Clean Vinyl Records With Genesis 950

How To Clean Vinyl Records

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Genesis 950 is the perfect cleaner for record collectors. Genesis 950 works safely and effectively on wax and vinyl records.

Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner that works with water. When cleaning vinyl, it is important to ensure that you are removing particles of dirt and dust from the grooves of the record. Built up particles can cause sound distortion and skipping. By using Genesis 950, you can remove years of build up and grime from not just the surface, but also from the grooves.

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Genesis 950 is designed to absorb into the build up and break the structural bond of dirt, dust and grime. When cleaning records, it is best to mix Genesis 950 with water in a spray bottle at a ratio of 50/50. Spray the vinyl with the mixture and let it sit for a few minutes. This will allow the mixture to get into the groove and lift any buildup from them. After the solution has sat, use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe the record clean. Always clean vinyl in a circular motion.

When cleaning vinyl, try to avoid getting moisture on the label as it may leave spots or cause bubbling. In cases where you are trying to remove stickers or labels, you may want to try to use some Genesis 950 on a Q-tip and apply it directly to the sticker. However use extreme care in removing stickers or labels as you do not want to damage the label, and some record labels react differently to liquids.

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Reduce skipping from buildup, enhance sound quality and restore gloss by using Genesis 950 to clean your records. A must have for every record collector!