. As seen in the photo, Genesis 950 does more than just clean the stains. It removes dirt, dust and debris. In this case, it brightened the rug!

One of the hottest trends in cleaning right now is homemade recipes. There are two reasons that the household remedy trend is on the up rise. First and foremost, cost. Typically cleaning solutions targeted at pet stains can run between $20 - $30 for a bottle. While this cost may very well be worth it in the event the cleaner does what it claims, far too often those cleaners do not meet the pet owners expectations. As a result, people end up giving up spending money on a cleaner that won't work. Let's face it, a gallon of vinegar costs less than a bottle of pet stain remover. The second reason household cleaners are favored is because people are become more aware of what is being used in their home. Many cleaning products release harsh chemicals that can provoke allergies, skin irritation, impact the respiratory system and have a prolonged effect on blood cells. Once again, vinegar seems more safe than an aerosol spray.

Homemade cleaning remedies however are not an effective means of cleaning pet stains. Vinegar is most commonly recommended as a natural cleaner for removing pet stains. It is a natural agent free of man made toxins. Vinegar is an acidic based agent with a pH level of 2.4. This slight acidic base gives vinegar the strength to break down various elements without damaging carpet or furniture. Theoretically, it sounds like a good idea. For a brief period of time, the area cleaned with vinegar may in fact seem cleaner and smell better, however over time, urine smells may worse. 

Animals urinate based on instinct. Dogs go outside and smell around to find spots where they have gone before. Cats head to a litter box based on scent. Urine has a pH level of 4.5 - 8. Your pet, whether it is a cat or dog, can pick up on this scent and the similarity in odor between the scent of vinegar and urine can actually draw your pet to go to the bathroom in that spot again. With vinegar, instead of removing the problem, you are actually encouraging it. Your pet will not differentiate between the pH level between vinegar and urine. If the odor is there, they will likely go to the bathroom there. This is even acknowledges by the Human Society. They note on their website. They have made this statement in regards to vinegar & ammonia: From your pet's perspective, these don't effectively eliminate or cover the urine odor and may actually encourage your pet to reinforce the urine scent mark in that area. 

Household cleaners are often used for pet stain removal, however typically, this is not their intention. Many stain removers are designed as spot cleaners. They are created to remove small stains. In some cases, they are not even designed to be used on fabric. When using these cleaners, you can actually create a bigger problem. Soaps used in many of these cleaners can attract dirt. This photo is an excellent example of what store bought cleaners can do to a carpet. This carpet was "cleaned" using household sprays. The carpet was layered with pet stains. The carpet was stained with pet urine, vomit and muddy paws over a couple years time. Various attempts were made to clean the carpet by means of spot and stain removers. You can clearly see where the cleaners were applied and that rather than remove the stains, they created more. Grayish streaks form where cleaning attempts occurred. This was the result of the soap used in the cleaners. Rather than break down stains, they attracted dirt and made the area worse. 

How to remove pet stains from carpet
Old pet stains in carpet

Clearly this carpeting became an eyesore. The room basically became closed off from the rest of the house and it seemed that the only remedy would be replacing the carpet. However we will address this carpet shortly.

Another cleaning misconception is the recommendation of enzymatic cleaners. This process is very complex, but can be simplified in explanation as the reaction of one element in conjunction with another. In very basic terms, the theory is that an enzyme can be introduced to a pet stain and the result will be the breakdown of the stain. The complexities lie within how an enzyme functions. Enzymes are extremely sensitive. They react only to very specific conditions. If the conditions do not meet, the enzyme will not react. There are several conditions to make an enzyme work. The first and most crucial is temperature. Enzymes need a stable temperature to function. If it is too cold or hot, even by 1 degree, there will be no reaction. Shelf life also deters an enzyme from working properly. If the product has been sitting to long, it will not work. Other factors include the pet's diet and the acidity of the urine or vomit, dyes used in the food, moisture and so on. Another problem is that the enzyme may work on a portion of the stains, but not all of it. This is most obvious after a few days when the smell begins to return.

There is a lot behind cleaning pet stains, and unfortunately a lot of it results in stain removers not working. Perhaps the best way to remove pet stains is with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a green, all purpose cleaner that works unlike household cleaners and enzymes. Instead of breaking stains down with an acidic base or harmful toxins, it works with water to alter the structural bonds of stains. In doing so, a stain loses it's ability to bond to a surface. As a result, it breaks from the surface and can be rinsed away. It does so without harming surfaces. Even more importantly, it does so without harming you, your family or your pets. It is a green, sustainable cleaner. In addition to removing pet stains, it also removes odor. 

Genesis 950 can be used as a spot cleaner, or in a machine. Going back to the carpeting shown earlier, the results achieved with Genesis 950 are unlike that from any other cleaner. Here is that carpet again. Years of pet stains from both cats and dogs were left throughout the carpet. Several other cleaners were used with negative results, making the carpet look even worse that before. The scent of pets lingered in the room. Ultimately, this became a wasted space in the home. 

How to get rid of old pet stains
Old pet stains in carpet

Clean old pet stains from carpet
Old pet stains removed from carpet

Here is that same rug after it was cleaned with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 was used in a Bissell carpet cleaning machine. It was mixed at a 50/50 ratio of Genesis 950 to water. The mixture was able to break down the stains and lift them from the surface. Not only did it remove the pet stains from urine and vomit, but it also removed residue and stains left behind by other cleaning products. It also removed all the urine odor from the room. Urine odor often stems from below the surface of the carpet. Spot cleaning will not remove that odor. It is for this reason odor issues must be addressed with a cleaning machine of some sort. When used in a machine, Genesis 950 can break down the stains below the surface, deodorize the padding and kill disinfect any germs which cause the odors, as well as any bacteria that may promote mold growth. 

Genesis 950 works on all carpet types without damaging or discoloring the fibers. In these photos, Genesis 950 was used to remove pet stains that were months old. Like the above carpet, these stains were previously treated with other cleaners. However those cleaners were not able to remove the stains. Genesis 950 was used as a spot cleaner to remove the old pet stains. In this instance, odor was not an issue. The frustration arose from having beautiful carpet that seemed doomed with an embarrassing stain. Genesis 950 was able to make the home owner proud of her carpets again!
Remove old urine stains in carpet
Old pet urine stains in carpet

Remove old pet urine stains
Old pet urine stains removed in carpet
Genesis 950 is the perfect spot cleaner for small stains. Cat owners often face the dilemma of vomit. Whether is be food, bile or just random things ingested, the mess can leave a nasty mark. Dyes in food can be troublesome to remove and while some cleaners may get rid of the bulk of the stain, they often leave a faint outline of where the stain was. As a spot cleaner, Genesis 950 can be kept in a bottle. Typically a ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water can remove pet stains. In this example, Genesis 950 was used to spot clean and remove pet vomit.
remove vomit stains
Locate the stain

Remove cat vomit stains
Spray the stain with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water

clean cat vomit
Wipe the stain away

Remove pet stains
The bulk of the stain is removed

best pet stain remover
Wipe away remaining stain with damp cloth
Genesis 950 can also be used to remove stains on furniture. 
Remove pet stains from furniture
Locate the pet stain

Remove pet stains from furniture
Spray pet stains from furniture using a mixture of Genesis 950 & water

Clean pet stains from furniture
Wipe off stain

clean pet stains from furniture
Pet stain removed from furniture