Spring Cleaning - Genesis 950 review & Giveaway From Bullock's Buzz

Spring Cleaning - Genesis 950 Review & Giveaway from Bullock's Buzz

Spring is here and it's time to get cleaning! Alaina from Bullock's Buzz has reviewed Genesis 950 to show why it's the best cleaning product for getting your home ready for the season. In addition to the review, she is also hosting a giveaway.

Alaina is a wife, a mom and a blogger. Here blog includes a wealth of information. From health information to parenting and lifestyle tips, to recipes, great products and crafts, Bullock's Buzz covers a wide range of topics. Genesis 950 is so happy to be included in the Green Living & Eco-Friendly section.  

In her giveaway, Alaina asks "Why should you substitute dirt for harsh, toxic chemicals just to have a clean home?" She is absolutely right. There is no need to use unhealthy chemicals to remove dirt and dust. In fact, that might even be worse than having a clean home. The point of cleaning is to remove unwanted elements from your home. Bringing in harsh chemicals somewhat defeats the ideology of cleaning. 

Genesis 950 is a green, safe cleaner. It is free of toxic chemicals that can attribute to asthma, allergies, skin irritation, respiratory problems and alteration of blood cells. Many cleaners sold for household use do contain toxins that can affect people and pets in that manner, but not Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It works with water to alter the structural bonds of stains. When the bond of a stain is altered, it becomes water soluble and in turn loses it's adherence. Once this happens, it can then be flushed from the surface. It does so safely. There is nothing to harm you, your family or your pets. 

In addition to being safe from a health standpoint, it is also safe to use on upholstery, fabric, tile, countertops and so much more. She expands on this further by explaining the uses. Genesis 950 can be used for stain removal, general cleaning, and to remove pet odors. She goes on to prove this with special thanks to her cat Sookie. 

For cat owners, one of the toughest stains to remove can be pet vomit. Especially if the vomit hardens and ages. Cats don't always puke in the most convenient of locations. Sometimes, you might not find the stain for quite some time. That's when the real challenge can begin - unless of course you have Genesis 950. In her example on her full Genesis 950 review, she found some old vomit stains. "YUCK!"
How to clean cat puke stains
Old cat vomit stains in carpet
Alaina tackled the stain with Genesis 950. One of the benefits of Genesis 950 is that it is a concentrated cleaner. This means water must be added. The beauty of Genesis 950 is you can determine what ratio to used based on the stain type. For general cleaning, we recommend 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. For really nasty stains you can go as high as a 50/50 mix. For her stains, Alaina used Genesis 950 at a ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 4 parts water. Using this mixing ratio she sprayed the stain until it was saturated. 
How to remove cat puke
Spray the area with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water
Clean the area and then rinse with water.
Remove pet stains from carpet
Rinse the area clean with fresh water
The stains are gone! Alaina did use two applications. It is no secret how difficult these stains can be to remove, however Genesis 950 really does clean pet stains like nothing else. All while being safe!!!
Best way to clean pet stains
Pet stains cleaned from carpet

After cleaning the pet stains, Alaina found Genesis 950 was just as good at cleaning through the house. Built up soap scum in the shower, grease on the stove tops and so much more. 
Best green cleaning product
Genesis 950 used to clean stovetop
Genesis 950 is the perfect all purpose cleaner. Not just because it is green, but because it really cleans. 

To order Genesis 950 direct, visit

Order direct and receive a free spray bottle with your purchase of a 1 gallon container. Free shipping on all orders!

Remove Pet Stains, Urine & Odor From Carpet And Furniture

Genesis 950 - The Best Pet Stain Remover

How to remove pet stains

Pets bring joy, comfort and protection to families, but pet stains can cause
stress, aggravation and embarrassment. Urine, feces and vomit can be some of the hardest stains to tackle. There are countless remedies and solutions available with the intent to remove these stains, however they do not always work. 

Genesis 950 takes away all the stress of pet stains. It is a green all purpose cleaner that works unlike any other cleaner available. It works with water to break the bonds of stains. When a stain's bonds are broken, it can then be lifted from the surface it has adhered to and in turn rinsed away. Here are some reviews on Genesis 950 that show why it is the best pet stain remover. It is sold in concentrate form and the recommended cleaning ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Because of this, 1 quart of Genesis 950 can easily become 7 quarts of cleaning solution. For harder stains, or heavily soiled carpet, this ratio can be increased to a 50/50 mix. Typically however a 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water ratio can remove most stains. 

