How To Remove Oil, Grease & Tar With Genesis 950

Remove Grease, Oil And Tar With Genesis 950

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Everyone who works with cars knows the time and frustration of cleaning up oil, grease and tar. If often takes some "elbow grease" to remove such stains. Oil, Grease and tar stains are unsightly and can be a great burden. However there are solutions for easy removal.

Garage floors are increasingly more elaborate. Different types of flooring are being implemented to give a nicer appearance to the garage. If you have invested in such a floor, you already know the importance of keeping it clean. Over time, grease and oil can stain the floor. These stains no longer have to be permanent. Genesis 950 is perfect for cleaning garage floors. To thoroughly remove stains, mix Genesis 950 with water. Use 7 parts water to one part Genesis 950. Spray the mixture onto the floor and let it soak for about 2 minutes. Once the mixture has soaked into the surface, use a bristle based broom to scrub it into the stained area. Once this is done, wash off the surface with clean water.

Likewise, oil buildup in engines and transmissions can be cleaned in the same manner. In garages where powerwashers are available, mix Genesis 950 with the water and spray the areas where grease and oil buildup have affected the engine. Let the mixture set for about 2 minutes. Once the mixture has soaked into the oil and grease buildup, spray the engine off. The excess grease and oil will wash right off with no effort. Even on bikes, a dirt chain can be cleaned in just a matter of minutes.

For uniforms, clothes and rags, use Genesis 950 in the washing machine. In addition to pulling out oil and grease, Genesis 950 will remove food and blood stains. Car detailers cleaning interiors will also find that Genesis 950 will also clean inside vehicles. Use it with warm water and a damp sponge to remove the toughest stains from seats and carpeted flooring. It will also take salt and dirt stains off vinyl floor mats.

Rims, Grills and auto bodies can be cleaned with Genesis 950. It is great for removing bugs and tar that have dirtied a car.

Tar, grease and oil stain because they adhere to whatever surface they have attached to. Many times, other products will not remove the stain because they are not designed to break the bonds of the stain. Genesis 950 will actually work with water to break the bonds of the stain. Once the bond is broken, the stain can be lifted. This is why Genesis 950 works so well. In addition to actually removing the stains, Genesis 950 is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is not abrasive, so it will not damage the surface it is cleaning.

Anyone working with cars, or cycles would benefit from this product. The uses are endless, and the time saved cleaning oil, grease and tar stains alone makes the product an ideal investment for every enthusiast. Genesis 950 is available at