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Genesis 950 - The Best Green Stain Remover & Cleaner

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Genesis 950 Concentrate - The Best All Purpose Green Cleaner To Clean Carpets And Remove Stains

There are countless cleaning products available that market themselves for specific cleaning tasks. Some are marketed as carpet cleaners, some as stain removers. Different brands are designed to remove pet stains, while others are labelled as carpet cleaners. The vast majority of them contain unsafe chemicals. Many of them can not be sold in concentrate form because they violate regulations. Because of this, they have to be watered down. Some of them so watered down they can contain up to 99% water. Others contain bleach or ammonia which can damage surfaces. Some cleaners are soap based. These types of cleaners, if used incorrectly, can actually make staining worse as soap attracts dirt and grime.

Genesis 950 is a green cleaner, free of harsh chemicals, bleach or soap. It works unlike any other cleaner because it is a surfactant based cleaner. Surfactant cleaners act different then traditional cleaners because they do not break down stains using chemicals. Instead, the surfactants work with water. When combined with water and applied to a stain, the stain absorbs the mixture of the surfactant and the water. Once this happens, the structure of the stain is altered and in turn broken down. The breakdown of the stain causes it to detach from the surface it has been adhered to. When the stain has been broken down, it can then be rinsed from the surface and the area flushed clean.
Genesis 950 is safe enough to be sold in concentrate form. This has several benefits.

First and foremost, it demonstrates how safe Genesis 950 is. Most cleaners available can not be sold in concentrate form because the chemistry is unsafe to either consumers or the environment. Because of this, they need to be watered down. With Genesis 950, you add the water as needed when cleaning.

As a concentrate, the consumer can determine the strength of the water to Genesis 950 mix needed. Some cleaning scenarios, such as general cleaning require less 950, while other situations such as grease or pet stain removal require a higher amount of 950. Being able to control how much solution is needed helps make the product last longer.
Because a cleaner sold in concentrate form is not watered down, the financial savings are higher. Rather than paying for water, the customer is paying for product. When used for general cleaning at a recommended ratio of 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, that concentrated quart actually breaks down to 7 quarts of diluted cleaner.

General Cleaning

Genesis 950 is the perfect cleaner for general cleaning. When used as a general cleaner, the recommended mixing ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Fill up a spray bottle with this mixture and it is always ready for household cleaning. To clean, simply spray the mixture on the area in need of cleaning, allow it to sit for a few moments, then wipe down.
The mixture will work to break down grime, fingerprints and dirt from multiple surfaces. It will break down dirt in hard to get crevasses, along molding and in deeper grooves where different surfaces come together.
Use it in the bathroom to break down mold and kill bacteria, in the kitchen on appliances, stainless steel and tile, on floors, doors and more. It works wonders on stove tops, breaking down stains that typically need to be scrubbed. When the mixture of Genesis 950 and water are absorbed into tough stains, they are easily broken down and can generally just be wiped off. Cleaning the inside of ovens has never been easier either!

Pet Stains

Pet stains can be among the most stubborn stains. Every pet owner deals with them at one point or another and finding a cleaner that works can sometimes be harder then actually cleaning the stain. Different pets can have different types of stains. With dogs and puppies there are training incidents. With cats, spraying can be an issue of concern. Both cats and dogs have occasional instances of vomiting unexpectedly. Health issues with either type of pet can also present a problem. Older dogs may have bladder issues. Cats can be prone to kidney infections, which in addition to urine stains can be blood stains.
Regardless of which stain is being dealt with, Genesis 950 can address them all. Not only does it remove the stain, but it also removes any associated odor. In addition to cleaning, Genesis 950 has anti-bacterial components. When breaking down the bacteria, it is not only preventing the spread of germs, but it is also killing odor causing bacteria which deodorizes the area.

