Spring Cleaning - Patio Cleaning With Genesis 950

Spring Patio Cleaning

Clean patioSpring is just around the corner. It's almost time to pack up the patio, shut down the grill and brace yourself for the snow! This is the best time of the year to get your patio gear all cleaned up before it goes into storage. Over the summer, the weather may have raised havoc on your patio. Outdoor furniture and rugs may have water stains, mold build up or have just gotten dirty. Summer cookouts might have left your grill greasy. Your patio bricks might have dirt and grime covering it.                                                                                                                          
Genesis 950 is the perfect cleaner for all of your patio needs. As a surfactant based cleaner, Genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains. Once a stain's bonds have been broken, the stain loses it's adherence and can then be rinsed away from the surface. Genesis 950 works on all types of surfaces. Easily clean upholstery, wicker, stainless steel, concrete and brick with out causing any damage. In addition to being a versatile all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 is environmentally friendly. Safely clean outside without damaging grass or leaving hazardous chemicals that could seep into the soil or into drainage systems. Being green, Genesis 950 is also safe to use in areas where pets and children might spend their time.                                                                                                          
Cleaning your patio gear this time of year also makes it easier when Spring comes. With the furniture all cleaned, and the grill ready to go, just break it out when the weather warms up and it's ready to use! Cleaning your furniture before storage also prevents mold growth when it is packed away for the winter. A clean grill in storage also minimizes damage from mice. A dirty grill layered in grease can supply mice enough food to prosper through winter as they can live off the dried food and grease that might be caked on the grill. 

How To Clean An Outdoor Rug

How to clean outdoor carpet
Outdoor rugs can add a whole new dimension to the outdoor patio. However being outside, they are exposed to various elements that can damage them. Rain can encourage mold growth and allow dirt to easily build up on the rug. Stains and spills from food can create stains. This rug has been exposed to everything you can imagine. Grass stains, mold growth, food spills and even grease and oil stains from the lawn mower. Looking at the rug, one might think it's time for a replacement. Not so with Genesis 950. While the rug looks ruined, Genesis 950 has the cleaning power to restore the carpet to it's original state.

clean carpet stainsTo clean the rug, use Genesis 950 in a spray bottle at a ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. Looking at the stain, because it's so bad, one might be inclined to use Genesis 950 straight. However, there is no need for this. It is water that activates Genesis 950 and allows it to work. It is very important the water ratio is greater than the 950 ratio. Spray all of the stained areas ensuring that they are thoroughly saturated. Allow this mixture to soak into the carpet for a few moments. As the mixture soaks into the carpet, it will work to break down the stains. 
remove grass stains from carpet

After the mixture has been allowed some time to soak into the stained areas, begin to scrub the heavily stained areas. You can see in the photo how the stain has already lightened from the mixture of Genesis 950 and water. As you begin to scrub the area, you will see that the stain has been broken down so well that it cleans up quite easily. This particular stain is mold and engine grease. These stains have been set in for months. Traditional cleaners would have a hard time removing these types of stains without damaging the carpeting!

clean outdoor rugOnce the stained areas have been scrubbed, rinse the areas clean. Because this is an outdoor rug, designed to withstand water, it can easily be rinsed using a garden house. And because Genesis 950 is environmentally friendly, the runoff will not kill the grass or leave harmful chemicals to seep into the soil. In this photo you can see a lot of foaming. This foaming is NOT from the Genesis 950, but rather foam from previous cleaners that were used (and clearly did not work) to clean the rug. In addition to breaking down stains, Genesis 950 also removes residue left behind from other cleaning products. 

clean patio
Once the rug has been rinsed, you can see the difference cleaning with Genesis 950 has made. This rug went from a dingy, completely stained rug to a carpet that looks brand new. Now, allow the rug to dry thoroughly - especially before storing. Once dry, roll the rug up and if possible, wrap in plastic or a garbage bag for storage ensuring the rug is properly sealed so that bugs or rodents do not damage it through the winter months. No need to spend money on a brand new rug! It's all ready for next year.

