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How To Remove Cat Vomit Stains

How To Remove Cat Vomit Stains From Carpet

Cat puke can be a mess. Cats always seem to throw up in the most visible places. Their vomit can be quite troublesome to clean. In addition to stomach bile, there can also be dyes from their food. If not caught in the act, the stain can easily set into your carpet, rugs or furniture and as a result be more difficult to clean.

There are many ways to clean cat vomit, however not all of them are helpful. Two of the most recommended cleaners are vinegar and ammonia. They are recommended for a number of reasons. They are inexpensive, they are organic and they are usually readily available. Both have an acidic level which helps them break down stains without chemicals. They are unarguably good cleaners. However problems arise when using them in a home with cats. Cat urine, like ammonia and vinegar, is acidic. It also contains some of the same compounds found in the two cleaning agents. This causes a problem because cats urinate based on scent. They are drawn to pee in the same spot. What draws them to the spot is the scent. Because vinegar and ammonia have some of the same odors found in cat urine, you might find your cat sniffing out the spot and going to the bathroom there. Now, in addition to having to deal with a vomit stain, you are also struggling with cat urine stains.

Everyday household cleaning agents are also recommended. Some of them claim to resolve the issue or shout out the spot. However these cleaners can present several problems. The first is the chemical level in such cleaners. They can react to other chemicals used or even to the actual carpet composition. This holds particularly true with cleaners that have oxidizing agents. Oxidization is a chemical process. Often, the chemicals used in carpets react to these oxidizers and can cause discoloration to the carpet. Discoloration can also come from any cleaner that contains bleach. Another issue with these cleaners is that many are soap based. Soap based cleaners can clog the pores of the carpet and trap the stain in it. The soap can also attract dirt. When this happens, it makes the stain look worse than before.

This photo shows cat vomit stains that were cleaned with  a typical household cleaner that is designed to remove stains. You can clearly see that the stain is much larger than a vomit stain. The cleaner actually left marks of it's own all around the stain. It made the carpet look much worse than before the cleaning. Household spray stain removers might be idea in some situations, but they should not be used on carpet for this reason.  

To properly remove stains from cat vomit, or any other types of stain for that matter, Genesis 950 works better than other cleaners. It is a surfactant based cleaner. This means that rather treating a stain with bleach, soap or harmful chemicals, it works with water to be absorbed by the stain. Once absorbed, the 950 alters the structural bonds of the stain. This in turn causes them to break apart from the surface and be rinsed away.

Genesis 950 is sold in concentrate form. To properly use it, mix it with water at a ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This can be increased all the way up to a 50/50 mix depending on the severity of the stain.

Step by Step Directions 

1. Locate the stain and remove any excess particles. In this photo, the hairball was removed and the area was blotted with a paper towel.

2. A closer view shows the stain. Bile and liquid from the digested food can be seen. This stain is on a wool rug, and not the least bit attractive.

3. To clean the area, spray with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water. For this stain, 1/3 of the bottle was filled with Genesis 950 and the remaining 2/3 with water. Spray the area until fully saturated.

4. Allow the mixture to sit on the area for a few minutes. Even without any scrubbing, you can see the difference between this photo and the photo in step 2. The mixture of Genesis 950 and water begins working once it comes in contact with the stain.

5. Using a scrub brush, towel or sponge (as seen here), gently massage the area allowing the mixture to get deep into the carpet and the stained fibers.

6. The effect using Genesis 950 on a stain is visible very quickly and with little effort.

7. Next, rinse the area. Here, a sponge was used to
release fresh water on the area. The 950 will not damage your carpet in any way, but if left in the carpet, it will continue to pull any dirt from the carpet out and upward. Rinsing allows you to get anything flushed out that the 950 has broken down below the surface.

8. The stain is removed and the carpet is cleaned. The spot that is visible in the photo is not a stain, nor is it discoloration. This is simply the wet area on the rug.

9. Allow the area to dry. Use a fan (as seen in the photo), dehumidifier or wet vac to speed up the drying process.

10. After the carpet has dried, you will be able to see the stain is gone. In fact you would never even have known it was there.

On a side note, the stain occurred in them morning. At that time, natural light filled the room and no flash was needed for the photos. The carpet dried throughout the day and by evening when this photo was taken, a flash was needed. As a result, it changed the way the color of the rug appeared on camera.

With Genesis 950 you don't have to live with unsightly stains. You don't have to throw away perfectly good rugs, or replace carpet. Genesis 950 is also safe to use in carpet cleaning machines. Cleaning an entire room can be easy!