When cleaning pet stains, it is best to use Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine. The reason for this is because often with urine stains, the stain actually goes deeper than the carpet surface. The padding can be affected. Once urine is absorbed by the padding, the issue is no longer the visible stain, but the unseen scent of the urine in the carpet. Whether the area affected was created by a cat or dog, it is very important to properly clean it. Both cats and dogs urinate where they smell they have gone before. If the urine scent is in the padding, the behavior will be repeated in that area and the stain will be worsened.
Too often, pet owners try to spot clean the stain in the carpet. Such spot cleaning does not impact what is in the padding. Just because the visible stain has been removed does not mean what was left in the padding has been removed. Another error made is pet owners sometimes try to remove the odor with products designed to add fragrance. While this might be beneficial to the human scent, both cats and dogs have a much more advanced sense of smell. Masking the urine odor with an air
freshener does not eliminate the odor of urine that your pet will still smell. If what your pet can smell is not treated, deodorized and removed, your pet will still go to the bathroom in that spot. One of the most common scenarios pet owners experience is that their pet keeps going in the same spot. The reason for this is because they have not properly cleaned the area.

Using a steam cleaning machine allows the cleaning mixture to be released deep into the carpet. Here it will break down the visible stain, and deodorize deep in the padding. When treating these types of stains, the mixture of Genesis 950 to water can be increased to as high as a 50/50 mix of solution to water. Another benefit to using these types of machines for urine stains in the carpet is that they have a rinse cycle. After the carpet has been cleaned with the solution, the area should be rinsed. This will flush out all of the lifted stains. Without a carpet cleaning machine, such rinsing would not be possible. A final benefit of this type of cleaning is the area can be easily extracted. Using the high powered suction of the machine, the bulk of the moisture can be lifted. This allows for a faster drying process.

There are countless products available for cleaning pet stains. However they do not have the positive affects that Genesis 950 has. Too often, people use the wrong things to clean pet stains and end up with situations worse then before they attempted to clean.

  • Vinegar & ammonia - Perhaps the most commonly recommended cleaning agents for pet stains. Unfortunately, they are the WORST things you can use to clean pet stains. Both do have their positive attributes. They are green, natural products. They have a high enough level of acidity to break down stains without damaging surfaces being cleaned. They are inexpensive, and typically easy to find in the home. However, the acidic properties have comparable structural elements found in the acidic base of urine. This causes a problem because the odor released has some of the same properties found in urine. Remembering that animals urinate in areas where they smell urine, the use of ammonia and/or vinegar can serve as an open invitation for your pet to go in the spot you just cleaned with either of the products. Pet owners who use either of these often find themselves confused and perplexed when their pet keeps going in the same spot no matter how many times they clean the area. They go in that spot because the odor of the vinegar and ammonia do not remove the urine odor, they only enhance it from your pet's perspective of scent.

  • Enzymes - Enzymes line the aisles of pet stores. They are often hailed as the go to miracle cleaner for pet stains. This couldn't be further from the truth. Enzymes work on a principal that when two specific substances come in contact with each other, there will be a natural reaction in which one breaks the other down. It sounds simple enough, release the enzymes into the urine and they break down naturally. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Enzymes are very complex. It takes specific factors to make an enzyme work. The process is often explained in comparison to using a lock and key. There can be a thousand keys and one lock. For the lock to be activated, the correct key needs to be used. All the other keys can be put to the lock, but if there is not a 100% match,there will be no reaction. Enzymes can only break down an element if they have the biological capacity to do so. The DNA strands have to be a 100% match. In addition to the DNA matching, there are other factors in play: temperature, moisture, age and so on. If any of these factors are off, the enzyme can not work. To complicate the process even more, enzymes sold are sold in general mass production. They are not designed to react specifically to the pH levels of individual pet's urine, variables in pet's diets, health issues and other details that vary from one animal to another. One of the most common complaints about enzymes is that the stain typically reappears a few days later or the odor returns. This happens because enzymes do not have the strength to get deep into the padding. So, while the stain on the carpet may be removed, what is left behind below the surface can rise to become visible as temperature changes. They also can not kill the bacteria which creates the odor. Without proper deodorizing, the odor returns.

  • Household Cleaners - Perhaps the most readily available cleaners are the traditional soap based, spot designed cleaners. They are designed as surface cleaners. Most perform well when removing stains from hard surfaces. Some can do a good job at lifting light food or drink stains, but they do not have the power to properly clean pet stains. As a spot cleaner, again the issue of what is below the surface is not being addressed. They can not get into the padding where the odor originates. Many of these cleaners are soap based. When soap based cleaners are used on carpet, they can lift some of the surface stain, but in doing so, they can leave other stains. Soap attracts dirt. Rather then break down dirt, it pulls it together and can cause it to clump up. In the process, streaking can occur in the carpet.

