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Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner that uses water to break stains down and lift them from the surface. As an eco-friendly cleaner it is safe for you, your family and your pets. Genesis 950 does not contain harsh chemicals, bleach, or ammonia.

DIY carpet cleaning
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Genesis 950 can be used to spot cleaner small stains, or deep clean carpets using any carpet cleaning machine. For basic cleaning, Genesis 950 should be mixed at a ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water in a spray bottle. With this method, spray the stained area and allow the solution to saturate the stain. Let the solution sit for a few moments, then rinse with water. In the example to the left, a heavily stained outdoor carpet is being cleaned using Genesis 950 and water at the 1:7 ratio. The carpet was covered in some of the toughest stains to remove. Grass stains, grease stains and oil stains covered the carpet. It also had some mold growth on it as well as everyday dirt from traffic. After being treated with the mixture, the carpet was gently scrubbed with a simple sponge. You can see the dramatic difference in the photo with the sponge. After using the sponge, the carpet was rinsed with a separate clean sponge. There is a dramatic change can between the before and after photos.  This carpet went from being ready to go on the curb to looking like a brand new carpet.

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best carpet cleaning solution for old stainsWhen used in a carpet cleaning machine, Genesis 950 works like nothing you have ever used before. Other cleaners use soap, which can clog your carpet with suds and leave behind a residue. This particular carpet was plagued with stains. The area was in a basement where cats were kept when they were home alone. The carpet became stained with urine and vomit stains. The cats did everything you don't want a cat to do on the carpet. Over time, the stains accumulated and cleaning the carpet became a lost cause. Various stains could be found throughout the carpet. Yellow urine based stains. Reddish stains from the dye in pet food where the cats vomited. Grayish stains from other cleaning products that actually made bigger stains than the stains that were being cleaned. There were also traffic stains from muddy boots. Attempts were made regularly to clean the stains with typical cleaners found in every grocery store and box outlet. Some of the most popular and most trusted cleaners were used. They however did not remove the stain. In fact, much of the gray seen in the photo is not from pet stains or from traffic stains, it is what was left behind when other cleaners were tried. Not only did those cleaners make the carpet worse, they created a hole cabinet full of half empty bottles of cleaner. While inexpensive individually, the cost of these cleaning products added up. In addition to the pet stains was the odor. This entire room reeked from the odor in the carpet. 

Eventually, Genesis 950 was used in a Bissel Pro Heat. As you can see below, the results were astounding. Not only did Genesis 950 remove months of stains, it also removed stains that wwere created by other cleaners. One thing you can not see in the photo is the odor. The pet smell was completely gone!

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Genesis 950 is perfect for pet stains. The reason for that is because of how it breaks down the stains. Because there are no harsh chemicals, the carpet is not affected in any way. Some cleaners will actually oxidize the carpet, causing it to change colors. Genesis 950 also has no enzymes in it which is very important. Enzymes are not very effective for removing pet stains. Enzymes operate on the concept that one structure will alter or affect another. This theory implies that the enzymes will break down the stains from a pet. What makes enzymes problematic is that they are very sensitive as to what they affect. For example, a pet's diet or health may alter variations in the urine. Such variations prevent the enzyme from altering the stain. Likewise, temperature is another factor. If the temperature is off, the stain can not be broken down. There are other factors too. How old is the enzyme? Has anything else been used on the area that will alter the enzyme? Genesis 950 is also ideal for pet stains because it doesn't contain ammonia or vinegar. Far too often pet owners are given the misdirection to clean pet stains with either vinegar or ammonia. This is the worst advice that could possibly be given. Both vinegar and ammonia contain some of the same chemical compounds found in urine. Cats and dogs alike urinate in an area based on scent. They prefer to go in generally the same spot. Because vinegar & ammonia contain some of the same compounds found in urine, that smell can mislead them and cause them to go in any area you clean with it. Because Genesis 950 deodorizes, it will actually kill the germs and bacteria that are released from pet stains and prevent your animal from going in that spot again. 

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But Genesis 950 is not just for pet owners. It cleans the worst stains you can imagine. To the left is one of the most dreaded stains imaginable. Pasta! Pasta stains are never a pretty site. This particular stain came from an entire bowl of ravioli spilled on the floor. This was brand new carpet in the room where food should not have even been! So per Murphy's Law, a spill occurred.

In this example, the stain was first treated by hand using the 1:7 ratio of Genesis 950 and water. However because the pasta was so thick, it seeped down into the fibers and needed to be cleaned with a machine.

A Spotbot was used to clean this area. With the spot bot, the portable machine was placed on top of the stain where it's brushes were allowed to gently rotate into the carpet while the machine extracted the stain.

To speed the process up, and directly attend to the stain, the attachment hose was used to clean the area. As seen in the bottom photo, the Genesis 950 was able to completely remove the stain and restore the carpet to it's original new state, leaving no indication there was ever a stain.

Genesis 950 is sold in concentrate form and not watered down. With Genesis 950, you are paying for a straight, industrial strength concentrated cleaner. This also makes Genesis 950 easy to use in any carpet cleaning machine.

There are machines that have 2 compartments. One for water, and one for solution. In these machines, simply fill the reservoir that holds water with straight water, and the reservoir that holds solution with straight Genesis 950. These types of machines then have settings which determine how much solution is mixed with the water. Generally these settings are low, medium heavy and rinse. For most stains, we would recommend the heavy setting. Once you have selected your level, simply go over the carpet. Once you have cleaned the entire carpet, go over it a second time using only water in the machine, or using the rinse cycle. This will flush out and pick up everything the Genesis 950 has broken apart in the carpet. In some cases, you may want to rinse more then once depending on how dirty the return water is.

Other types of machines have 1 tank where the water and cleaning solution are mixed. In these machines, we again recommend a 1:7 ratio of Genesis 950 to water. This can however be bumped up to a 50/50 mix if needed. As with the other machine types, once you have cleaned the carpet, go over it a second time. This time with only water in the tank. This will allow the carpet to be rinsed of everything the Genesis 950 has broken up and lifted.

Genesis 950 will clean more then stains and carpet though. It will degrease engines, make grills look new, give your car a detailing like nothing else and can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. You will never find a cleaner so diverse. On top of it, it's green!!!