In addition to removing pet stains, it can also remove stains caused by other cleaners. Remember the picture from above showing how household cleaners stained a carpet?  Genesis 950 ended up cleaning that as well!



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How To Remove Stickers From Vinyl Records

Record collectors are constantly searching for ways to restore their vinyl collection to their original state. The vinyl 45 rpm was one of the most accessible means of distributing music from the 1950's to the mid 1980's. As consumers purchased records, they often used various methods to show ownership of their singles. One of the most popular methods was to mark the record with an address label. These labels can be an eyesore to a record collector and can be a hassle to remove. If done incorrectly, the result can be a torn or ripped label.

One of the safest ways to remove these types of stickers from vinyl records is with Genesis 950. When mixed with water, Genesis 950 can break the bonds of the adhesive used on the sticker attached to the record label. When this happens, the sticker can easily and safely be removed from the label.

The suggested mixing ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This can be increased to a ratio of 50/50. In the examples shown, the ratio used was about 3 parts Genesis 950 to 5 parts water.

In this example, the record used is from 1966. The photo shows a very common scenario where the record owner identified ownership of the record with an address sticker. It is most likely this sticker has been in place since the single's release in 1966.

The mixture of Genesis 950 was used in a spray bottle. To begin the process, simply spray the mixture directly on the address sticker.

Blot any excess moisture with a paper towel to prevent it from affecting the label. Allow the sticker to sit for a moment with the Genesis 950 and water can work to break the bonds of the adhesive.

After the sticker has absorbed the moisture, gently roll your finger over it. Move your finger gently in the same direction repeatedly at the edge of the sticker. Move from the outer edge of the sticker to the center in repeated strokes. Do not use your finger nail as you might scratch the label or cause irritation.

Once the sticker begins to lift, slowly pull it up from the end you have loosened. It is important that this is done slowly as to not pull up the record label in the event the moisture has not loosened the adhesive.

The sticker should come off fairly easy. In some cases, there are sections of the sticker that might not pull off with the main portion of the sticker. In this instance, you can see the upper left side of the sticker did not pull off with the whole of the sticker. Nor did the bottom portion of the sticker. Do not force it to. Leave it sit and that can be addressed after the bulk of the sticker has been removed.

The remaining sections can be gently scraped off or rubbed off using very light force. If you are able to pick these portions off using your nail, it should be done using care. If rubbing, gently make small circles over the remaining portion of the sticker.

When properly cleaned, the sticker can be removed fairly easy. Near the bottom, you can see where there was some agitation. This happened for 2 reasons. The first was the use of the spray bottle. The spray bottle causes excess moisture. This can be controlled by using other applications for the solution. An eye dropper or a Q-Tip help to avoid excess moisture and allow you to specifically target only the sticker. For more valuable records, those methods are much more suitable. The second reason there is agitation is because the sticker was removed using a finger nail. This was done to demonstrate the type of issues that can arise if the cleaning is done hastily and not controlled. This record is of little value so such liberties could be taken. However when cleaning high end, rare or valuable records, it is recommend to control the dispensing of the solution and to work slowly.

Genesis 950 can also be used to remove number catalog stickers as seen here:

In addition to cleaning labels without damaging the label, Genesis 950 can actually clean the vinyl. Because it works as a surfactant, it breaks down dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints that might be on the vinyl or in the grooves. To clean the vinyl, simply lay the record on a flat surface, spray the mixture of Genesis 950 and water on the vinyl and allow it to sit for a few moments. Use a paper towel to clean the vinyl moving it a circular motion in the same direction as the grooves. Continue wiping the record until clean. The removal of dirt, dust and grime can enhance both the appearance and the sound quality and can easily change a record's condition from Good to very Good. 


Puppy Training - Stop Pet Accidents

 Training a new puppy requires patience and a little know how how. Accidents will happen at one point, and depending on how you deal with them, they can become more or less frequent. One of the most important things to know is that dogs pee by instinct. They prefer to go in the same area and they find they area by smelling where they have gone in the past. Because of this, it is extremely important that pet stains be treated properly.

There are a number of options in regards to cleaning pet stains. One of the most common remedies offered as a suggestion is to clean the stained area with either vinegar or ammonia. Both are inexpensive household items, and both contain a high enough level of acidity to break down stains. However, vinegar and ammonia are quite possibly the worst things you can use for pet stains. Both vinegar and ammonia contain some of the same chemical compounds found in urine. The scent of these compounds can cause confusion with your dog and increase the likelihood that your pet continues to go to the bathroom in that spot. While vinegar or ammonia make break down the visual stain, they are not breaking down the odor. Instead, they are adding to to. Because of this the probability that your dog will continue to have accidents in that spot. 