  • Oxidizing Cleaners - These cleaners work using a process called oxidization. Many of them use Nirtic Acid (which is in fertilizer - do you really want that in your carpet?) to remove electrons in an effort to displace a stain. It's a little more of a complex process. The chemistry used is not natural and very chemical based. Because of the use of chemicals, this is the process of cleaning pet stains where a consumer is most likely to damage their carpet. Discoloration can be a common effect when using oxidizing cleaners. The chemistry in the oxidizer can react to the carpet and turn it various colors, although a pinkish tint is the most common side effect. This type of discoloration can not be reversed.

Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of whether one owns pets or not, carpet cleaning is always an issue. Throughout the year, traffic on the carpet can cause it to look worn or dirty. Spills and stains can hinder the appearance. Dirt, dust and dander can have an impact on people sensitive to allergies or sensitive skin.

Professional carpet cleaning is an option, however it can be quite costly. A cleaning company can easily charge up to $100 per room. Other associated fees might be added when different cleaning options are added such as deodorizers, stain protection or warranties. When dealing with professional cleaners, you don't always know what types of chemicals they are using. Are they safe? Are they green? Are you getting a thorough clean as well as a rinse? What happens if the stain returns? Many times, cleaners can leave and the carpet looks clean, but after a number of days, phantom stains can return to the surface. Genesis 950 has been used on several occasions to remove these stains that reappeared. In some cases it has even been used to remove stains that professional cleaners have not been able to remove. Not only is cost and issue, but time is an issue. With professional cleaners, you often have to book in advance and clear your schedule to be available when they come to your home.
A 2.5 gallon of Genesis 950 is only $60 and allows you to not only clean your carpet on your own time, but it also contains the anti-bacterial agents and the deodorizes with no addition expense. You also know you are getting a safe, green product that won't cause harm to you, your family or your pets.

There is also the option of replacing the carpet. Sometimes there comes a point where the carpet just seems beyond cleaning. Stains that have set in, failed attempts with other cleaners or odor might make it seem all hope is lost. Again, cost is a huge factor in replacing carpet. The cost of new carpet and installation can run up into thousands of dollars depending on the size and style of carpet being replaced. Before taking such drastic steps, a good cleaning with a machine using Genesis 950 could quite possible restore the carpet, remove the stains and bring it's bounce back.

Car Cleaning

Make your car look like it was professionally detailed. With Genesis 950, you can clean your car inside and out. Remove stains from leather and upholstery car seats without damaging the material. Remove mud, dirt and stains from car mats and carpeting. Detail the dashboard and control panels. Genesis 950 can be used on the exterior to remove grease, oil and tar from the body, the grill, hubcaps and tires.
The uses don't stop there. Degrease engines and transmissions with little effort. Spray the unit with a mixture of 950 and water. Allow it to site for about 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse off. If a powerwasher is available, the mixture can make cleaning even easier then you ever thought.
On the garage floor, remove stains from oil and grease stains.

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DIY Carpet Cleaning - Summer Carpet Cleaning

Genesis 950 - The Best Green Stain Remover & Cleaner

How to remove pet stains

Gallon2.5 Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes available

Summer is upon us and this is one of the best times to clean your carpet. During spring, your carpet sees a lot of traffic. Kids running in and out, pets tracking in dirt and mud, humidity increasing the chance for bacteria growth in the carpet padding. Dust and dander buildup from the winter months that has steeled in the fibers. These are just some of the things you might have dealt with over the year in addition to accidents and spills. With the temperature rising, this is the best time of year to freshen up your carpet, open the windows and air out your house.