Remove pet stains Genesis 950
Everything Home Life Genesis 950 Review

remove old carpet stains
The Small Things By Bre Genesis 950 Review

pet stain and odor removal
Organic Sunshine Genesis 950 Review

One of the hottest trends in cleaning right now is homemade recipes. There are two reasons that the household remedy trend is on the up rise. First and foremost, cost. Typically cleaning solutions targeted at pet stains can run between $20 - $30 for a bottle. While this cost may very well be worth it in the event the cleaner does what it claims, far too often those cleaners do not meet the pet owners expectations. As a result, people end up giving up spending money on a cleaner that won't work. Let's face it, a gallon of vinegar costs less than a bottle of pet stain remover. The second reason household cleaners are favored is because people are become more aware of what is being used in their home. Many cleaning products release harsh chemicals that can provoke allergies, skin irritation, impact the respiratory system and have a prolonged effect on blood cells. Once again, vinegar seems more safe than an aerosol spray.

Homemade cleaning remedies however are not an effective means of cleaning pet stains. Vinegar is most commonly recommended as a natural cleaner for removing pet stains. It is a natural agent free of man made toxins. Vinegar is an acidic based agent with a pH level of 2.4. This slight acidic base gives vinegar the strength to break down various elements without damaging carpet or furniture. Theoretically, it sounds like a good idea. For a brief period of time, the area cleaned with vinegar may in fact seem cleaner and smell better, however over time, urine smells may worse. 

Animals urinate based on instinct. Dogs go outside and smell around to find spots where they have gone before. Cats head to a litter box based on scent. Urine has a pH level of 4.5 - 8. Your pet, whether it is a cat or dog, can pick up on this scent and the similarity in odor between the scent of vinegar and urine can actually draw your pet to go to the bathroom in that spot again. With vinegar, instead of removing the problem, you are actually encouraging it. Your pet will not differentiate between the pH level between vinegar and urine. If the odor is there, they will likely go to the bathroom there. This is even acknowledges by the Human Society. They note on their website. They have made this statement in regards to vinegar & ammonia: From your pet's perspective, these don't effectively eliminate or cover the urine odor and may actually encourage your pet to reinforce the urine scent mark in that area. 

Household cleaners are often used for pet stain removal, however typically, this is not their intention. Many stain removers are designed as spot cleaners. They are created to remove small stains. In some cases, they are not even designed to be used on fabric. When using these cleaners, you can actually create a bigger problem. Soaps used in many of these cleaners can attract dirt. This photo is an excellent example of what store bought cleaners can do to a carpet. This carpet was "cleaned" using household sprays. The carpet was layered with pet stains. The carpet was stained with pet urine, vomit and muddy paws over a couple years time. Various attempts were made to clean the carpet by means of spot and stain removers. You can clearly see where the cleaners were applied and that rather than remove the stains, they created more. Grayish streaks form where cleaning attempts occurred. This was the result of the soap used in the cleaners. Rather than break down stains, they attracted dirt and made the area worse. 

How to remove pet stains from carpet
Old pet stains in carpet

Clearly this carpeting became an eyesore. The room basically became closed off from the rest of the house and it seemed that the only remedy would be replacing the carpet. However we will address this carpet shortly.

Another cleaning misconception is the recommendation of enzymatic cleaners. This process is very complex, but can be simplified in explanation as the reaction of one element in conjunction with another. In very basic terms, the theory is that an enzyme can be introduced to a pet stain and the result will be the breakdown of the stain. The complexities lie within how an enzyme functions. Enzymes are extremely sensitive. They react only to very specific conditions. If the conditions do not meet, the enzyme will not react. There are several conditions to make an enzyme work. The first and most crucial is temperature. Enzymes need a stable temperature to function. If it is too cold or hot, even by 1 degree, there will be no reaction. Shelf life also deters an enzyme from working properly. If the product has been sitting to long, it will not work. Other factors include the pet's diet and the acidity of the urine or vomit, dyes used in the food, moisture and so on. Another problem is that the enzyme may work on a portion of the stains, but not all of it. This is most obvious after a few days when the smell begins to return.

There is a lot behind cleaning pet stains, and unfortunately a lot of it results in stain removers not working. Perhaps the best way to remove pet stains is with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a green, all purpose cleaner that works unlike household cleaners and enzymes. Instead of breaking stains down with an acidic base or harmful toxins, it works with water to alter the structural bonds of stains. In doing so, a stain loses it's ability to bond to a surface. As a result, it breaks from the surface and can be rinsed away. It does so without harming surfaces. Even more importantly, it does so without harming you, your family or your pets. It is a green, sustainable cleaner. In addition to removing pet stains, it also removes odor. 

Genesis 950 can be used as a spot cleaner, or in a machine. Going back to the carpeting shown earlier, the results achieved with Genesis 950 are unlike that from any other cleaner. Here is that carpet again. Years of pet stains from both cats and dogs were left throughout the carpet. Several other cleaners were used with negative results, making the carpet look even worse that before. The scent of pets lingered in the room. Ultimately, this became a wasted space in the home. 

