Genesis 950 Review & Giveaway From Everything Home Life

Genesis 950 Review & Giveaway From Everything Home Life

Everything Home Life Genesis 950 review

It's time for Spring Cleaning and Everything Home Life is kicking off the season with a review and giveaway for Genesis 950. Everything Home Life was started in 2014 by Katriza. She had heard about Giveaways online and began looking into some to enter. As a stay at home Mom, with another on the way,  she took to blogging and created an amazing site where she could host her own Giveaways, write reviews and share ideas for like minded people.

We were lucky enough to have her take the time to review Genesis 950. In doing so, she really put the product to the test and showed why it is the perfect cleaning product for any home. 

Everything Home Life Genesis 950 Giveaway


Although Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner, one of the most popular uses for it is cleaning pet stains. It works better than any other cleaner because of the way it interacts with stains. As a surfactant based cleaner, genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains. When this happens, a stain then becomes water soluble. At that point, a stain can be broken down and then rinsed away from the area. This is perfect for breaking down pet stains such as urine, feces or vomit. But it does more than just remove the visible stain. Genesis 950 also contains antibacterial components. Because of this, it does not just neutralize odors, it destroys them. This is very important with pet stains. Pets will often return to an area where they smell urine. If the odor is not removed, your pet may keep going in that spot making it even worse over time. 

Katriza was able to use Genesis 950 on pet stains. In her example, her dog had an accident on the carpet. She used Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine at a ratio of 1:4 (Genesis 950;water). You can clearly see after just one application, the visible stain has been removed. What people often forget when cleaning pet stains, is that the stain is not just on the surface, but the urine seeps downwards into the padding. By applying multiple applications, you not only remove what is on the surface, but you also remove what has seeped below. 

Best Pet Stain Remover

As an all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 works great on multiple surfaces to remove multiple stains. With a small child in the house, spill and stains are ever present. Furniture and of course carpet, can easily be cleaned with Genesis 950. Whether spot cleaning, or cleaning with a machine, Genesis 950 can make your furniture and carpet stain free. In these examples, Katriza was able to clean some stains off her furniture, as well as remove strawberry stains from carpet. 

How to clean furniture

How to remove strawberry Stains

One of the hardest surfaces to clean is stainless steel. It can capture every fingerprint and smudge imaginable. Especially when they are used daily. Katriza used Genesis 950 to clean her stainless steel microwave. As can be seen, it brought back that shiny gloss that we love.

How to clean stainless steel

One of the trickiest types of stains to remove is paint. Genesis 950 can actually remove old, dried paint from various surfaces. Katriza was able to remove old paint stains from cabinets and tile. 
clean old paint stains

Best cleaner for tile

remove old paint stains

It can also take grime, dirt and buildup off surfaces. From floors, walls, door and cabinets, to furniture and carpet, Genesis 950 removes old buildup to make your home look new. Even appliances themselves can be cleaned up. Here, Katriza used Genesis 950 to remove dirt from her Kirby's wheels and plastic coverings.

Best Green Cleaner

After using Genesis 950 on several surfaces, Katriza came to this conclusion:

Genesis 950 Cleaning Solution: The Verdict

I had a great experience with this product and its’ company.  I had questions about the ingredients used in this product as it’s not listed on the label itself.  I was told this product’s ingredients are proprietary information but I was very thankful to be given a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to be able to confirm the validity of this product’s claims on being green and biodegradable.  I was also able to confirm that the most common hazardous cleaning product ingredients are not in the Genesis 950.  As you see from testing this product on different surfaces and stains, it truly does work!  I love that I can use this for so many things instead of having to buy individual cleaners for specific areas of my house making this product very cost effective.  In most cases, I only used the 1:7 dilution ratio and a simple rag to clean each surface.  I didn’t need to use any other tools or use extensive scrubbing to get most stains out, though I did have to use 2 or 3 applications on tougher stains.  Overall, I would highly recommend using this product for all your household cleaning needs as it’s incredibly versatile and safe!