Best Carpet ShampooSpring is upon us and this is the best time to clean your carpet. During winter, your carpet sees a lot of traffic. Kids running in and out, pets tracking in dirt and mud, moisture increasing the chance for bacteria growth in the carpet padding and dust and pollen settling in the fibers. These are just some of the things you might have dealt with over the winter in addition to accidents and spills. This is the best time of year to freshen up your carpet.
Professional carpet cleaning is one option, however it is expensive. Some companies can cost over $100 for one room. On top of that, they might add charges for various levels of cleaning. In addition to hefty price tags, there are scheduling conflicts. You have to make yourself available based on their schedule. What's even more troubling is not knowing exactly what they are using to clean your carpets. Is it safe? Will it damage your carpet? What happens if an area doesn't get cleaned to your expectations? In some cases, the stains may appear to be removed, only to have them reappear in the future.

Carpet cleaning can easily be done by yourself for less the cost of a professional and with better results. Genesis 950 is the best carpet cleaner for general cleaning as well as targeting old or hard setting stains. Genesis 950 is a cleaner unlike any other. It is a surfactant based, green cleaner. Being a surfactant, it works with water to be absorbed by the stains and break them down. Once a stain is broken down, it can be flushed from the surface. Genesis 950 does more than just remove stains. It also has antibacterial agents which kill germs that can cause illness or foul odors.

The best way to clean carpets with Genesis 950 is by using it in a carpet cleaning machine or steam cleaner. There are several different brands of steam cleaners available. They can also be rented from local businesses. Many manufacturers of these machines also offer various lines of cleaning products, however none have the cleaning power of Genesis 950.

Many of these cleaners are soap based. A soap based cleaner is more likely to attract dirt to an area, rather than break the dirt and stains down. This makes reoccurring stains more likely as the cleaners do not kill the germs and bacteria under the surface of the carpet. If the padding does not get cleaned, the stains resurface. When a soap based cleaner is used, the dirt and grime attracted to the soaps eventually become visible.

These products are also expensive. A 64 ounce (2 quart) container can easily run over $20. This is hardly enough to clean a room, and unfortunately, for tough stains, they don't always have the ability to clean. Genesis 950 is a much more cost effective way to clean. It is sold in concentrate form. This means that you have to add water when you use it. The bulk of cleaners on the market for consumers are watered down. This is because they are not safe enough to be sold in concentrate form. There are Federal requirements as to what companies can sell to consumers. If a products chemical content is too high, water can be added to reduce that content. Genesis 950 does not have to do that. As a result, when you purchase Genesis 950, you are paying for 100% product, rather than a watered down version.

While a quart of Genesis 950 is $23.75 when ordered directly from our store website, The real savings come from the fact that it is concentrated. The mixing ratio for general cleaning with Genesis 950 is 1 part 950 to 7 parts water. When mixed in this manner, that 1 quart essentially becomes 7 quarts of cleaning solution. The general cleaning ratio for carpet cleaning is perfect for killing the germs and bacteria in the carpet, removing odors, and giving the carpet new life. If the stains being addressed are more than general cleaning stains, such as pet stains, wine stains, ink stains and so on, the ratio can be increased to as high as a 50/50 mix - although typically a 1/3 950 & 2/3 water mix should suffice. Some stains are bonded tighter to carpet and need a little more saturation of Genesis 950 and water to be removed.

Car Interior Cleaning
Clean Cat Puke
The savings for Genesis 950 only increase when the sizes are increased. A 1 gallon container sells for $42. Again, for general cleaning, the breakdown of 950 and water at a 1:7 ratio really expands the product's longevity and that 1 gallon container essentially become 7 gallons. The most popular size for carpet cleaning an entire home is the 2.5 gallon container. At $60, you can easily clean your entire home. It also leaves plenty for tougher stains, spot cleaning, household cleaning and so on. Genesis 950 cleans far more than carpet, the uses are endless. $60 is far less than you will pay for a professional carpet cleaning, the cost of replacing an old carpet or the loss of a security deposit.

Genesis 950 makes carpets look fresh and restored. It is very easy to use in any type of carpet cleaning machine, and because it is not soap based, it is safe for any type of machine. There are 2 basic types of carpet cleaners.

Remove Grass Stains From CarpetSome machines have 2 compartments, one for water and one for cleaning solution. These are the easiest to use as far as measuring how much cleaner to use. Simply fill the solution compartment up with Genesis 950, and the water compartment with water. These machines typically have settings such as "High," "Medium," "Low" and "Rinse." By choosing the appropriate setting, the machine will automatically mix the water and solution automatically. When doing a basic clean, select the "Low" or "Medium" setting. If you are dealing with a prominent stain or pet stains, select "High." Be sure to check the solution compartment often as some machines run through it fast when using the high setting.