How to get rid of old pet stains
Old pet stains in carpet

Clean old pet stains from carpet
Old pet stains removed from carpet

Here is that same rug after it was cleaned with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 was used in a Bissell carpet cleaning machine. It was mixed at a 50/50 ratio of Genesis 950 to water. The mixture was able to break down the stains and lift them from the surface. Not only did it remove the pet stains from urine and vomit, but it also removed residue and stains left behind by other cleaning products. It also removed all the urine odor from the room. Urine odor often stems from below the surface of the carpet. Spot cleaning will not remove that odor. It is for this reason odor issues must be addressed with a cleaning machine of some sort. When used in a machine, Genesis 950 can break down the stains below the surface, deodorize the padding and kill disinfect any germs which cause the odors, as well as any bacteria that may promote mold growth. 

Genesis 950 works on all carpet types without damaging or discoloring the fibers. In these photos, Genesis 950 was used to remove pet stains that were months old. Like the above carpet, these stains were previously treated with other cleaners. However those cleaners were not able to remove the stains. Genesis 950 was used as a spot cleaner to remove the old pet stains. In this instance, odor was not an issue. The frustration arose from having beautiful carpet that seemed doomed with an embarrassing stain. Genesis 950 was able to make the home owner proud of her carpets again!
Remove old urine stains in carpet
Old pet urine stains in carpet

Remove old pet urine stains
Old pet urine stains removed in carpet
Genesis 950 is the perfect spot cleaner for small stains. Cat owners often face the dilemma of vomit. Whether is be food, bile or just random things ingested, the mess can leave a nasty mark. Dyes in food can be troublesome to remove and while some cleaners may get rid of the bulk of the stain, they often leave a faint outline of where the stain was. As a spot cleaner, Genesis 950 can be kept in a bottle. Typically a ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water can remove pet stains. In this example, Genesis 950 was used to spot clean and remove pet vomit.
remove vomit stains
Locate the stain

Remove cat vomit stains
Spray the stain with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water

clean cat vomit
Wipe the stain away

Remove pet stains
The bulk of the stain is removed

best pet stain remover
Wipe away remaining stain with damp cloth
Genesis 950 can also be used to remove stains on furniture. 
Remove pet stains from furniture
Locate the pet stain

Remove pet stains from furniture
Spray pet stains from furniture using a mixture of Genesis 950 & water

Clean pet stains from furniture
Wipe off stain

clean pet stains from furniture
Pet stain removed from furniture
Genesis 950 is the best way to remove pet stains. It does so safely and effectively. However, the uses for Genesis 950 don't stop with pet stains. it is an all purpose cleaner and can easily replace the majority of cleaners used in the home. Check out all the things you can use Genesis 950 for:

Spring Cleaning - Genesis 950 Concentrate

Spring Cleaning - Genesis 950 Concentrate

The best green cleaner & stain remover

Genesis 950 is a green, surfactant based cleaner that works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. Rather than attack stains with harsh toxins and chemicals, it alters the molecular structure of a stain to lift it. Once a stain has been lifted, it can be rinsed from the surface. As an all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 can replace several household cleaners. Instead of purchasing several different cleaners for various jobs, Genesis 950 can be used for all your cleaning. In the kitchen, it can be used to clean stoves, stainless steel appliances, countertops, sinks and more. In the bathroom, clean tile, ceramic and chrome. Genesis 950 is perfect for fabrics. From food stains and spills on carpet, furniture and clothing to paint, ink and crayons, Genesis 950 can handle it all. One of the most popular uses for Genesis 950 is carpet cleaning. It can be used in any type of carpet cleaning machine to make carpets look and smell professionally cleaned. Pet owners love that it not only removes the visible stains, but it also removes the odors. As an added bonus, Genesis 950 contains antibacterial elements. Because of this, it can completely remove pet odors and protect carpet from bacteria, mold and growth by killing and removing those elements. . . all while being safe.

The first and foremost benefit of Genesis 950 is that it is safe. The majority of cleaning products sold to consumers contain toxins and carcinogens that can trigger asthma and allergies, affect red blood cells, and increase the risk of cancer. These chemicals are so dangerous that they have to be regulated by Federal agencies. As a result, most of these products can only be sold if they are watered down. Genesis 950 is so safe that it can be sold in concentrated form. It does not have to be watered down to make it safe for household use. It also has low VOC levels in concentrate form. VOC's (Volatile organic compounds) are chemical compounds released into the air from cleaners. Harmful VOC's have long term health effects. Because Genesis 950 has such low VOC's, it's use has no long term effect on health. Using Genesis 950 is a safe cleaner not just for you, but for your children and pets. As a green cleaner, it is also biodegradable. If used outdoors, it will not kill grass or plants. Nor will it have a negative effect if runoff goes into drainage systems.

As a replacement for multiple cleaners, it also reduced the number of bottles and containers needed to clean. Rather than having a collection of cleaners for different jobs, Genesis 950 can complete multiple tasks. This reduces the amount of packaging needed to support all the different products. In addition to reducing the number of products needed to clean, it also saves money.