before after carpet cleaning
Here is a close up of the rug's fibers before and after being cleaned with Genesis 950

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

wicker furniture careOutdoor furniture can be pretty resilient. Wicker is one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture because of how well it withstands weather. Birds love wicker furniture too!!! This chair has become a favorite perch for some Sparrows with a nearby nest. While wicker is resilient, it can also be difficult to clean because of how the wicker intertwines. With typical cleaners, this type of stain needs to be scrubbed off, making it difficult to clean in between layers. This is especially true if the wicker is tightly woven, such as the case in this photo. Trying to pull the wicker to clean in between the woven layers can damage the furniture and loosen the wicker. However Genesis 950 makes cleaning these types of stains very easy. 
clean wicker furnitureTo clean lawn furniture, spray the stained area with Genesis 950 and water. Again, the 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water ratio is recommended. Spray the stained area as thoroughly as possible, Saturating the stain. Because of the location on the chair, it is hard to really soak the area as the solution will run down the chair. It will however be able to collect in the tight weave of the wicker, which will break down any of the stain that has dried in those spots. Because this is a natural stain, it will break down fairly easy and you should see some of the stain breaking down simply by spraying the mixture of Genesis 950 and water onto it. Let it sit for a few moments. This will allow it to work it's way into the stain. 
clean patio furnitureAfter the mixture has been allowed to sit for a few moments, rinse the stain away. Again, being outside, simply use the hose. With Genesis 950, there is not even a need to scrub this type of stain. The mixture of Genesis 950 and water work so well at breaking down natural based stains that they simply need to be rinsed away. This will also rinse clean any debris that might have been left in the weave of the wicker. No scrubbing & no damage to your furniture. You can also spray the entire piece of furniture with the Genesis 950 and water mixture to remove any dirt, dust, insect residue, mold, or in the case of metal furniture rusted areas. 
how to remove bird poop stainsHere you can see final outcome of the chair. All cleaned up and ready to be packed up for winter!
clean lawn furniture
However Genesis 950 isn't just for wicker furniture. You can also use it to clean cushions and cloth  upholstery. This photo shows a zero gravity chair that has been stained either by rain or a soda spill. Because these chairs are portable, they see a lot of staining. They are also not cheap. With that being said, it's easier to clean one than to replace one. This stain had been set in for a couple of weeks.

patio furniture cleaningTo remove the stain, spray the area with the 1/3 Genesis 950 and 2/3 water mixture. Be sure to thoroughly saturate the stain. The mixture will allow the Genesis 950 to break down the bonds of the stains and allow the water to saturate the stain. Once you have saturated the area, allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes to work itself into the stains. 

stained lawn chairsAs the mixture sits, you will immediately see a difference in the stain. Regardless of what material you are cleaning, Genesis 950 will not damage the material. There is no bleach in the cleaner, so there is no possible way the fabric can be lightened or bleached out. For as tough as Genesis 950 is on stains, it is gentle on the surfaces it is applied to. With many traditional household cleaners, the bleach used can cause significant discoloration to fabric and upholstery.

clean outdoor furnitureAfter the mixture has been allowed to sit, simply wipe the stain away. Typically stains of this nature do not require a lot of scrubbing. The outdoor carpet did require some scrubbing due to the fact that the stains were not just on the surface, but they were in the fibers of the carpet as well. In the event the stains have not been removed, try either using Genesis 950 at a higher ratio in the mix with water, or allow it to sit on the stain for a longer period of time. 
how to keep patio furniture clean

The chair is now cleaned! Just allow it to dry. This cleaning method is perfect for all types of outdoor furniture. From fold out chairs, to permanent backyard furniture. Easily remove spills, stains, dirt, dust, mold and any other debris that might collect on your chairs. Keep them looking new and ready to use.