How To Clean Pasta StainsOther machines have 1 large tank where the water and the cleaning solution are mixed together. This is very typical of machines that can be rented. For these machines, simply mix the solution as needed based on the severity of the stains. If it is a general carpet cleaning, stick to the 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water mix. For pet stains and food stains, a 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water mix can be used. If the carpet is obnoxious and filthy, you can go as high as a 50/50 mix.

Best Way Clean Pet Stains From CarpetWhen cleaning, take your time going over the area. Slowly release the mixture of Genesis 950 and water onto the carpet. After you have gone over the carpet, allow the mixture of 950 and water to sit for a few minutes. This is where Genesis 950 does the work. As the 950 comes in contact with the stains, it becomes absorbed by them. When this happens, the stain becomes water soluble. As the stain becomes water soluble, it breaks down. In addition to breaking down stains, the 950 will also break apart dirt, pollen, and any bacteria in the carpet.

After the carpet has been left alone for a brief period, change the settings of the machine so you can do a complete rinse. In a machine with 2 compartments, simply remove the solution compartment or change the setting to "Rinse." In a machine with 1 compartment, fill that compartment with fresh water and nothing else. Proceed to rinse the areas that you had initially cleaned with. You will notice the return water coming back filthy. In some cases, the 950 breaks so much down that the return water almost looks like mud. Repeat the rinsing to pull out as much as you can out of the carpet. If possible, keep rinsing until the water comes back looking clear. Obviously of the carpet has not been cleaned for some time, or it is a high traffic area, you may have to rinse a lot for this to happen. If that is the case, rinse until you are satisfied.

After you have rinsed the carpet, it is important to allow the carpet to dry. While excess moisture in the padding may promote bacteria or mold growth, the Genesis 950 fights that with it's antibacterial agents and actually prevents such growth. However, thoroughly drying the carpet is recommended. If weather permits and humidity levels are low, open windows to help the process. Fans and dehumidifiers can also be used to speed up the drying process.

Genesis 950 is the best way to remove pet stains. It does so safely and effectively. However, the uses for Genesis 950 don't stop with pet stains. it is an all purpose cleaner and can easily replace the majority of cleaners used in the home.



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Best Pet Stain Remover

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Genesis 950 has been featured on ABC WDPE's Carolina & Company Live with Amanda Kinseth & Cecil Chandler.   
Instructions page
How To Clean Carpet With Genesis 950
How To Remove Pet Stains With Genesis 950

Genesis 950 is the best green cleaner & stain remover! 

Best Cleaning ProductBest Green Cleaner

  • Remove pet stains, urine and odor from carpets, rugs & furniture.
  • Make your carpets look and smell professionally cleaned
  • Remove tough stains (Food, Ink, Makeup, Grease, Tar)
  • Clean bathrooms & kitchens
  • Detail car interiors & exterior


Baby Items On Carolina and Company Live featuring Genesis 950

Best IN Baby Biz

Genesis 950 was recently featured on Carolina & Company Live with Amanda Kinseth & Cecil Chandler in a segment focusing on the best in Baby Biz. The segment featured several products that are perfect for parents. While Genesis 950 is not geared specifically at infants and toddlers, it is a great product for homes with children. Genesis 950 is a green, all purpose cleaner. It is safe to use in the home and contains no regulated toxins. A regulated toxin is an element that needs to be regulated by the Federal Government because it can be unsafe. Unfortunately, most all household cleaners contain such toxins. Some cleaners contain up to 89 harmful contaminants. If you have a small child in your home (even if you don't), you do not want to be cleaning with chemicals that can trigger asthma, skin irritation, allergies, or other health issues. Genesis 950 is a cleaner that keeps your home clean without any such chemicals. It is safe. What more could a parent ask for?

