Dock Blanket - Save Money and Protect Your Loading Dock

Amerikal's Dock Blanket finally provides a solution to driving costs down in controlling your indoor temperatures in your shipping area. While in place, the blanket blocks gaps where climate controlled air can escape. With those gaps sealed, energy costs are driven down as the indoor temperature remains stable. For facilities that deal with food and pharmaceutical products, Amerikal's Dock Blanket prevents bugs, rodent, dust and dirt from contaminating the product being shipped. The dock blanket is easy to clean and is water, fungus and mildew resistant.
energy saving dock blanket

Amerikal's Dock Blanket is a must have tool in these economically challenging times. Every year, millions of dollars are lost from perishable items being harmed in the shipping area from temperature issues or pest invasion. The Dock Blanket will not only save you money through climate control, but will also prevent outside factors damaging your valuable shipments.
loading dock blanket

* Energy saving solution in controlling indoor temperatures
* Prevents exchange of indoor/outdoor air
* Stops rain and snow from entering dock area

* Keeps dock free of dust, debris and other outdoor elements
* Seals gaps where insects can penetrate the building
* Water, fungus and mildew resistant

* Easy installation takes about 10 minutes per door
* Dock Blanket kit is only 5 pieces
* Wrench socket and ratchet are the only assembly tools needed

Amerikal's Dock Blanket can be ordered by calling Amerikal directly at 847-244-3600.
We can also send any product information by e-mail. Please e-mail Kim at and we would be happy to send brochures.

The Dock Blanket is priced at $279.00 (shipping is not included). Annual estimated savings per dock range from $300 - $900 depending on your area.