DIY Engine Degreaser

How To Degrease Engines

A clean engine means a longer life for your car. Oil and grease build up can clog areas under the hood and if not properly maintained. Genesis 950 can be used to remove buildup in the engine. It can also deter rusting. 

Genesis 950 is a perfect cleaner when it comes to degreasing engines. Genesis 950 make degreasing an engine simple because of how it cleans. Being a surfactant based cleaner mans it works with water. to break bonds of grease, oil, tar and other fluids. Once stains are broken down, they can then be rinsed and lifted from the engine. This is idea when cleaning an engine. The process is easy, and hands free as Genesis 950 does the work for you. 

how to clean an engineThis is a 1999 Chevy Suburban engine had not been cleaned in the past. Heavy buildup can be seen throughout the casing and hoses.

Genesis 950The general recommended ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This mix can be increased as high as a 50/50 ratio. Do not go any higher than 50/50 as it is the water that activates Genesis 950. Having more 950 than water will be counterproductive.

How to degrease an engine
Spray the mixture on the engine. Target areas with the most buildup. Be sure to thoroughly saturate heavily stained areas. Allow the mixture of Genesis 950 and water to soak into the grease and oil build up for about 5 minutes. This will give it time to break down grease, oil and other debris. 

Clean an engine
Before long, you should see the buildup drip off. Detailers are constantly amazed at how easily all the buildup just slides right off the engine. As the buildup begins to break down, rinse the engine using a hose or powerwasher. This will speed up the process of removing what has been broken down. 

Clean engine with Genesis 950Your engine will then be clean. If there are areas where there is still buildup, reapply the mixture of Genesis 950 and water. Allow the mixture to sit for a longer time period. If needed, the ratio of Genesis 950 in the mixture can be increased. Detailing can always be done on specific areas using a rag to help break down excess.


Genesis 950 does more than clean engines. As an all purpose cleaner, it can be used on the entire exterior and interior of the car. Clean the body, tires, hubcaps, grill and interior. being a green cleaner, it will not harm the body, paint or upholstery. It is also free of harsh toxins and will not harm the environment in the event that you are cleaning where there is storm drainage or landscaping..

Remove stains from carpeting and seats. Clean dashboards and consoles. Remove dirt, stains and road salt from floorboards and carpet. Here is an example of some car interiors cleaned with Genesis 950:

Genesis 950 is perfect for professional detailers, as well as the at home mechanic and car enthusiasts. The uses are limitless and perfect for regular cleaning maintenance, or restoration projects. Genesis 950 can also be used to clean motorcycles, boats and RV's.