Another popular suggestion are enzymatic cleaners. These types of cleaners are often hailed as a green solution as they operate on the principal that bacteria released on the stain will naturally combat it by breaking it down. As wonderful as this sounds, the likelihood of enzymes properly working against the pet stain are low. Enzymes are often compared to a lock and key scenario. You can have all the keys in the world, but only the right one will work on a lock. Likewise, only the right enzyme will break down a certain stains. Enzymes are extremely sensitive. The conditions for them to work must be a 100% match. Variables that affect whether an enzyme will be successful include temperature, moisture, and interference from other chemicals previously used. The stain itself can also affect the enzyme. Dog's diets can add variables in the stain that can prevent the enzyme from working. While the enzyme might be able to battle some components of the stain, it often doesn't have the energy to get into the padding. While initially an enzymatic cleaner may seem to be doing good, the odor and stain generally return in a few days. Once again inviting your puppy to sniff out the spot as a bathroom.

To properly put an end to accidents, the area needs to be properly cleaned. The odor needs to be removed as well as the visual stain, as it is the odor that will draw your dog back to that spot. The best way to clean these types of stains is with a surfactant based cleaner like Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a green cleaner with no harsh chemicals, no enzymes and no ammonia or vinegar. It works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. The best way to clean pet accidents is using a steam cleaner or carpet cleaning machine. This will allow the solution to get below the surface of the carpet to the pad. When a pet has an accident on the carpet, it is important to remember that the stain seeps below the surface and traps the odor in. Cleaning the surface might remove the visual stain, but it does not address the odor trapped below which can be smelt by your dog. It is that smell that will keep them going in that spot. Using Genesis 950 will deodorize the scent and in addition will also kill any germs and bacteria within the carpet and padding. This will remove odor and prevent the growth of bacteria or mildew. 

Of course part of puppy training requires regular visits outside. While outside, use that time to help your pet find an area where they can relieve themself. When they have found an area, always take them to that spot and let them take time to smell the area. This will help them establish that area as their bathroom. In doing so, your dog will not be looking for such an area in the home.

