Clean Diamond Saw Blades


Diamond Saw Blades are without a doubt the best for cutting through brick, asphalt and concrete. They are used by homeowners as well as by construction companies and are trusted for their strength and durability. There are two basic types of Diamond Saw Blades. Dry Blades and Wet Blades.

Dry Blades are the most common blades and used primarily in traditional hand held power tools. Wet Blades are used in larger machines, such as walk behind tools.

Both blades are widely used in various applications. While many Dry Blades can be used with water, a Wet Blade should never be used without it. Wet Blades are operated in conjunction with hoses or spray mechanisms attached to them to ensure that the blade is constantly moistened. For best results, an additive is introduced into the water on these tools for several reasons. An additive can decrease water surface tension, thus the right surface tension reduction additive should also keep tar and tacky material from adhering to the blade. This in turn will allow the blade to function longer.

best product for cleaning tools
Genesis 950 is the perfect additive for use in tools involving Wet Blades. It is an excellent surface tension reducer as well as a cleaner. Tar, asphalt, grease, dust and dirt will be repelled from the blade, not only increasing the blade's life, but also making it perform better. By keeping the blade clean as you work, you will finish your job faster and more efficiently. Less time will be spent removing debris from the blade and the blade cutting efficiency will be increased.

With either the Dry Blade or the Wet Blade,  Genesis 950  is perfect for cleaning your diamond blade. As a cleaner, it will remove grease, tar, dirt or dust off the saw blade, keeping it clean and making it last longer. Buildup on a Diamond saw Blade can dull it down or impair the manner in which it cuts. By using  Genesis 950 to clean your blades, you are ensuring they have a longer life and perform more effectively.

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