Tired of Pet Stains?


At one point or another every pet owner runs into a situation involving some sort of stain. Whether it be an accident, or a disagreeable meal, pet stains can be the hardest to tackle for a number of reasons. There are many cleaners on the market to choose from. Many of them result in less than satisfactory results and failed cleanup can often lead to a greater frustration then the actual incident causing the stain.


If you have ever run into an instance where you tried to clean a mess, and found yourself with either a bigger mess, or a mess that resurfaced in a few days, you haven't used Genesis 950. There are several different types of pet accidents, and Genesis 950 can address them all.

best pet stain cleaning productThe most common issue is urination and marking. It is crucial to clean this type of mark immediately for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason is the smell. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but if the odor is not removed, your pet, whether it be a cat or dog, will continue to mark in that spot. By instinct, animals relieve themselves where they smell previous odors. If you do not remove the smell, the instinct to urinate or mark there will continue. Many cleaners simply mask or hide this smell rather then eliminate it. Pet owners who have tried enzymatic cleaners are often irritated when the smell returns a few days after cleaning. This occurs because enzymatic cleaners often expend themselves before getting to the heart of the stain. They do not have the power to breakdown all elements within the stain. In addition, the
protein in these cleaners dies out. After dying out, they become targets for bacteria, which revives foul odors. Genesis 950 completely deodorizes the area completely removing the smell and preventing it from returning.

old pet stain in carpetAnother issue related to urination and marking is the bacteria and germs found in the urine. It goes without saying that such marking is unclean. When carpet or upholstery is affected by pet markings, it attracts bacteria. Mold and fungus can also arise when the moisture penetrates the carpeting. Many cleaners available do not have the ability to actually kill these elements. Genesis 950 contains antibacterial agents to completely kill any bacteria, mold or fungus that may be breeding in the carpet. There are those who may recommend vinegar and ammonia as proper agents to clean stained areas. However, you should NEVER use either of the two to clean your carpet or upholstery if you have pets. Both ammonia and vinegar have agents in them that can also be found in pet urine. Cleaning with these products in your home would only encourage your pet to resume urinating or marking tht area. Once you clean the area completely and correctly, your animal will not have the urge to continue to mark in that spot. It is imperative that the area be cleaned properly, not only for visual appeal, but for health issues.

Dye in pet food can also be a burden - especially when the pet doesn't agree with the food and you have light colored carpet. Now, you are not only dealing with smell and bacteria, but you are also dealing with color. Perhaps this is one of the most challenging stains to remove involving pets. Often times, scrubbing the area with the wrong product leaves to smearing, soaking or highlighting the stain. Those stains can easily be removed with Genesis 950.

best way to clean pet stains

Genesis 950 works like no other cleaner. It is a surfactant based cleaner. Because of this, it is designed to work with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. There is no alcohol, acid, bleach, ammonia or other harsh toxins, making it safe for you and your pets. Use it as a spot cleaner, or in a steam cleaner. Put an end to the frustration of unsightly pet stains, lingering odors and your animals continuing to go in the wrong spot.