How To Clean Grills

Grills are a tough job to clean. They require a little more elbow grease than furniture or carpets. They also require more time to clean. Many people like the flavor of grilling on a grill that has been used, so the buildup over summer can add to the flavor of what's cooking. In the event that the grill is used after cleaning, Genesis 950 is safe. It will not leave behind any chemicals that can be hazardous if ingested. You do not want to clean your grill with something that can create health issues if they make contact with cooking surfaces. Just be sure to get the grill clean before putting it in the garage for the winter to avoid some common issues. Mice can feed on built up grease and left behind food for the duration of winter. As the temperature varies, warmer days can cause the grease to drip in the garage, leaving behind a stain on the flooring. 

best cleaner for grills

The grill pictured above was replaced by a new grill and the dirty grill was passed along to someone else because of how filthy it was. The person who inherited the unsightly grill used Genesis 950 to clean it. To clean it, Genesis 950 was used at the standard 1/3 ratio with 2/3 water. The grill was thoroughly spayed with Genesis 950. Every inch of the grill was saturated with the mixture. As the mixture soaked into the grease and burnt areas, it began to break apart. After soaking for some time, the grill was cleaned with a pressure washer to break away all of the buildup that had been saturated and could break away on it's own. After pressure washing, the areas that still had buildup were re saturated with the cleaning mixture and allowed to sit for about 5 - 10 minutes. These areas were then cleaned with a scouring pad. There were areas that did require a lot of scrubbing and in many instances a second or third application of the Genesis 950 mixture. 

remove grill stains

The grill was cleaned section by section. In this photo, you can clearly see the difference between the section that was thoroughly cleaned to the section that was next to be cleaned. 
tips for cleaning grill
The end result was a grill so clean that the original owner wished he hadn't gone out and bought a new grill! 

How To Clean Brick & Concrete

best cleaner for brick

clean bricksBrick can collect all sorts of build up. Mold, stains from plants, bird droppings, dirt, and dust can all become embedded in brick and grout. Genesis 950 can be used to clean brick and grout without damaging either. In the examples shown, Genesis 950 was again used at the 1/3 to 2/3 water ratio. We have no idea what these stains are! It appears to be some time of mold. The stains were sprayed with the cleaning mixture, allowed to sit and then cleaned off with a towel and rinsed. For tough jobs or a thorough cleaning, use Genesis 950 in a power washer to really get in the nooks and crannies as well as high to reach places. Genesis 950 can also be used to power wash aluminum siding. 

remove concrete stainsOne of our favorite reviewers, Bre at The Small Things, recently moved into a new apartment and the previous renters had a rubber mat at the front door. The mat had stained her concrete and she tried EVERYTHING to clean it. Nothing remove the stains. However that all changed when she used Genesis 950.

To remove the stains, she used Genesis 950 at a higher concentrate. Her mixing ratio was 3/4 Genesis 950 and 1/4 water. Typically, we don't recommend more cleaner than water, however Bre has used Genesis 950 for years and understands how it works and knew that this was going to be a tough job. She applied the mixture to the concrete and allowed it to sit for a few moments. She then used a scrub brush on the stain. This helps to get into the pours of the concrete. After scrubbing, she was able to rinse away the stains.

how to remove stains from cement
Bre also had another area of stained concrete near her back patio. The air condition unit drips water onto the concrete. The mixture of water with the heat of the running unit was a breeding ground for mold. You can clearly see the mold and bacteria growth on the concrete.

Again, she saturated the area with the cleaning mixture and let it sit. After two minutes, she began scrubbing. Finally, she rinsed away the stains. The difference is night and day.

Another plus, the fact that Genesis 950 is green means it will not kill any grass with the runoff, it will not pollute the yard with toxic chemicals, and it is safe in the event a pet or child decides to explore the area. You can read her full review at The Small Things to see what else she has to say.

The cleaning possibilities are endless. These are just some of the things Genesis 950 can do on your patio. Imagine what it can clean inside your home!!!