Best Way To Remove Pet Stains

At some point, every pet owner has to deal with some sort of stain. Whether it be from an accident, an ailment, or food just not going down right, pet stains can be a struggle. What can be even more frustrating then the actual stain, is getting rid of it. There are countless products on the market designed to eliminate pet stains. However every pet owner knows not all of them work.
Enzymes are often suggested as a common cleaner to remove pet stains. While they are highly marketed and targeted as solutions for removing pet stains, pet owners often find that these types of cleaners are ineffective. There are several reasons why enzymatic cleaners do not deliver desired results. First of all, enzymes are very specific in what they can clean. Enzymes work by attacking and breaking down protein cells. However not all enzymes can break down all proteins. Different animals release different chemicals in their urine. Because of the variations, a general enzymatic cleaner might target some of the protein in the stained area and not all of it. Likewise, a stain from pet vomit will vary in composition from a stain composed of waste. As a result, there are going to be elements in either type of stain that an enzymatic cleaner can not break down.
Because enzymes are so sensitive as far as what will react to them, there are other variables that prevent them from effectively cleaning and removing stains. These variables include temperature, the composition of the area being cleaned and the use of other products in the area. If the temperature is not in the right range, enzymes do nothing. They are very sensitive in regards to temperature. Different carpet types are dyed and treated differently. Some also have stain guard applied to them. Various chemicals in the manufacturing of carpet, as well as different stain guards can prevent enzymes from doing anything at all. If any type of cleaner had been used in the past, whether it be used as a spot cleaner or in a machine, it too will have the same effect as any chemical that might be in the carpet itself. That effect is the neutralization of the enzymes being applied. They will be completely ineffective.
More often then not, people who use enzymatic cleaners find that the stain is never really fully removed, and although the smell seems to be eliminated, it ends up returning in about three days . . . usually with a more pungent odor then before. The returning smell comes from the breakdown of remaining enzymes in the carpet as well as the protein from the original stain that was not broken down. Remember, certain enzymes only target specific types of protein, need the correct temperature to be active and are ineffective if any other chemicals have been in the area. With such variables, there is no way a general, store bought enzyme can properly remove pet stains.
Household cleaners are often used as an attempt to clean stains. Many household cleaners imply that they can be used for cleaning spots in carpet. There is nothing further from the truth. The bulk of household cleaners contain active chemicals and bleach based foundations. These cleaners can have extremely negative effects on carpet. Different carpet types are treated with different chemicals when they are manufactures. Some carpets are even treated with a stain guard. The chemicals in household cleaners can react to the chemicals in carpet or stain guards and make very visible variations in the carpet when applied. In some cases, the this combination can even work against you to lock the stain in. Chemical based household spray cleaners should never be used on carpet - especially if you do not know about your carpets composition specifications.
Another huge misconception in removing pet stains is that vinegar will do the job. Vinegar is in general a useful cleaner because of the fact that it is acidic. It is also a natural, green product and inexpensive on top of that. When diluted with water, the acidity is neutralized. This allows it to safely clean surfaces by allowing the acid to break down whatever stains it is targeting. However, pet owners should never use vinegar to clean pet stains in carpet or upholstery. Being a natural, acidic compound, vinegar, as well as ammonia, contains some of the same elements found in urine. This is particularly evident in the scent. Animals, both cats and dogs, are inclined to urinate in the same spot. Cats are drawn to liter boxes. Cat liter is often ammonia based. This ammonia scent is what draws the cats to the box as cat urine contains ammonia. They naturally go to the bathroom where they smell they have gone before. When dogs go outside, they sniff to find where they have gone before. When they find the area where they have previously gone, they will continue to use that spot. If they smell the scent of another dog, they will in turn mark that area with their own scent. Now, think about your carpet. If you lay vinegar down in your carpet, even diluted, your cat or dog will smell it. As a natural reaction, they will confuse the vinegar scent for the scent found in urine. You have just encouraged your pet to use the carpet at a rest area and your pet stain problems are only going to get worse.
To properly clean and remove pet stains, you need to thoroughly clean the area. The best way to do this is with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It works with water to break the bonds of stains. To properly remove pet stains, use it in a steam cleaner or machine. This allows it to get deep within the carpet fibers and padding to break apart everything that has sunk below the surface. If you have deep pet stains, and are just spot cleaning the surface, you may get rid of the visible stain, but you are not going to be able to remove the odor from what has penetrated below the surface fibers. Genesis 950 is a green cleaner with no harsh chemicals, toxins or enzymes. It will not react with carpet regardless of what the carpet's composition is. It can even be used on sensitive surfaces like wool and silk. In addition to breaking down stains, it will kill any bacteria that it comes in contact with. This also allows it to completely deodorize the area and remove odors associated with pet stains.
best carpet cleaner
In the photo shown, the Berber carpet was affected by pet stains. Over a six month period, other cleaners were used. In most cases, the stains were lifted, however the reaction of the carpet to the cleaner was more then prominent. Gray streaks made every cleaning attempt apparent. The more the carpet was cleaned, the worse it ended up looking. A lingering foul odor also accompanied the unsightly carpet. Among the cleaners used were enzymatic based cleaners as well as common household cleaners specifically designated as carpet and spot cleaners. After trying all the traditional and mythological methods of cleaning, the next option was to replace the carpet. It was then suggested to try Genesis 950 in a steam cleaner.

Best pet stain remover
Using a Bissel Pro Heat machine on the heavy traffic setting, the use of Genesis 950 not only removed the remaining stains, it also removed all the discoloration left behind from all the other products used. On top of making the carpet look like new, it removed all foul odors coming from the carpet. After a few days, the odor never returned. After a few weeks, still no odor. Genesis 950 cleaned the carpet like nothing else could.


Spring Carpet Cleaning

Spring is here at least and it's time to think about Spring cleaning. This has been a long, cold winter and your carpet is most likely showing it. With Spring upon us, carpets can look heavily traveled upon. From this, you might have heavy stains from wet shoes. Those stains can be unsightly. However, if cleaned properly, your carpet can look like new.

Genesis 950 is a cleaner like no other. It is a surfactant based cleaner that works with water to break apart stains and lift them from the surface. It is a green cleaner, and in turn is safe for you, your family and your pets. There are no harsh chemicals, there is no bleach, and no ammonia. In addition to safely cleaning, it also deodorizes and removes odors. On top of that, it will also kill bacteria and deter mold growth.