As a concentrated cleaner, Genesis 950 goes a long way. The recommended cleaning ratio for Genesis 950 is 1 part 950 to 7 parts water. With this breakdown, 1 quart of Genesis 950 actually becomes 7 quarts. A quart of Genesis 950 sells for approximately $25. When broken down based on the 1:7 ratio, that actually translates to $3.57 per bottle. Some stains however do need to be treated at a higher mixing ratio. However this still remains cost effective when you see how well Genesis 950 works and how many other cleaners you would need to purchase to even try to clean what Genesis 950 can. For carpet cleaning, the savings are even greater. Professional carpet cleaning can run over $100 per room. With a 2.5 gallon cube of Genesis 950, you can easily clean your entire home - even at a higher mixing ratio. But you are not only saving money, but you are also saving time. You can clean on your  own schedule, when accidents happen, and when it's convenient for you. There is no worrying about when you can make time for someone else to come in, no fear of being over charged and no worry about what happens if they don't clean to your satisfaction. If your carpet is older, Genesis 950 can work wonders to bring it new life, thereby saving you the cost of replacing carpet.

Pet owners really see the benefit of using Genesis 950 for pet stains. Not only does it remove stains, but it also removes odors. By breaking down the stains, and completely deodorizing the area, it saves carpet. It also reduces the urge for pets to urinate on the carpet again. If pet odor is not properly removed, your pet is likely to continue to go in that spot again. But what pet owners love the most is that it is green. Genesis 950 poses no threat to animals that might walk on the carpet or get into the product.

Genesis 950 has been reviewed by several bloggers. Feel free to take a look at their reviews. See before and after photos and find out what they used Genesis 950 to clean:


Genesis 950 Review & Giveaway From Everything Home Life

Genesis 950 Review & Giveaway From Everything Home Life

Everything Home Life Genesis 950 review

It's time for Spring Cleaning and Everything Home Life is kicking off the season with a review and giveaway for Genesis 950. Everything Home Life was started in 2014 by Katriza. She had heard about Giveaways online and began looking into some to enter. As a stay at home Mom, with another on the way,  she took to blogging and created an amazing site where she could host her own Giveaways, write reviews and share ideas for like minded people.

We were lucky enough to have her take the time to review Genesis 950. In doing so, she really put the product to the test and showed why it is the perfect cleaning product for any home. 

Everything Home Life Genesis 950 Giveaway

Although Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner, one of the most popular uses for it is cleaning pet stains. It works better than any other cleaner because of the way it interacts with stains. As a surfactant based cleaner, genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains. When this happens, a stain then becomes water soluble. At that point, a stain can be broken down and then rinsed away from the area. This is perfect for breaking down pet stains such as urine, feces or vomit. But it does more than just remove the visible stain. Genesis 950 also contains antibacterial components. Because of this, it does not just neutralize odors, it destroys them. This is very important with pet stains. Pets will often return to an area where they smell urine. If the odor is not removed, your pet may keep going in that spot making it even worse over time. 

Katriza was able to use Genesis 950 on pet stains. In her example, her dog had an accident on the carpet. She used Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine at a ratio of 1:4 (Genesis 950;water). You can clearly see after just one application, the visible stain has been removed. What people often forget when cleaning pet stains, is that the stain is not just on the surface, but the urine seeps downwards into the padding. By applying multiple applications, you not only remove what is on the surface, but you also remove what has seeped below. 

Best Pet Stain Remover

As an all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 works great on multiple surfaces to remove multiple stains. With a small child in the house, spill and stains are ever present. Furniture and of course carpet, can easily be cleaned with Genesis 950. Whether spot cleaning, or cleaning with a machine, Genesis 950 can make your furniture and carpet stain free. In these examples, Katriza was able to clean some stains off her furniture, as well as remove strawberry stains from carpet. 

How to clean furniture

How to remove strawberry Stains

One of the hardest surfaces to clean is stainless steel. It can capture every fingerprint and smudge imaginable. Especially when they are used daily. Katriza used Genesis 950 to clean her stainless steel microwave. As can be seen, it brought back that shiny gloss that we love.

How to clean stainless steel

One of the trickiest types of stains to remove is paint. Genesis 950 can actually remove old, dried paint from various surfaces. Katriza was able to remove old paint stains from cabinets and tile. 
clean old paint stains

Best cleaner for tile

remove old paint stains

It can also take grime, dirt and buildup off surfaces. From floors, walls, door and cabinets, to furniture and carpet, Genesis 950 removes old buildup to make your home look new. Even appliances themselves can be cleaned up. Here, Katriza used Genesis 950 to remove dirt from her Kirby's wheels and plastic coverings.

