Genesis 950 Reviews

Genesis 950 Reviews

Genesis 950 is one of the most versatile cleaning products on the market. As an all purpose cleaner, it's uses are endless. It has the power to clean concrete, remove pet stains from carpet and clean everything from the stove to the bath tub.

Unlike other cleaning products, Genesis 950 works as a surfactant. A surfactant works with water to break the tension of stains. Once the tension of a stain has been broken, the stain can then be removed from the surface. This process eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. As a result, Genesis 950 is a green cleaner. it is safe for you, your family and your pets. 

Genesis 950 has been reviewed by several bloggers. These reviews were not paid for. The reviewers were provided with the product and given no instructions on what to clean. The result is a great mix of everything including pet stain removal, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, furniture care and so much more. 


The small things has reviewed Genesis 950 several times. Each time trying Genesis 950 out in different ways. The Small Things Genesis 950 reviews really prove that Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner. 

Furniture stains spot cleaned with 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water.

"I will never purchase another household cleaner again. Genesis 950 has me for life!"

Genesis 950 can be used to clean carpets. Use it as a spot cleaner in a spray bottle with a mixture of Genesis 950 and water. Genesis 950 can also be used in any carpet cleaning machine.

General cleaning - mix 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water
Moderate cleaning - mix 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water
Extreme cleaning - 50/50 mix of Genesis 950 and water

In this example,  the general cleaning ratio was used to spot clean surface stains on carpet.

"I am telling you this is hands down the best product I have ever used."

Genesis 950 handles the toughest stains. Some jobs take a little more cleaning. For those jobs, increase the ratio of Genesis 950 and soak the mixture into the stain a little longer.

"You can throw out all of your other cleaners because Genesis 950 can replace them ALL!

Genesis 950 makes kitchen cleaning a breeze. It is an amazing cleaner when it comes to stoves and oven. While most oven cleaners contain extremely hazardous chemicals, Genesis 950 is green. Clean the inside of your oven without putting your health at risk. 

On stove tops, grease, oil and food spills virtually melt away once Genesis 950 is used to make them water soluble. 

It can also clean burnt stove tops. The 4 step photo shows Genesis 950 used to clean such a stove top. The burner is also shown in the bottom left of the top picture. That was how "clean" the burner ever got with other cleaning products. Genesis 950 was able to do what other kitchen cleaners couldn't do!

"Genesis 950 cleans pretty much everything"


Genesis 950 works wonders on tile. Traditional cleaners contain soaps. When used on tile floor, soap can clog the tile pores and leave a residue in the grout. Because soap attracts dirt, the soap residue left in the grout will attract dirt. The result is a tile floor that isn't clean. Genesis 950 penetrates the pores of the tile and lifts any dirt or dust that have lodges into them. It also works into the grout lines to break down and pull out all the debris. The result: bright tile and clean grout lines!

"The grout went from dark brown to a light beige color with just one application! Not to mention, the tile itself looks pristine!"

Genesis 950 can brighten your entire living space from the carpets to the walls. Use Genesis 950 to clean trim as well as remove smudges, marks, dust, dirt and smoke marks on walls.

"My walls look like we JUST painted (and to tell you the truth, we had no idea the bathroom had WHITE paint. We seriously thought it was beige)"

HOMESCHOOL INSIGHTS (Previously Chronically Content)

Genesis 950 makes cleaning the bathroom easy. Break down soap scum, water stains and mildew from tubs and shower curtains. Easily wipe away grime and build up from fixtures and ceramic. Clean around toilet bases and tile. Because Genesis 950 breaks stains down with such ease, you can wipe away stains that might normally need more scrubbing.

"I just sprayed the Genesis 950 on and took a sponge right to it.  The area came clean right away."


Genesis 950 can clean doors as easy as it can clean walls. Remove scuffs, hand prints and even smudges from pets coming in the house.
Children's furniture can be even harder to clean than adult furniture. Children's furniture gets all sorts of stains. From food stains and drink spills to dirty hands, this piece of children's furniture looked almost irreversible. However Genesis 950 not only removed the stains, it also revived the color. The upholstery went from being dingy and worn to vibrant and plush.

"I sprayed some Genesis 950 on it let it set around 5 minutes, the stains came right off like nothing."

In the kitchen, Genesis 950 can clean appliances on the inside and outside. Easily remove splatters and stains in the microwave.  The simple 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water ratio doesn't sound like a lot, but just a little bit of diluted Genesis 950 gives you industrial strength cleaning power.


Genesis 950 eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products. From carpet stains to bathroom cleaning, Genesis 950 does it all.

One of the most dreaded carpet stains in home with children is marker stains on the carpet. In this instance white carpet. Typically these types of stains require some finesse. Not with Genesis 950. All stains like this require from Genesis 950 is to be sprayed, given a few moments to sit, and then wiped away.

In the bathroom, Genesis 950 wipes away soap scum and water stains with no effort!

"Honestly, I was shocked. I really didn't expect it to work that quickly or efficiently." 


