Genesis 950 Green All Purpose Cleaner Free Spray Bottle Promo

Free Spray Bottle With 1 Gallon Purchase Of Genesis 950

Receive a free spray bottle with a 1 gallon order of Genesis 950 when ordered directly from

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Genesis 950 removes the toughest stains. Whether it be pet stains, make up spills, rust on your carpet, grease and build up on your appliances or a simple food or drink stain, Genesis 950 has the power to remove it.

Genesis 950 works differently because it is a surfactant based cleaner. What this means is that Genesis 950 works with water to absorb into the stained area, break the bonds of the stain and lift it. In addition to removing stains, Genesis 950 deodorizes and kills germs and bacteria.

The spray bottle makes cleaning with Genesis 950 even easier. Mix 1/3 part Genesis 950 to 2/3 parts water in the spray bottle and you are ready for any cleaning task on hand. Spray the stained area and let it soak for a few moments. After the stain has been broken down, rinse the stain away. If the stain is persistent, increase the amount of Genesis 950, or let the solution sink into the stain a little longer. With the spray bottle at hand, you are ready to tackle anything.

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