Best Green Cleaner

After using Genesis 950 on several surfaces, Katriza came to this conclusion:

Genesis 950 Cleaning Solution: The Verdict

I had a great experience with this product and its’ company.  I had questions about the ingredients used in this product as it’s not listed on the label itself.  I was told this product’s ingredients are proprietary information but I was very thankful to be given a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to be able to confirm the validity of this product’s claims on being green and biodegradable.  I was also able to confirm that the most common hazardous cleaning product ingredients are not in the Genesis 950.  As you see from testing this product on different surfaces and stains, it truly does work!  I love that I can use this for so many things instead of having to buy individual cleaners for specific areas of my house making this product very cost effective.  In most cases, I only used the 1:7 dilution ratio and a simple rag to clean each surface.  I didn’t need to use any other tools or use extensive scrubbing to get most stains out, though I did have to use 2 or 3 applications on tougher stains.  Overall, I would highly recommend using this product for all your household cleaning needs as it’s incredibly versatile and safe!

How To Remove Old Pet Stains

Pet stains can be a hassle. They can be unsightly, or they can smell. If not properly removed, they can also last for quite some time. Once a pet stain has set in, removing it can be a challenge . . . unless of course you use Genesis 950.

Genesis 950 can remove old pet stains just as well as new pet stains. It works unlike other cleaners. Many cleaners are chemical based. However treating a stain with heavy chemicals doesn't always remove it. They can also discolor the carpet.

What makes Genesis 950 a better cleaner is the way it works. It is a concentrated cleaner that uses water to remove stains. When mixed with water and Genesis 950, a stain becomes water soluble and then broken down. In addition to removing stains, it does so safely. Genesis 950 is a green cleaner! No need to worry about pets or children suffering from coming in contact with it.

We recently received some feedback from a customer. Julie wrote:
"Hi, I have a large area (living room, hall and 3 bedrooms) that my 5 year old shih tzu has completely destroyed with urine stains. I ordered a gallon of your product, and it quickly removed a pretty large feces stain from my 5 month old puppy, so I was pretty excited to try it in a carpet cleaner."

She also included photos of the stain and the results.
How to clean old pet stains
2 Week Old Pet Stains That Nothing Could Remove

How to clean old pet stains
2 Week Old Pet Stains With Mixture Of Genesis 950 & Water Applied

How to clean old pet stains
2 Week Old Pet Stains Rinsed Clean From carpet With Genesis 950

Julie wrote this when sharing the photos:
"5 month old puppy with diarrhea+long carpet fibers=IMPOSSIBLE STAIN. I tried every pet product known to man. This stain was about 2 weeks old. Got my first gallon of Genesis 950 today...50/50 mix, sprayed on, rubbed off and in 5 minutes it was GONE."

Regardless of whether you own a dog or a cat, Genesis 950 is the best pet stain remover you will find. There are several other methods often suggested for cleaning. All too often, while the suggestions for removing pet stains are made in good faith, there are many issues with recommendations made. Vinegar, enzymes and household cleaners are widely recommended, however they are not always effective. Here's why:
  • Vinegar - Vinegar is one of the most widely recommended agents for cleaning pet stains. While it is in fact a good, natural cleaner, it should NEVER be used for pet stains. Vinegar is a natural acid with a pH balance of 2. The acidity does help it break down stains. The problem however with pet owners is that same acidic base which can break down stains. While vinegar has a pH level of 2, urine has a pH balance of 6. Both cats and dogs urinate where they smell they have gone before. This is obvious when a dog is taken outside and he sniffs out a spot to do his business. Or, if on a walk, your dog sniffs a spot then marks on it. Dogs do this because they can smell the acidity of their own, or another dog's urine. Cats do the same thing in a litter box. The odor of their urine, or odor added to the litter leads them to that spot. In the event that a pet is going to the bathroom in the chances, chances are it is in the same spot, or general area. This typically has less to do with training, and more so with the fact the smell the acidity of their urine. They will keep going to that spot unless it is properly cleaned. A vinegar cleaning will not remove that odor. Instead, you are simply enhancing it by adding another compound with a similar acidic base. 
  • Enzymes - Enzymes are hailed for their natural ability to break down stains. Enzymes are everywhere. The human body has them as well. The most notable are enzymes in the digestive system. These enzymes break down food to help the digestive process. Enzymes in the stomach react to food being ingested. While they can break down food, they don't break down the stomach lining. Enzymes perform specific tasks based on their function. This is important to understand. Enzymes will only work properly if they are in the right environment to perform. This holds true with pet stains. Enzymatic cleaners might be able to clean partial portions of pet stains, but they can not completely remove them because of variations in the environment. The diet of the pet, room temperature, previously exposed chemicals on the area being cleaning, expiration date of the enzyme and so on impact an enzyme's ability to function. Nor do enzymes contain the ability to remove the odor. They do not kill the bacteria that causes the odor. In fact, many people will notice odors returning after a few days. Sometimes, worse than it had previously been.
  • Household Cleaners - There are all sorts of problems using these types of cleaners. Some are notorious for discoloring carpet and creating an orange/pink tint to your carpet. Others might mask the odor briefly but not actually remove the stain or smell permanently. Soap based cleaners actually make the stains worse as the soaps attract more dirt and grime to the area. These types of cleaners leave behind a grayish tint. 
Order Genesis 950 on line at