Here is the clip from the program:

Here are the products shared:

Wishy Life Buddies

Wishy Life Buddies on Amazon

This is a great Easter tradition for any small child. Wishy Life Buddies by Tiffany & Deborah Oliva's story follows an Easter "buddy" who comes every year to bring gifts, or to help work on things to encourage positive behavior and attitudes. Along with the book is a "Buddy" to own. The stuffed rabbit can be named by the child. During the Easter season, he can be sprinkled with magic dust to bring him to life! There are also a number of plastic eggs that come with him. Throughout Easter, the eggs will appear filled with goodies . . . so long as the child is good. This book is a fantastic addition to the Easter season and the beginning of memorable traditions.
Wishy Life Buddies can be ordered at

Beautiful Earth Natural Baby Care Products

Beautiful Earth Natural Baby
Beautiful Earth Natural Baby Care Promotion Pack on Amazon
Personal care, naturally. It's as simple as that! Beautiful Earth offers an array of personal cleaning products. Their cleaning products are a natural alternative to synthetic products. Their line of products are free from sulphates, glycols and harmful chemicals that far too many shampoos and soaps contain. The fragrances of each product is created with an infusion of natural oils that don't just smell great, but are essential for health skin and hair. In addition to personal care products for adults, they have a line that caters to babies and children. These products do not just clean skin and hair, but also nourish it. Beautiful Earth does not just create a great product, but they are a great company. As a sustainable company, their awareness of a businesses impact on the environment should be an example for others to follow. 
To order and read more about Beautiful Earth, visit

BabyMoon Pod

Baby Moon Pillow
BabyMoon Pod on Amazon
The BabyMoon Pod is designed for the comfort of babies in mind. This unique pod serves as support for either the head or the neck. This is a great item that has been recognized by Creative Child Magazine and a recipient of the Mom's Choice Award. It is available in various colors and prints. BabyMoon also has a number of other items including the Cuddly and the Burpette. Fashionistas will love the clothing line Chloe & Caleb. Be sure to visit regularly for the "Outfit of the Week!"
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Pee Kaboo Potty Stickers

Pee Kaboo Potty Stickers
Pee Kaboo Potty Stickers
Pee-Kaboo Potty Stickers are an excellent tool in helping to potty train. These stickers can be placed in a potty seat to help encourage kids to go to the bathroom in the right spot. When the pee hits the sticker, an image appears. This fun, brilliant tools will make kids want to go to the bathroom there. In fact, we think this might be just as fun for adults. Maybe it can help men with their aim! What a fun product.
To learn more about Pee-Kaboo visit

Genesis 950 Concentrate

Best Green Cleaning Product
Genesis 950 on Amazon
Genesis 950 is a green, safe cleaner for your home. It's the perfect cleaner for parents for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is green. Because it does not contain harsh chemicals, it is safe for use in the home. Second, it cleans everything! It even does so better then traditional household cleaners. Genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. It cleans pet stains and odors, food and drink spills, and more. It can be used on carpets, furniture, in the kitchen on appliances, tiles and countertops, in the bathroom to remove soap build up, mildew, mold and more. Not only are you able to clean the dirtiest of messes, but you are doing so without having to worry about your child coming into contact with any residue or unsafe chemicals that might be left behind. 
To order Genesis 950 and read reviews, visit


Genesis 950 Review & Giveaway - A Lucky Ladybug

The latest Genesis 950 review comes from Randi at A Lucky Ladybug. Randi is a Mother, a Wife and a blogger with a house constantly buzzing with activity. Her blog features segments on DIY Projects, Gardening and Green Living. From appliances and gadgets to consumables and products, A Lucky Ladybug is full of great information and reviews to help readers find green, safe, cost effective products to make life easier.
A Lucky Ladybug Genesis 950 review

Genesis 950 is the perfect fit for A Lucky Ladybug's blog. Genesis 950 is a green, safe alternative to dangerous household chemicals. As a surfactant based cleaner, it works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. When a stain's structural bonds are broken, it can then be flushed from the area with clean water. One of the great features of Genesis 950 being green, is that it works on multiple surfaces. It can easily replace multiple cleaners, in doing so decreasing the number of toxins introduced to your home.