 Genesis 950 can be used as a spot cleaner or as a full out carpet cleaner compatible with steam cleaning machines and other carpet cleaners. As a spot cleaner, Genesis 950 should be mixed at a ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Using a spray bottle, or a bucket with the mixture and a sponge or cloth, clean the stained area. Allow it to sit for a few moments, then rinse with water. In the example to the right, a very heavily stained outdoor carpet is being cleaned using Genesis 950 and water in the described 1:7 ratio. The carpet was covered in some of the toughest stains to remove. Grass stains, grease stains and oil stains were found throughout the carpet. It also had some mold growth on it as well as everyday dirt from traffic. After being sprayed with the mixture, the carpet was gently scrubbed with a simple sponge. You can see the dramatic difference in the photo with the sponge. After using the sponge, the carpet was rinsed with a separate clean sponge. The real dramatic change can be seen in the photo below which shows the full carpet in a before and after shot. This carpet went from being ready to go on the curb to looking like a brand new carpet.

As solution in a carpet cleaning machine, Genesis 950 works like nothing you have ever used before. Unlike other cleaners, there is no soap in Genesis 950. Rather then clog your carpet up with suds and chemicals, it breaks down whatever is in the carpet. This particular carpet was plagued with stains. The area was in a basement where cats were kept when they were home alone. There were several accidents. From urine stains to vomit, these cats did everything you don't want a cat to do on the carpet. The stains accumulated over time. Some were yellowish from the urine. Some were tinted with dye from the food that didn't go down right. On top of pet stains there were traffic stains as this also served as the area where winter boots and wet shoes would go. Over time the stains got worse. Attempts were made regularly to clean the stains with typical cleaners found in every grocery store and box outlet. Some of the most popular and most trusted cleaners were used. They however did not remove the stain. In fact, much of the gray seen in the photo is not from pet stains or from traffic stains, it is what was left behind when other cleaners were tried. Eventually, Genesis 950 was used in a Bissel Pro Heat. As you can see, the results are night and day. Not only did Genesis 950 remove months of stains, it also removed the stains left behind by other cleaners. 

Genesis 950 is perfect for pet stains. The reason for that is because of how it breaks down the stains. Because there are no harsh chemicals, the carpet is not affected in any way. Some cleaners will actually oxidize the carpet, causing it to change colors. Genesis 950 also has no enzymes in it which is very important. Enzymes are not very effective for removing pet stains. Enzymes operate on the concept that one structure will alter or affect another. This theory implies that the enzymes will break down the stains from a pet. What makes enzymes problematic is that they are very sensitive as to what they affect. For example, a pet's diet or health may alter variations in the urine. Such variations prevent the enzyme from altering the stain. Likewise, temperature is another factor. If the temperature is off, the stain can not be broken down. There are other factors too. How old is the enzyme? Has anything else been used on the area that will alter the enzyme? Genesis 950 is also ideal for pet stains because it doesn't contain ammonia or vinegar. Far too often pet owners are given the misdirection to clean pet stains with either vinegar or ammonia. This is the worst advice that could possibly be given. Both vinegar and ammonia contain some of the same chemical compounds found in urine. Cats and dogs alike urinate in an area based on scent. They prefer to go in generally the same spot. Because vinegar & ammonia contain some of the same compounds found in urine, that smell can mislead them and cause them to go in any area you clean with it. Because Genesis 950 deodorizes, it will actually kill the germs and bacteria that are released from pet stains and prevent your animal from going in that spot again. 

But Genesis 950 isn't just for pet owners. It will clean some of the worst stains you can imagine. To the left is one of the worst stains imaginable. Pasta! Pasta stains are never a pretty site. This particular stain came from an entire bowl of ravioli spilled on the floor. This was brand new carpet in the room where food should not have even been! Naturally, that is where the stain ended up. In this example, the stain was first treated by hand using the 1:7 ratio of Genesis 950 and water. However because the pasta was so thick, it seeped down into the fibers and needed to be cleaned with a machine. A Spotbot was used to clean this area. With the spot bot, the portable machine was placed on top of the stain where it's brushes were allowed to gently rotate into the carpet while the machine extracted the stain. To speed the process up, and directly attend to the stain, the attachment hose was used to clean the area. As seen in the bottom photo, the Genesis 950 was able to completely remove the stain and restore the carpet to it's original new state, leaving no indication there was ever a stain. 

Genesis 950 is sold in concentrate form. Unlike other cleaners, it is not watered down. When you purchase Genesis 950, you are buying a concentrated cleaner. This also makes Genesis 950 easy to use in a machine. There are two types of carpet cleaning machines.