Genesis 950 Reviews

Genesis 950 Reviews

Genesis 950 is a stain remover like no other. It is a green, all purpose cleaner that works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. It is sold in concentrate form and can easily replace traditional household cleaners. Use it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, on clothes, carpets and more. The uses are endless.

Genesis 950 was first used in 1986 as a cleaning tool in printing plants. It is manufactured by Amerikal Products. Amerikal has been a leader in manufacturing sustainable products for the printing industry for nearly 30 years. Genesis 950 was initially designed to remove ink from roller presses, printroom floors, equipment and clothing. Over time, Genesis 950 found its way from the printing presses into people's homes. In 2011, it was made available online at In 2014, it was made available on Amazon. Since it has been made available, over 10,000 orders have been placed.

Since 2011, several reviews have been done on Genesis 950. Here is an overview of what reviewers are saying:

Just in time for Spring Cleaning, Katriza at Everything Home life reviewed Genesis 950 and really showed just how much it can clean. Katriza is a Mom with a second child on the way. With a growing family, which includes pets, she always has something to clean. Her review is by far one of the most extensive on Genesis 950. Not only does she use Genesis 950 to clean pet stains, but also for household cleaning. This review shows how versatile it is!. In her review, she remove paint stains from tile, finished wood and even from her Kirby! She also has a strawberry stain on her carpet that Genesis 950 removes. With Genesis 950, she was able to bring a sparkle to her stainless steel microwave. Katriza has a background in chemistry and confirms that not only Genesis 950 cleans, but that is does so safely. Typical commercial cleaners are loaded with carcinogens and toxic chemicals. Not Genesis 950. it is green and in turn safe!

Take a look at all her before and after photos:

In February 2015, Megan from Ahh-Mazing Reviews reviewed Genesis 950. Megan has 3 children, all girls. They are energetic and artistic. Often, their creativity spilled onto the floor! Her biggest struggle has been keeping her home looking like she did before kids came along. Like most Mothers, she knows that just doesn't happen anymore. While there are many spills and stains, one she had the hardest time with was from a purple putty stain. Her girls smashed the putty down into the carpet. While she was able to remove the putty, the stain remained behind for months . . . until she tried Genesis 950. Using it at a 1 part 950 to 7 parts water ratio, she was able to remove the stain! Just see the before and after photos!

Our first review in 2015 came from Nicole at Organic Sunshine. Nicole is a Mother, a Blogger and a consumer concerned about the products she uses. She strives to ensure that products as well as food are free of harmful chemicals. This made Genesis 950 a perfect fit for her. Not only is Genesis 950 green and safe, it is effective.

Her review touched on 2 different stains. The most popular use for Genesis 950 is for pet stains. It works like no other cleaner. Instead of using harsh chemicals, Genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains and remove them from the surface. In doing so, it also removes the odor. Nicole's dog Bailey had left a little surprise for her on a rug. She put Genesis 950 to the test and found that yes, it did remove the stains, and even better, it removed that lingering odor! She writes "This stuff really works for pet stains and odor!"
Clean pet stains and odor
Her second use for Genesis 950 involved ink. This is a perfect fir for Genesis 950 as the origin of the product is to remove ink stains. Since the 1980's Genesis 950 has been used in industrial printing presses to clean spilled ink. Because industrial ink is so much more tough than ink you find in pens, make up, or in Nicole's case ink from silk screen printing, removing the stains was not a difficult task for Genesis 950.
Remove ink stains from carpet

Nicole used Genesis 950 to remove tough stains that other cleaners can't touch. Not only does it work, but it is safe! In summary, Nicole writes, "Genesis 950 is an effective cleaner and a must have for any household."

You can read Nicole's full review at Organic Sunshine.

Nicole from Pretty Opinionated reviewed Genesis 950 in November 2011. In her review, she used Genesis 950 to remove glue that had spilled on the carpet. She had tried for months to remove the stains, however had no luck until she used Genesis 950. Genesis 950 was able to clean and remove the glue that had spilled on the carpet and dried up. 

In addition to her review, there are a few comments that her followers had made in regards to using Genesis 950. 
Erika wrote: "OMG!!! I read your review and tried this. AMAZING. Thanks for sharing!"
John wrote: "I tried the 950 Cleaner in my steam cleaner and was amazed how well my carpets cleaned up. I’ve tried everything in the book and they didn’t work as well. I did talk with the manufacturer of the product and they were a huge help on the correct way in using the product. Very Very Happy with this product and it saved me money on replacing my basement carpet."
April wrote:"I love this product! I wanted to share my before and after photos but don’t see how."