Randi recently purchased a new home, so there are a lot of jobs for Genesis 950. One of them involved an extra fridge that was placed in the garage. In it's unused state, it collected mold and dirt. She used Genesis 950 to spray the refrigerator clean and remove the mold. In addition to looking clean, it also smelled great.

Their new home also has chickens! Sometimes the baby chicks get some play time on the deck. As a result, the deck gets some poop stains from the chicks. On one occasion, the poop was not cleaned up and ended up baking into the deck from the sun. With Genesis 950 she was able to go back to those stains, spray them with the Genesis 950 & water mix, and wipe them right off. What's great about Genesis 950 is because it is green, it posses no threat to the environment. It's safe outdoors as well as indoors.

Like most families, Randi has a dog. Her dog suffers from a sensitive stomach. If the dog eats something out of the ordinary, diarrhea! Randi was able to take some pictures of the cleaning process using Genesis 950.
How to clean pet stains
Pet stain on rug

best pet stain remover
Spray the stain with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water. Allow the area to soak in the mixture & let sit for about 2 minutes

best green cleaner
Rinse stain away with clean water

Genesis 950 is sold in concentrate form. This means that you are getting straight cleaner. To properly use Genesis 950, mix 1 part Genesis 950 with 7 parts water. When used at this ratio, 1 quart becomes 7 quarts of cleaning solution and 1 gallon becomes 7 gallons! How is that for savings? For more aggressive stains, this ratio can be increased to as high as a 50/50 mix. To clean tough stains, spray the area with the mixture. Be sure the stain is heavily saturated. The Genesis 950 will break the bonds of the stains causing them to lift from the surface. Once the stain's bonds have been broken, they no longer adhere to the surface and can be flushed away.

The uses for Genesis 950 are endless. It's the perfect cleaner not just because it is green, but because it works!

Read the full review at A Lucky Ladybug. Be sure to enter the Giveaway. The winner will be drawn on 4/21/15.

To order Genesis 950, visit


Spring Cleaning - Genesis 950 review & Giveaway From Bullock's Buzz

Spring Cleaning - Genesis 950 Review & Giveaway from Bullock's Buzz

Spring is here and it's time to get cleaning! Alaina from Bullock's Buzz has reviewed Genesis 950 to show why it's the best cleaning product for getting your home ready for the season. In addition to the review, she is also hosting a giveaway.

Alaina is a wife, a mom and a blogger. Here blog includes a wealth of information. From health information to parenting and lifestyle tips, to recipes, great products and crafts, Bullock's Buzz covers a wide range of topics. Genesis 950 is so happy to be included in the Green Living & Eco-Friendly section.  

In her giveaway, Alaina asks "Why should you substitute dirt for harsh, toxic chemicals just to have a clean home?" She is absolutely right. There is no need to use unhealthy chemicals to remove dirt and dust. In fact, that might even be worse than having a clean home. The point of cleaning is to remove unwanted elements from your home. Bringing in harsh chemicals somewhat defeats the ideology of cleaning. 

Genesis 950 is a green, safe cleaner. It is free of toxic chemicals that can attribute to asthma, allergies, skin irritation, respiratory problems and alteration of blood cells. Many cleaners sold for household use do contain toxins that can affect people and pets in that manner, but not Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It works with water to alter the structural bonds of stains. When the bond of a stain is altered, it becomes water soluble and in turn loses it's adherence. Once this happens, it can then be flushed from the surface. It does so safely. There is nothing to harm you, your family or your pets. 

In addition to being safe from a health standpoint, it is also safe to use on upholstery, fabric, tile, countertops and so much more. She expands on this further by explaining the uses. Genesis 950 can be used for stain removal, general cleaning, and to remove pet odors. She goes on to prove this with special thanks to her cat Sookie. 

