Pasta Stains

How To Remove Pasta Stains From Carpet

Pasta stains can be one of the toughest types of stains to remove. Tomato based sauces can leave bold stains on carpet, cloth and upholstery. However these stains do not have to be challenging. If properly cleaned, they can be removed with ease.

remove pasta stains
In this example, an entire bowl of ravioli was spilled on a brand new carpet. 

This photo was taken after the stain was attempted to be cleaned with just water. As you can see, the stain was pushed further into the carpet only making the stain worse. 

remove pasta stains
For our cleaning example, we used Genesis 950 in a Bissell Spotbot. The Spotbot is an easy to use, compact carpet cleaner. It has a compartment where water is added and cleaning solution is added. The compartment has a fill line showing where to fill with water and where to fill with solution. However for our stain, we disregarded the fill lines and used a 50/50 mix of water and Genesis 950. We then allowed the water to preheat. Using the hose attachment, we cleaned the stained area. 

how to remove red sauce stains
Repeated strokes over the area showed improvement to the carpeting and the stain began to lift.

how to clean red sauce stains
At a certain point, the stain started showing signs of removal, however the tomato sauce was trapped inside of many of the carpet fibers and the hose began to slow down as far as what it was removing. At this time, we used a spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of Genesis 950 and water and simply sprayed the area. After spraying the area with this mixture, the stain was left alone for about 10 minutes. This allowed the Genesis 950 to work its way into the fibers and break down the stain. Unlike other cleaners, Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It is designed to work with water to be absorbed into the stain and actually break the bonds of the stain. After the stain was left to sit, we used the actual machine on the spot. Using a heavy setting, we simply set the SpotBot on top of the stain and let it gently brush the stained area. The SpotBot has settings that allow it to be left on a spot. It will release the mixture of solution and water into the stained area, gently scrub the area, then extract the area.

how to clean pasta spills
As you can see, the Genesis 950 broke the stain apart and the SpotBot extracted everything the Genesis 950 was able to remove. 

how to clean pasta stains
Once the stain was lifted, we again used the hose attachment with ONLY water in the the compartment to flush and extract any residue left in the carpet. After doing this, we used the attachment hose but dispensed neither water or solution and just extracted any water and moisture from the carpet. The hose attachment also allowed us to even out the carpet. By the time the cleaning was completed, the carpet once again looked like new!