How To Clean UGG Boots


With the colder weather approaching, the UGG Boots are making their return. One of the most commonly asked questions is "How do I clean my UGGS?" The most common stains on UGG Boots are water stains, salt stains, and scuffing. With the cost of UGG Boots, anyone who owns a pair knows the importance of maintaining them, and the heartbreak of having them stained.

If you have stained your UGG Boots, Genesis 950 is the perfect solution for maintaining them. In addition to making carpets look great and taking grease off your driveway, Genesis 950 can make your UGG Boots look like new.

Genesis 950 is environmentally friendly and does not contain any bleach, alcohol or ammonia that might discolor or damage the delicate Twinface sheepskin. When cleaning material this delicate, you do not want anything that will destroy the boot. Cleaning with a safe, green product will ensure that no further damage is done.

What makes Genesis 950 work so well is the means by which is cleans. Genesis 950 works with water. The ratio you use to clean with Genesis 950 is 7 parts water to 1 part Genesis 950. The water is the primary activate and when mixed causes Genesis 950 to work like no other cleaner. The mixture of Genesis 950 and water work to be absorbed into the stain. Once in the stain, they work together to break the structural bond of the stain. When the bond is broken, the stain lifts from the surface.

To properly clean UGG Boots using Genesis 950:
1. Brush the boot clean of any loose debris
2. In a spray bottle, mix 7 parts water with 1 part Genesis 950
3. Spray the stained area with the mixture
4. Allow the mixture to set into the stain for about 2 - 3 minutes
5. After the stain has set, use a damp cloth or sponge and wipe the area

The stain should be removed. If the stain still persists, repeat the process. If needed you may increase the amount of Genesis 950 in the mixture. No matter how much Genesis 950 you use in the mixture, it will not harm your boots. However, you can not use Genesis 950 in it's fully concentrated form. It will not work if applied straight. The water is the key component that activates it and allows it to break down the stains.

Genesis 950 is also a great companion for other high end items. Customers have used it to clean makeup and ink stains from high end purses, wallets and clutches. It will remove grass, dirt and blood stains from clothing.

This winter be prepared and keep your UGG Boots looking like new all year long.