There are machines that have 2 compartments. One for water, and one for solution. In these machines, simply fill the reservoir that holds water with straight water, and the reservoir that holds solution with straight Genesis 950. These types of machines then have settings which determine how much solution is mixed with the water. Generally these settings are low, medium heavy and rinse. For most stains, we would recommend the heavy setting. Once you have selected your level, simply go over the carpet. Once you have cleaned the entire carpet, go over it a second time using only water in the machine, or using the rinse cycle. This will flush out and pick up everything the Genesis 950 has broken apart in the carpet. In some cases, you may want to rinse more then once depending on how dirty the return water is.

Other types of machines have 1 tank where the water and cleaning solution are mixed. In these machines, we again recommend a 1:7 ratio of Genesis 950 to water. This can however be bumped up to a 50/50 mix if needed. As with the other machine types, once you have cleaned the carpet, go over it a second time. This time with only water in the tank. This will allow the carpet to be rinsed of everything the Genesis 950 has broken up and lifted.

Genesis 950 will clean more then stains and carpet though. It will degrease engines, make grills look new, give your car a detailing like nothing else and can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. You will never find a cleaner so diverse. On top of it, it's green!!!

Genesis 950 can be purchased directly at www.genesis950.com.

It is also available on Amazon.


Genesis 950 Giveaway - The Small Things

It's time for another GIVEAWAY!!!

The Small Things by Bre is giving away 1 gallon of Genesis 950. Entering is easy. Just visit the Genesis 950 Review on The Small Things website. While you are there, be sure to check out the review! Bre is a stay at home Mother of four, wife and new puppy owner. Who better to try a product like Genesis 950? Bre has put Genesis 950 to the test on several stains. Not just new stains either, Bre used Genesis 950 on old stains as well. In addition to showing you how Genesis 950 removes carpet stains, she also used it on upholstery as well. 

Genesis 950 is really a very diverse cleaner, and it is completely unlike anything else available. It is a green, surfactant based cleaner. There are no harsh toxins that might damage your floor or furniture. It is gentle on the surface, but tough on the stain. It works with water to actually break the bonds of stains. This causes them to be easily lifted from the surface they have adhered to with a thorough cleaning and rinse.

If you haven't tried Genesis 950, this is a great opportunity to try it for free! Simply enter the contest by 3/31/14. In the meantime, for more information or to order Genesis 950, visit us on line at www.genesis950.com


Genesis 950 Best Cleaning Products List

Best Stain Remover & Carpet Cleaner

Naturally, our favorite cleaning product is Genesis 950. Nothing cleans like it. It's an all purpose cleaner that removes the toughest stains. Genesis 950 has been saving carpets and removing makeup, coffee, wine, juice, soda/pop, paint, marker, pet stains and more for years. As a surfactant based cleaner, it works with water to get into the stain, break it's bonds and lift it to the surface. A green cleaner, it is safe for your home, your family and your pets. There are no harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia. Being a surfactant, it is free of soaps, which provides a deeper clean. In addition to cleaning, it kills germs and bacteria, deodorizing the areas it cleans. Genesis 950 is by far the best stain remover and all purpose cleaner available.

Of course we love Genesis 950, but we are not alone. Check out the Genesis 950 Reviews:
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There are several other cleaning products we do love though too! Genesis 950 is an amazing cleaner. When used in a carpet cleaning machine, the results are astounding. Our favorite steam cleaner is the Bissell Pro Heat 2X. The machine is extremely easy to use. It has the general shape and feel of an upright vacuum cleaner. What we really like about this machine is the ease of the compartments. There is a compartment for fresh water, a compartment for cleaning solution, and a compartment for returned water. The compartment for solution sits in the back of the machine and detaches for easy fill up. When placed in the machine, you can control how much solution is used for your cleaning by changing the setting of the machine. It allows you
Bissell Pro Heat Review
to choose various settings such as rinse, low, medium or heavy. This makes the machine very easy to use because you do not have to pre-mix the solution and water. The machine does it for you.While the heavy setting is most beneficial for heavy traffic and pet stains, it does drain the solution from the compartment fairly quickly. In instances where a general cleaning is being performed on carpet, the low or medium setting will maximize your cleaning solution. When cleaning, the machine has soft bristles that rub the solution into the carpet. It also has a plastic lip which makes extracting excess water in the carpet easy. The return water tank is large, so it holds a lot of water and you do not need to empty it every time you run through the fresh water. Despite being large, the return water tank is very easy to remove and empty. It locks in place, and detaches easy with a handle for easy carrying. Once you have cleaned your carpet, it is important to rinse. The Bissell Pro Heat allows you to use the machine on a rinse cycle, only releasing fresh water. This allows you to properly rinse the carpet after it has been cleaned. The machine's return water tank is clear. This is a nice feature because it allows you to see what is being removed from the carpet. You can easily continue the rinse cycle until the water starts returning clear. With this, you can really tell when the carpet is actually clean. An added bonus to this machine are the attachments. The attachments allow you to clean upholstery, drapes or small isolated stains. We have tried this machine using several cleaners. None of those cleaners had the impact of Genesis 950. While a machine in itself can be beneficial, it is essentially what you use in the machine that makes a difference.

