Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner

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All purpose cleaner, Genesis® 950 Concentrate is an environmentally safe, non toxic cleaner, stain
remover and degreaser. This cleaner makes the toughest cleaning job fast and safe with truly amazing results. Once you use Genesis® 950 Concentrate, you will always use Genesis® 950 Concentrate. This product is both water soluble and water miscible. Genesis® 950 Concentrate is a replacement for cleaners that are flammable and contain regulated toxins.

Genesis® 950 Concentrate eliminates the need for multiple cleaners. This all purpose cleaner can be used on several surfaces to remove countless varieties of unsightly stains, dirt and residue. This multi-purpose cleaner can be kept on hand to tackle anything you need to clean.

genesis 950 concentrate
Genesis® 950 Concentrate is a cost effective, non-toxic, all purpose cleaner. Just a little bit goes a long way. For general cleaning, mix 7 parts water to 1 part Genesis® 950 Concentrate. In the washing machine, soak greasy towels and rags in the washing machine for 5-10 minutes with ½ cup of Genesis® 950 Concentrate. Remove carpet and upholstery stains by applying Genesis® 950 Concentrate on affected area for 30 seconds to one minute, brush surface and rinse with water. Grease, tar, ink and vegetable oil can even be broken down when Genesis® 950 Concentrate is applied for just 30 seconds to 1 minute, scrubbed and rinsed with water.

In addition to being a cleaner, Genesis® 950 Concentrate is clean in itself. Genesis® 950 Concentrate is environmentally friendly. Unlike other all purpose cleaners, there is no alcohol, ammonia or bleach in Genesis® 950 Concentrate. It cleans effectively without harmful toxins, unpleasant odors or dangerous chemicals. Genesis® 950 Concentrate makes cleaning safe for you and the environment.

Ideal for Household use, Custodians, Car Dealers, Body Shops, Marinas, Asphalt Firms, Road Construction Companies & Farm Equipment Suppliers:

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