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Naturally, our favorite cleaning product is Genesis 950. Nothing cleans like it. It's an all purpose cleaner that removes the toughest stains. Genesis 950 has been saving carpets and removing makeup, coffee, wine, juice, soda/pop, paint, marker, pet stains and more for years. As a surfactant based cleaner, it works with water to get into the stain, break it's bonds and lift it to the surface. A green cleaner, it is safe for your home, your family and your pets. There are no harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia. Being a surfactant, it is free of soaps, which provides a deeper clean. In addition to cleaning, it kills germs and bacteria, deodorizing the areas it cleans. Genesis 950 is by far the best stain remover and all purpose cleaner available.

There are several other cleaning products we do love though too! Genesis 950 is an amazing cleaner. When used in a carpet cleaning machine, the results are astounding. Our favorite steam cleaner is the Bissell Pro Heat 2X. The machine is extremely easy to use. It has the general shape and feel of an upright vacuum cleaner. What we really like about this machine is the ease of the compartments. There is a compartment for fresh water, a compartment for cleaning solution, and a compartment for returned water. The compartment for solution sits in the back of the machine and detaches for easy fill up. When placed in the machine, you can control how much solution is used for your cleaning by changing the setting of the machine. It allows you
Bissell Pro Heat Review
to choose various settings such as rinse, low, medium or heavy. This makes the machine very easy to use because you do not have to pre-mix the solution and water. The machine does it for you.While the heavy setting is most beneficial for heavy traffic and pet stains, it does drain the solution from the compartment fairly quickly. In instances where a general cleaning is being performed on carpet, the low or medium setting will maximize your cleaning solution. When cleaning, the machine has soft bristles that rub the solution into the carpet. It also has a plastic lip which makes extracting excess water in the carpet easy. The return water tank is large, so it holds a lot of water and you do not need to empty it every time you run through the fresh water. Despite being large, the return water tank is very easy to remove and empty. It locks in place, and detaches easy with a handle for easy carrying. Once you have cleaned your carpet, it is important to rinse. The Bissell Pro Heat allows you to use the machine on a rinse cycle, only releasing fresh water. This allows you to properly rinse the carpet after it has been cleaned. The machine's return water tank is clear. This is a nice feature because it allows you to see what is being removed from the carpet. You can easily continue the rinse cycle until the water starts returning clear. With this, you can really tell when the carpet is actually clean. An added bonus to this machine are the attachments. The attachments allow you to clean upholstery, drapes or small isolated stains. We have tried this machine using several cleaners. None of those cleaners had the impact of Genesis 950. While a machine in itself can be beneficial, it is essentially what you use in the machine that makes a difference.

Here's a Before & After of a carpet cleaned with the Bissell Pro Heat & Genesis 950:

Best carpet Cleaning Solution

Scotch Brite Easy PadWhen cleaning the bathroom, one of the best things to use is the Scotch-Brite Easy Cleaning Pad. The Pad is made by 3M, so immediately you know there is quality there. While the pad compliments itself as being a sponge you can use without any other cleaning products, we use it with Genesis 950. When Genesis 950 is mixed 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, and then sprayed on a surface, it breaks down the stains and lifts them from the surface. This makes cleaning the bathtub, toilet, sinks and stove tops a breeze. Naturally, once broken down, the stain needs to be wiped off. This is where the Scotch-Easy Cleaning Pad comes in. The sponge has 2 sides. One side is textured, and the other like that of a traditional sponge. Generally, Genesis 950 will break down things you normally have to scrub to remove. If the buildup of the stain was too heavy that it did not all break down, the textured side of the Scotch-Brite pad gives you that extra bit of friction to scrub off whatever you are cleaning without damaging the surface. Once the stain is ready to be lifted, simply flip the pad and wipe it down with the sponge side. Brilliant! While we do love this sponge for it's duality, our only complaint is that the textured side can deteriorate quickly if over saturated or bent repeatedly.

Gloves come in handy when cleaning. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, you do not want your skin touching some of the chemicals in cleaning products. Many cleaners have damaging properties. Genesis 950 does not have anything that will damage skin, but some people prefer to wear gloves because of how Genesis 950 works. Being a surfactant cleaner, it can draw the oil from your skin, promoting dryness. Gloves however are not needed. Another reason gloves come in handy is based on what is being cleaned. Naturally if you are cleaning a toilet, or bathroom area, you do not want to be touching dirty surfaces. Gloves
Playtex Living Glove
serve as a barrier. There are many types of gloves available. Our favorite are the Playtex Living Glove. These gloves are far superior then any other. They have a nice tight fit over the fingers. The portion that covers the forearm is unlike any other glove. This portion of the glove is long. These gloves run well past your forearm, and cover a lot. In addition to being long, they have another unique quality. They are not tight, yet at the same time, because of the latex, they do not slide down. They stay in place and there is not a constant need to push them down. They also have enough room that if you are wearing a long sleeve shirt, you don't have to roll your sleeves up. You can actually fit the glove over the shirt! If you have an overhead cleaning project, or are reaching upwards, the gloves allow for you to roll them up at the arm end. This will catch any running or dripping water, rather then have that water run down the length of your arm. Another positive feature of these gloves are the textured ridges to the fingers. You can hold things without them sliding through your fingers. The textured fingers also allow you to scrub anything that might not be coming off while cleaning. Finally, these gloves last a loooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg time.