Here's a Before & After of a carpet cleaned with the Bissell Pro Heat & Genesis 950:
Best Carpet Cleaner

When cleaning the bathroom, one of the best things to use is the Scotch-Brite Easy Cleaning Pad. The Pad is made by 3M, so immediately you know there is quality there. We are a huge fan of 3M - if you don't use their plastic window covers during the cold month, you are losing money. What those save you on heating
during Winter months can be huge! While the pad compliments itself as being a sponge you can use without any other cleaning products, we use it with Genesis 950. When Genesis 950 is mixed 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, and then sprayed on a surface, it breaks down the stains and lifts them from the surface. This makes cleaning the bathtub, toilet, sinks and stove tops a breeze. Naturally, once broken down, the stain needs to
Scotch Brite Easy Pad
be wiped off. This is where the Scotch-Easy Cleaning Pad comes in. The sponge has 2 sides. One side is textured, and the other like that of a traditional sponge. Generally, Genesis 950 will break down things you normally have to scrub to remove. If the buildup of the stain was too heavy that it did not all break down, the textured side of the Scotch-Brite pad gives you that extra bit of friction to scrub off whatever you are cleaning without damaging the surface. Once the stain is ready to be lifted, simply flip the pad and wipe it down with the sponge side. Brilliant! While we do love this sponge for it's duality, our only complaint is that the textured side can deteriorate quickly if over saturated or bent repeatedly.

Gloves come in handy when cleaning. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, you do not want your skin touching some of the chemicals in cleaning products. Many cleaners have damaging properties. Genesis 950 does not have anything that will damage skin, but some people prefer to wear gloves because of how Genesis 950 works. Being a surfactant cleaner, it can draw the oil from your skin, promoting dryness. Gloves however are not needed. Another reason gloves come in handy is based on what is being cleaned. Naturally if you are cleaning a toilet, or bathroom area, you do not want to be touching dirty surfaces. Gloves
Playtex Living Glove
serve as a barrier. There are many types of gloves available. Our favorite are the Playtex Living Glove. These gloves are far superior then any other. They have a nice tight fit over the fingers. The portion that covers the forearm is unlike any other glove. This portion of the glove is long. These gloves run well past your forearm, and cover a lot. In addition to being long, they have another unique quality. They are not tight, yet at the same time, because of the latex, they do not slide down. They stay in place and there is not a constant need to push them down. They also have enough room that if you are wearing a long sleeve shirt, you don't have to roll your sleeves up. You can actually fit the glove over the shirt! If you have an overhead cleaning project, or are reaching upwards, the gloves allow for you to roll them up at the arm end. This will catch any running or dripping water, rather then have that water run down the length of your arm. Another positive feature of these gloves are the textured ridges to the fingers. You can hold things without them sliding through your fingers. The textured fingers also allow you to scrub anything that might not be coming off while cleaning. Finally, these gloves last a loooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg time.


What Stores Carry Genesis 950?

One of the most common questions we are asked is "What stores carry Genesis 950?" At this time, no stores carry Genesis 950. There are presently 2 places Genesis 950 is available.

 1) You can find Genesis 950 at our online store at www.genesis950.com.


The online store allows customers to purchase Genesis 950 through either Paypal or by using a credit card. For customers who prefer to order direct, orders can be placed by calling us directly at 847-244-3600. We are located in Waukegan, IL and welcome any customers in the area to stop in if they prefer to purchase in person.

2) Genesis 950 is available on Amazon.

Genesis 950 On Amazon

We are also often asked why we are not available in stores. There are many reasons for this.

