Worried About Getting Your Security Deposit Back Because Of Carpet Stains?

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Every renter knows that one of the biggest fears in renting is not getting your security deposit back because of dirty carpets. Whether it be from heavy traffic or hard setting stains, landlords are notorious for deducting extra expenses from your security deposit to clean what has been left behind. If you have pets, there is also the risk of losing your security deposit due to pet stains. The best way to avoid any confrontation upon moving out is to take care of any carpet related issues yourself. This can be done safely, effectively and most important, inexpensively if correctly addressed.

Many renters have found themselves struggling to remove a set in stain or heavy traffic area at the last minute. While there are several products available to clean carpet, not all of them can properly remove those stains. Typical household cleaners are often watered down or soapy. They do not have the power to actually break down and eliminate the stain. Others have the potential of doing more damage than good as they may contain bleach, alcohol or other chemicals that may lighten or discolor the carpet rather then remove the stain. In the event that pet stains are the main concern, household cleaners can not kill all the germs and bacteria that get down deep into the carpet. Several specialty products are available to specifically remove pet stains, however they often do not properly and effectively remove the entire stain. Enzymatic cleaners, which are live feeding bacteria, often die out before they get to the heart of a stain. Not only do they fail to fully remove the stain, but they leave bacteria behind.

So what is the best way to leave your rented property in prime condition to ensure that you receive all your security deposit? Use a powerful cleaner that is designed to remove stains. One cleaner in particular that can properly clean carpet is Genesis 950. Genesis 950 can be used as either a spot cleaner, or in a steam cleaner. It is unlike other cleaners because it is sold in a concentrate form. This means you are not getting a watered down or soap infused cleaner. Genesis 950 becomes active when applied with water in a ratio of 7 parts water to 1 part Genesis 950. This essentially means that 1 bottle of Genesis 950 can be broken down into 7 bottles when properly mixed with water.

What makes Genesis 950 so effective is the way it works. Unlike other cleaners, it contains no bleach, ammonia, acid or alcohol. There are no regulated toxins or harsh vapors and it is considered a green cleaner. Being a surfactant based cleaner, Genesis 950, when properly mixed with water, actually breaks the bonds of stains and diffuses them. Once the bonds of a stain are diffused, they can be lifted from the surface they were adhered to and removed. Because of this advanced method of stain removal, Genesis 950 can properly remove the toughest stains without damaging the carpet.

One of the most effective methods of cleaning with Genesis 950 is to use it in a steam cleaner. Generally, steam cleaners sell solution based on their brand. These brand specific cleaning solutions are often over priced and ineffective as a cleaner. In many cases, when steam cleaning a large room, you can easily go through a couple bottles of the brand specific cleaner. A gallon of Genesis 950 can easily clean an entire home. When using Genesis 950 in a steam cleaner, fill the machine as the manufacturer recommends. For example, if there is a line telling you how much formula to use, fill to that point with straight Genesis 950. When you begin steam cleaning, the water will mix with the Genesis 950 as you clean. This will allow the mixture to be absorbed into your carpet and break down any stains, dirt or grime. After you have steamed the area with this mixture, go over the area a second time using straight water. This will flush and rinse all the fragments of dirt that have been pulled out of the carpet.

When spot cleaning areas, mix Genesis 950 in a spray bottle as recommended (1/3 part Genesis 950 to 2/3 parts water). Spray this mixture on the stained area and allow it to sit for a few moments so that it soaks into the stained area. Once it has soaked into the stain, scrub the affected area. After the stain has been scrubbed, rinse and clean with straight water.

Not only will Genesis 950 remove stains, but it will also deodorize, removing the smell of pets, cigarettes and mold from your carpet. There are also disinfectants in Genesis 950. This will kill any germs associated with pet urine, as well as kill and prevent the growth of bacteria that lie within the carpet. With today's technologies in cleaning and stain removal, there is no reason to sacrifice your security deposit. If done right, your carpets can look and smell cleaner then they did when you moved in.

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