Marci from The Review Wire reviewed genesis 950 in March 2012. In Marci's review, she used Genesis 950 in a Hoover Steam Cleaning Machine to remove homemade Play-Dough from carpet. The bright yellow dough was embedded in the carpet and dried up. Genesis 950 easily removed the mess.
Remove Play-dough from carpet
In addition to using Genesis 950 to remove carpet stains from kids, Marci also used it to remove carpet stains from a new puppy. In cleaning stains on the carpet from her puppy's accidents, she makes a statement we hear more than any other "I tried every type of cleaner out there." Bottom line, when it comes to pet stains, nothing removes the stains and odors like Genesis 950. 

Finger Click Saver really put Genesis 950 to the test! Here the big dilemma was cat stains. One of the kittens had vomited on the rug, but there were also more spots found on the carpet. genesis 950 cleaned those stains with no issue. In addition, she noted the importance of Genesis 950 being a deodorizer and disinfectant. 
remove old pet stains from carpet
The cleaning tests continued on Finger Click Saver. Other vomit stains were cleaned and before and after pictures were unavailable because when she had gone back to take the after pictures, the area was so clean she couldn't remember where the stain was. In addition to cleaning rugs and carpets, she cleaned quilts, walls and her stove top. Genesis 950 was able to remove grease stains that had been on her stove top for years. Stains other cleaners couldn't remove.

Ashley from Closet of Free Samples tried Genesis 950 in July of 2013. Ashley used Genesis 950 for general household cleaner. In her review, Ashley demonstrates how easy Genesis 950 is to use. As a surfactant cleaner, Genesis 950 uses water to make a stain water soluble. When this happens, the stain looses it's adherence and then breaks away from whatever surface it has been attached too. Once this happens, the stain can then be wiped away. Ashley had recently moved into a new home and had some filthy windowsills. She used Genesis 950 at the 1:7 ratio, spray the mixture on the windowsill and let it sit. Once it broken the stains down, she was able to just wipe them away.
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In November 2013, Jennifer from Born 2 Impress went above and beyond in trying out Genesis 950. She owns rental properties with carpets that have been used and abused. In one of the units, they were going to replace the carpet. She took full advantage of the situation by REALLY testing Genesis 950. In her test, she literally poured things on her carpet that typically, you would not want on your carpet. Coffee and chocolate syrup were tested in specific, as well as some old stains that had been on the carpet. 

In all cases, she spot cleaned the areas. Jennifer had mixed the 950 and water at the 1:7 recommended ratio for general cleaning. She sprayed the stains and allowed them to sit for a moment, then rinsed. While the 1:7 ratio is recommended for general cleaning, this can be increased as high as a 50/50 mix. In cases of extreme staining, the longer the mixture sits, the more it can break down the stains. For Genesis 950 to remove coffee and chocolate stains at a 1:7 ratio, sitting in the carpet for only a moment, and to be hand cleaned is beyond impressive. Imaging cleaning stains like this with a higher concentration of Genesis 950, or doing so using a carpet cleaning machine!
clean chocolate stains

Remove coffee stains

Bridget at Giveaway Promote reviewed Genesis 950 in January 2014. This is a review is one anyone who has carpet can relate to. While keeping a carpet can be fairly easy with the reminders to take shoes off before crossing, the reality is that just doesn't always happen. In addition to foot traffic, there is the occasional spill. Over time, the carpet can acquire stains that seemed to come from nowhere. Sometimes, those stains can be lightened with other cleaners, but they still linger, and if it's your house, you notice it no matter how light it is. 

Giveaway Promote used Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine to remove stains from foot traffic, mystery stains, and the remains of a chocolate stain from long ago. By cleaning with a machine, she was able to remove all those stains and give the carpet a fresh, new look. 

clean old carpet stains

The Giveaway Promote review also stresses the eco-friendliness of Genesis 950 as well as the fact that it has no toxic chemicals. This again makes it perfect as an all purpose cleaner. She used it on kitchen counter tops and on the range of her oven hood. As she indicated, the Genesis 950 allowed the grease and oil to just slide off. 

In February 2014, Rachelle from Madame Deals review Genesis 950. Her home is not unlike others. Children, pets and a bust schedule take their toll on the carpets. Stains seem to appear and never really go anywhere. Rachelle perfectly summarizes everything about Genesis 950. She was skeptical and wondered whether Genesis 950 would work or not. She used it in a spray bottle and spot cleaned her stains. Her results were beyond her expectations, even on year old stains that nothing else could take out. 

best carpet cleaning solution

Genesis 950, as she stated, made her "carpets look like they did when I moved in." Yes, Genesis 950 is that good!

