Remove Odor From Smelly, Musty Carpet

Genesis 950 Carpet Cleaner And Stain Remover

Moisture and dampness in your carpet can lead to the growth of bacteria or mildew. Your carpet is the perfect breeding ground for such growth. In addition to being a health issues, the smell can become unbearable. Damp, musty odors can become prominent not just in the carpet, but in your furniture as well. Prevent the growth and spread of mold and bacteria by properly cleaning your carpet. 

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Genesis 950 is the perfect way to properly clean your carpets throughout the year. Genesis 950 is a cleaner unlike any other. It is a green cleaner, so it does not contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your flooring or release any toxins that are harmful to you, your family or your pets. Unlike other cleaners, Genesis 950 works as a surfactant cleaner. These types of cleaners are designed to work with water to break the bonds of stains and then allows them to be lifted from the surface through rinsing. 

Genesis 950 does not just break down the stains however, it also deodorizes. In the process, it kills mold, bacteria and other germs present. By doing so, it removes the odor. This is very important when cleaning the carpet. Typical cleaners will remove the stains, and cause a temporary masking of the odor, but continued dampness will only agitate odor causing contaminants. With Genesis 950, you are actually killing the elements responsible for creating the odor. 

Carpet cleaning can be expensive. A home service can charge upwards of $100 per room. You also have to schedule around their availability. But what is worse is that you have no way of really knowing what they are using to clean. How much of what they spray is water and how much is solution? Furthermore, how safe is the solution they are using? Not only are there concerns about the actual cleaning process and the scheduling, but what happens if when the carpet has dried, there seems to be no difference. Then it can be frustrating trying to get them back into your home or finding a way to deal with the remaining marks or odors. 

As a concentrated cleaner, Genesis 950 is sold in various sizes from pints to 5 gallon cubes. The 2.5 gallon is most commonly used by homeowners wanting to clean their carpet. Being a concentrated cleaner, water is to be added to the solution when being used. The general mixing ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This can be increased depending on the severity of the stain. When a 2.5 gallon cube is broken down to the 1:7 ratio for basic cleaning, you actually have approximately 17 gallons of cleaning solution!! You should also have enough solution left to clean other projects, and to use as a household cleaner. When this is broken down financially the savings are incredible. Compare that to the cost of hiring a professional or replacing carpet. By cleaning yourself, you can clean on your own terms, control how much solution you are using, and are able to focus on areas you feel need the most cleaning.

Best carpet Cleaning Solution Best carpet Cleaning Solution

To remove musty smells and odors from carpet, use Genesis 950 in any steam cleaner or carpet cleaning machine. Some machines will have a compartment for water and another compartment for solution. Simply fill the solution compartment with Genesis 950 and let the machine dispense the mixture with water based on the settings of light, medium or heavy - our recommendation is to use the heavy setting. In machines where the water and solution are mixed in one compartment, add them at the 1:7 ratio. Again, this can be increased depending on the level of which the carpet needs to be cleaned, never going higher then a 50/50 mix. With your machine, slowly go over the area allowing the mixture to penetrate the carpet. When odor issues are being treated, it is important to be sure the solution goes below the carpet's surface as this odor penetrates from the padding. Allow the mixture to sit for about 10 - 20 minutes. This will let it break down the mold, bacteria and odor causing germs. Next, rinse the area thoroughly using only fresh water in the machine. The rinse process may be repeated until the water being returned from the carpet begins to appear clear. Once clear, use the machine as an extractor only and pull as much water out as possible. Let the carpet dry. Use fans or dehumidifiers to speed up the process. Dry thoroughly to ensure that all moisture is removed from the carpet. 

Best carpet Cleaning SolutionBest carpet Cleaning Solution

Genesis 950 makes carpet cleaning easy. There is no need to spend money on hiring professionals when you can do it yourself for less. You also don't need to spend the time or money replacing carpet if it can be properly cleaned.