1) Genesis 950 is manufactured by Amerikal Products. Since 1989, Amerikal has been a premier and innovating leader in manufacturing green, sustainable and health focus chemistry for the printing industry. Genesis 950 was one of the original products designed to improve cleanliness in industrial printing press rooms. It 's main purpose was to remove spilled ink from machines, floors and clothing. Over time, the press room employees were using it at home just as much as they were at home. The printers requested we make the product available to their employees. From that point, Genesis 950 crossed into the consumer market as one of the best carpet cleaners and stain removers available. While Genesis 950 is available to the public, this product is not our main line of business. Amerikal caters to the printing industry and maintains a strong foothold in that industry, constantly working to reinvent chemistry used on presses which package food, pharmaceuticals and print media.

2) We want customers to use our product the right way. Being a surfactant cleaner, and a concentrated solution, it is very important that the directions are followed properly. Genesis 950 must be mixed with water. If used straight from the bottle without mixing, it will do nothing. Far too often we have gone to hardware stores or big box stores where the employees gave incorrect information or instructions with something that was purchased and the results were underwhelming. We don't want this to happen with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 works. But it only works if the directions are followed. Every order we ship includes proper directions. On top of that, we are available to help people directly, answer questions, give recommendations and properly represent the product.

3) Costs. Being in a big box store or chain is expensive and would drive the cost of the product up significantly. There is a lot of red tape involved in being in a major retailer. Several of them require specific bar codes that must be purchased and approved by a board consisting of members of the outlets. The bar code process involved to be in a major retailer goes far beyond just getting the bar code. Packaging costs would increase as many retailers must approve the logos and labels. Genesis 950 has a very basic label. Because our primary focus is the printing industry, we have had no reason to create a label which appeals to customers in a big box store. Naturally retailers would take a percentage of the sale of the item. Genesis 950 is actually currently priced as low as possible. It is sold for just a little bit over the manufacturing cost. Being in major retail outlets, the price would be driven up to support the retailers payment for selling the item.

Genesis 950 is extremely cost effective. Remember, it is a concentrate cleaner. This means that it has not been watered down, and water must be added for it to work. The vast majority of cleaners available are 98% water. These products are sold this way for several reasons. The first is because the manufacturers have a low bottom line cost to produce the product, and can make a bigger product by selling items that are 98% water. Next, many of these products are so watered down because if they had a certain volume of chemical content, they would be considered unhealthy and in violation of various health regulations. Genesis 950 poses no such threats - even in concentrate form. That's how safe it is.

When Genesis 950 is broken down properly and mixed with water at a 1:7 ratio, you are essentially getting 7 quarts of cleaner out of a 1 quart bottle of concentrated Genesis 950. Likewise, one gallon of Genesis 950 Concentrate can be broken down to 7 gallons of cleaner when properly diluted. At $42 for 1 Gallon of Genesis 950, you are really getting 7 gallons of cleaner for $42!!! Of course this can vary based on how much Genesis 950 you use. Some jobs require a 50/50 mix of Genesis 950 and water. These instances generally include carpet cleaner. But even there, your savings are excellent. Especially if your other options are to call a professional cleaner, who can charge hundreds of dollars per room, or replace your carpet, which is costly no matter how you do it.

Genesis 950 Coupon Code & Free Spray Bottle Promo - FEB

For the month of February receive $1.00 off any online order of Genesis 950 using coupon code FEB. We are also still offering a free spray bottle with any 1 gallon purchase of Genesis 950.

best stain remover

Genesis 950 is a cleaner unlike any other. It is a surfactant based cleaner free of bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals. It is safe for you, your pets, your family and the environment. It works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. In doing so, it also kills any germs or bacteria, in turn deodorizing and removing odor as well.

Genesis 950 is sold in concentrate form. Other cleaners can be watered down and can contain up to 98%. With Genesis 950, you add the water based on your cleaning needs. Because Genesis 950 is a cleaner, you get more for your money. The recommended cleaning ratio for general cleaning is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Because of this, a 1 quart bottle of Genesis 950 can essentially be broken down to 7 quart bottles when mixed at this ratio.

Genesis 950 can be used as a spot cleaner, or it can be used in a steam cleaner/carpet shampooer. It could quite possibly be the best stain remover available!

best carpet cleaner

Best carpet cleaning solution

Order Genesis 950 on line at www.genesis950.com


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Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner that can remove the toughest stains. Clean carpets, rugs and upholstery to remove stains from pets, coffee, paint, pasta and more. Take a look!

Genesis 950 cleans more then carpet though. Use it in the kitchen:

The bathroom:

The patio:

The uses for Genesis 950 are endless! For more information, visit us on Facebook, or visit our store directly at www.genesis950.com