How To Clean Pet Vomit Stains

How To Clean Pet Vomit Stains

One of the most stubborn types of pet stains is pet vomit. Pet vomit can be difficult to remove for a number of reasons. Vomit can contain pet food. Many pet foods contain dyes. Some of the more persistent vomit stains contain red dye which can bleed into carpet or furniture. Vomit stains that are comprised of bile, particularly if a dog has eaten, can be very liquidy. Bile can almost be sap like once dried. When this type of vomit sits on carpet or furniture, it can saturate the fibers or upholstery. It can also harden within the surface and in turn become even more difficult to remove. A final issue with pet vomit, particularly with cats, is not finding the stain until days, weeks or even moths after the stain has been made. When these stains dry and harden, they almost have to be scrapped off.

Genesis 950 makes these types of stains easier to deal with. Because Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner, it actually breaks a stain down by making it water soluble. Once water soluble, a stain loses adherence and can be rinsed from the surface. Because water is the active ingredient, there are no hazardous chemicals in Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is green! because it is green, you don't have to worry about putting your pet in harm's way, or worry about you pet coming in contact with an area Genesis 950 cleaned. 
How to clean pet vomit stains
Pet Vomit Stain

Genesis 950 is extremely easy to use. It is sold in concentrate form and needs to be mixed with water to become active. Typically, filling a spray bottle with 1/3 Genesis 950 an 2/3 water will prepare you for any difficult stains.

Genesis 950 is safe to use on rugs, carpets, furniture, tile, hardwood and any other surface you may need to clean.

Here is a cat vomit stain on a wool rug that has dried up.

How to clean puke stains
Spray the area with Genesis 950 & water

Spray the stain with the mixture of Genesis 950 and water.
Be sure to thoroughly saturate the stain.

As the Genesis 950 mixture begins to be absorbed by the stain, the stain will begin to break down. Not only will the large particles break down, but the portion of the stain within the carpet fibers will lose their adherence and begin to break free from the carpet.

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Clean the sprayed area with a damp rag or cloth

Once the stain has been given a few minutes to absorb the solution, begin wiping the stain up.

You will find that there will be little need for scrubbing.. Genesis 950 causes the stain to break from the surface. because of this, stains typically wipe right up.

In this example, a paper towel was used to wipe up the broken down stains. no scrubbing needed at all. This not only makes cleaning easy, but it also prevents you from straining the fibers.

Remove Pet Stains
Rinse the area with a damp cloth or rag

After you have wiped the carpet clean of the stain, take a damp cloth or paper towel and rinse the area clean to ensure you have removed all the particles of the stain

Remove Pet Vomit
Remove Pet Vomit
You now have a clean rug!

Genesis 950 can also be used to clean vomit stains from furniture using the same spot cleaning principal:

Best Pet Stain remover

It can also be used to remove pet stains from walls:

best pet stain remover
In addition to cleaning pet vomit stains, Genesis 950 can also be used to clean urine and feces stains. Genesis 950 is the best carpet cleaning solution to remove pet urine odor from carpet. It's ability to break stains down allows it clean deep within the padding of carpet when used in a carpet cleaning machine. If you have a pet, you need Genesis 950!