Genesis 950 can give your carpet an thorough cleaning when used in a machine, or it can treat stains and spills as they happen. Putty stains in carpet can be almost impossible to remove. This particular stain had been in the carpet for weeks. After trying everything to remove it with no luck, it seemed the stain was going to just become part of the landscape. Until Genesis 950 was used. With a simple spot cleaning, the old carpet stain was removed. To even out these types of stains, a thorough cleaning in any carpet cleaning machine will remove any of the stain that is deeper in the carpet and leave the carpet soft and plush.


If you have pets you have stains. If you have kids you have stains. If you have pets and kids, you are probably ready to give up.

Genesis 950 doesn't just remove pet stains, it also removes pet odors. Use Genesis 950 to clean surface stains on carpets, rugs and furniture.

Genesis 950 also has the power to remove screen printing ink stains. Finding a household cleaner that can remove this type of ink stain would likely be a challenge. However ink and marker are no match for Genesis 950.

"Genesis 950 is an effective cleaner and a must have for any household."


Food spills and drink spills can be fairly easy to clean, however some stains are a little more complex. Play-Dough for example, specifically homemade Play-Dough can be a real challenge. As it dries out in carpet fibers, it almost needs to be scrapped out of the carpet. However Genesis 950 easily breaks down all the particles trapped within the fibers.

In addition to this stain, Genesis 950 was also used to clean areas where a new puppy had gone to the bathroom in the house. Genesis 950 cleaned and eliminated the pet urine odor FOR GOOD!!

"I’m so thrilled with the results!!!"


Sometimes stains are highly compact. Gum, tar and candle wax can be some of the most stubborn stains. Some stains just don't budge. Those types of stains can be broken down once Genesis 950 makes them water soluble.

But when you clean with Genesis 950 don't expect to just remove the stain. Expect to remove any dirt and dust. Genesis 950 will clean beyond your expectation, reviving color and brightening carpets, rugs and furniture.

Clean throughout the house. Remove grease stains, clean quilts, and remove pet stains!

"the product works!"


Clean wood trim and window sills. Genesis 950 does not just clean the surface, it also cleans grooves and impressions where dirt and dust can become trapped. By breaking stains down, it causes them to lift away. At a 1:7 ratio for General cleaning, Genesis 950 can wipe away things that may normally require scrubbing.

"I am definitely a fan of this product and it’s almost scary to say that I can’t wait to get to do a real serious house cleaning."


Accidental spills and stains can be terrifying. Not knowing if they can be removed, or not finding a cleaner that can remove the stains is frustrating. However nothing shows confidence in Genesis 950 like deliberately pouring coffee on a carpet to see if Genesis 950 will work. Because of the nature of Genesis 950's cleaning process, stains that other cleaners struggle with are no match for Genesis 950. Coffee stains on the carpet were removed with a spot cleaning. Spraying the stain with a mixture of Genesis 950 and water, allowing it to sit and then wiping it away, has impressive results. While spot cleaning is great for removing the immediate stains, follow a large task like this with a carpet cleaning machine to thoroughly clean the carpet.


Carpets can gather all sorts of stains. From pet stains, to traffic, and the always unidentifiable stains that nobody claims they knew how they got there! Genesis 950 makes cleaning entire carpets easy. In a carpet cleaning machine, Genesis 950 can get deep into the fibers of carpet. In the process, they break down and remove the finest particles. Once they have pulled all the dirt and grime out of the carpet, it has done more than just clean. A thorough carpet cleaning with Genesis 950 leaves the carpet feeling soft and plush. Some reviewers have stated that the carpet is left so soft that there are tracks left from vacuuming - something they had not seen in years!

"Overall, I was really impressed with Genesis 950. It is an effective cleaner and I will be keeping it on hand for my big and little cleaning jobs."


Here's another instance of children, pets and unidentifiable stains. Using Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine breaks down the toughest stains. One thing we hear all the time is that using Genesis 950 made the carpets look like new!

"The carpets look like they did when I moved in." Yes, Genesis 950 is that good!"


Pet stains are no match for Genesis 950. In other reviews, Genesis 950 had removed coffee and ink from carpets. With kids, there are projects going on all year. Easter means dying eggs. Imagine spilling one of the dyes on your carpet. Do you think you any household cleaner could get such a stain out? And a purple stain at that! Genesis 950 was able to remove these stains just by spot cleaning!

"This is my new favorite cleaning item I will continue to use this stuff for a long time. I am a definitely believer."


Here's another instance of a mystery stain that somehow appeared in a house with pets and kids. over the course of a few weeks, no other cleaner could remove this stains. Not knowing what a stain is makes grabbing any household cleaner a gamble. There could be a reaction from the stains and the chemicals in most cleaning products that could discolor carpet. Luckily with Genesis 950 you don't need to worry about what a stain is. All you have to do is treat it with Genesis 950 and it's gone!

"Start with Genesis 950 and you won't need anything else."


Pet stains are not limited to carpet and furniture. Pet dander and oils can leave marks on walls and windowsills. With little effort, Genesis 950 can break down these stains and allow you to wipe them clean with little effort.

 "I was amazed at how well this product worked"

If you are looking for the best all purpose cleaner, look no further than Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is the best green cleaner for the whole house. Safely clean everything from pet stains to windowsills, stove tops to bath tubs and so much more. Why wouldn't you want to trade all those hazardous cleaning chemicals for 1 that cleans safely, and cleans better than anything else.