In addition to posting a before and after photo, Rachelle also posts a series of photos showing how she cleaned.
remove old carpet stains

You can read Rachelle's full Genesis 950 review at Madame Deals.

Brenda reviewed Genesis 950 in March of 2014 for The Small Things By Bre. In her review, she makes a statement that has been echoed by many people who have used Genesis 950. "This has got to be the best stain remover I have ever used." She gave her instructions for using the product in the review. She used it in the spray bottle (which comes free with 1 gallon orders from the Genesis 950 website). In a spray bottle, she mixed 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, sprayed the area, let it sit, scrubbed, then rinsed. 

She used Genesis 950 on carpets and furniture, demonstrating even more versatility in the product. She took before and after photos of the stains she removed with Genesis 950. 

remove old carpet stains

best cleaner for furniture stains

In May 2014, Jennifer reviewed genesis 950 on her blog Mommyy Of 2 Babies. She had tried Genesis 950 just in time for Easter! Her kids were dying Easter eggs and some of the dye ended up on the carpet. She had hand cleaned the dye stains with Genesis 950 and they came out with ease. She then went on to clean other stains that were in the carpet from previous incidents. The result? "This is one of my favorite cleaning products to date." "This stuff is amazing and picks up anything from the carpet." She included before and after photos from the Easter egg dye.

clean carpets

She also included several photos of the cleaning process. What is most notable is the photos she included of the towel used to clean the stains and how much it had pulled off the carpet.

Mommyy Of 2 Babies also featured Genesis 950 in their Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2013!

You can read Jennifer's full Genesis 950 review at Mommyy Of 2 Babies.

In August 2014, Lisa reviewed Genesis 950 for Chronically Content. Her review continued to show how far Genesis 950 goes when it comes to cleaning. While carpet stains are the hardest stains to clean, everyday cleaning can be made easier with Genesis 950. Because of the ability it has to remove dirt and stains from a number of surfaces, Lisa used the Genesis 950 for many typical household cleaning chores. 

One of the most impressive photos she shared was from when she cleaned her tile floors. The floors initially did not appear too dirty. However because Genesis 950 makes stains water soluble, it breaks down any dirt or dust in the area being cleaned. With tile, that dirt and dust can get into the pores of the material. Genesis 950 causes those particles to break down and be lifted. Once this happens, they can be wiped clean. As a result, her tile, which looked fairly clean to begin with, looked amazing. She couldn't believe what came up on her towel. 
Green Cleaning

She also went on to clean a shower curtain covered with soap scum and water stains, her concrete porch and her cabinets and cupboards. As Lisa said, "This product cleans and cleans deep."

Bridget from The Simple Moms put Genesis 950 to the test in August 2014. She's a Mom with 4 kids and a dog, so you know she has her hands full. Like most Moms, she has to deal with stains appearing an nobody having any idea where they came from or what they are. She had one of those stains on her carpet when she tried Genesis 950. Like most people we hear from, the stain had been there for a while and all efforts to clean the stain ended in failure. because of the difficulty she had in the past trying to remove the stain, she had little confidence in Genesis 950. However, once she used Genesis 950 she titled the review, "Start with Genesis 950 and you won't need anything else."

clean set in carpet stains

The process she used to remove the stain took her no more than 5 minutes. She used the Genesis 950 in the 1:7 ratio, sprayed the area, let it sit for 2 minutes, scrubbed her carpet clean then blotted with water to rinse. It was that easy! A stain that had been impossible to remove was cleaned away in 5 minutes!

In November 2014 a review came from Karen at Jenn's Blah Blah Blog. Karen used the Genesis 950 for several household cleaning tasks. One of her first cleaning tasks involved her stainless steel appliances. Anyone who has stainless steel knows how hard it is to clean. It seems to pick up every finger print and mark from out of nowhere. When cleaning stainless, it can easily look cloudy, get streaked, or form water spots. However Karen cleaned with Genesis 950 and found it worked better than the cleaners manufactured by the company who made the appliances!

She also used Genesis 950 to clean woodwork - particularly wood windowsills. This particular windowsill happens to be a favorite resting place for her cat. In sitting there, the area easily picks up dust and dander. With little effort, the Genesis 950 removed all the buildup. 

Chances are if you have a stain, Genesis 950 can remove it!

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Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner that cleans like nothing else. It is a green, surfactant based cleaner. This means instead of attacking surfaces with harsh chemicals like bleach, vinegar, ammonia or soaps, it works with water to be absorbed into the stain and then alter the stains composition to break down the bonds of the stain. Not only does it remove the stain, but in the process it kills germs and bacteria associated with the stain. In turn, this also deodorizes the area. Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner with multiple uses. Among the most popular are carpet cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, and car detailing. However the uses are limitless when it comes to what you can clean with Genesis 950.