For cat owners, one of the toughest stains to remove can be pet vomit. Especially if the vomit hardens and ages. Cats don't always puke in the most convenient of locations. Sometimes, you might not find the stain for quite some time. That's when the real challenge can begin - unless of course you have Genesis 950. In her example on her full Genesis 950 review, she found some old vomit stains. "YUCK!"
How to clean cat puke stains
Old cat vomit stains in carpet
Alaina tackled the stain with Genesis 950. One of the benefits of Genesis 950 is that it is a concentrated cleaner. This means water must be added. The beauty of Genesis 950 is you can determine what ratio to used based on the stain type. For general cleaning, we recommend 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. For really nasty stains you can go as high as a 50/50 mix. For her stains, Alaina used Genesis 950 at a ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 4 parts water. Using this mixing ratio she sprayed the stain until it was saturated. 
How to remove cat puke
Spray the area with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water
Clean the area and then rinse with water.
Remove pet stains from carpet
Rinse the area clean with fresh water
The stains are gone! Alaina did use two applications. It is no secret how difficult these stains can be to remove, however Genesis 950 really does clean pet stains like nothing else. All while being safe!!!
Best way to clean pet stains
Pet stains cleaned from carpet

After cleaning the pet stains, Alaina found Genesis 950 was just as good at cleaning through the house. Built up soap scum in the shower, grease on the stove tops and so much more. 
Best green cleaning product
Genesis 950 used to clean stovetop
Genesis 950 is the perfect all purpose cleaner. Not just because it is green, but because it really cleans. 

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Remove Pet Stains, Urine & Odor From Carpet And Furniture

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Pets bring joy, comfort and protection to families, but pet stains can cause
stress, aggravation and embarrassment. Urine, feces and vomit can be some of the hardest stains to tackle. There are countless remedies and solutions available with the intent to remove these stains, however they do not always work. 

Genesis 950 takes away all the stress of pet stains. It is a green all purpose cleaner that works unlike any other cleaner available. It works with water to break the bonds of stains. When a stain's bonds are broken, it can then be lifted from the surface it has adhered to and in turn rinsed away. Here are some reviews on Genesis 950 that show why it is the best pet stain remover. It is sold in concentrate form and the recommended cleaning ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Because of this, 1 quart of Genesis 950 can easily become 7 quarts of cleaning solution. For harder stains, or heavily soiled carpet, this ratio can be increased to a 50/50 mix. Typically however a 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water ratio can remove most stains. 

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One of the hottest trends in cleaning right now is homemade recipes. There are two reasons that the household remedy trend is on the up rise. First and foremost, cost. Typically cleaning solutions targeted at pet stains can run between $20 - $30 for a bottle. While this cost may very well be worth it in the event the cleaner does what it claims, far too often those cleaners do not meet the pet owners expectations. As a result, people end up giving up spending money on a cleaner that won't work. Let's face it, a gallon of vinegar costs less than a bottle of pet stain remover. The second reason household cleaners are favored is because people are become more aware of what is being used in their home. Many cleaning products release harsh chemicals that can provoke allergies, skin irritation, impact the respiratory system and have a prolonged effect on blood cells. Once again, vinegar seems more safe than an aerosol spray.

Homemade cleaning remedies however are not an effective means of cleaning pet stains. Vinegar is most commonly recommended as a natural cleaner for removing pet stains. It is a natural agent free of man made toxins. Vinegar is an acidic based agent with a pH level of 2.4. This slight acidic base gives vinegar the strength to break down various elements without damaging carpet or furniture. Theoretically, it sounds like a good idea. For a brief period of time, the area cleaned with vinegar may in fact seem cleaner and smell better, however over time, urine smells may worse. 

Animals urinate based on instinct. Dogs go outside and smell around to find spots where they have gone before. Cats head to a litter box based on scent. Urine has a pH level of 4.5 - 8. Your pet, whether it is a cat or dog, can pick up on this scent and the similarity in odor between the scent of vinegar and urine can actually draw your pet to go to the bathroom in that spot again. With vinegar, instead of removing the problem, you are actually encouraging it. Your pet will not differentiate between the pH level between vinegar and urine. If the odor is there, they will likely go to the bathroom there. This is even acknowledges by the Human Society. They note on their website. They have made this statement in regards to vinegar & ammonia: From your pet's perspective, these don't effectively eliminate or cover the urine odor and may actually encourage your pet to reinforce the urine scent mark in that area. 

Household cleaners are often used for pet stain removal, however typically, this is not their intention. Many stain removers are designed as spot cleaners. They are created to remove small stains. In some cases, they are not even designed to be used on fabric. When using these cleaners, you can actually create a bigger problem. Soaps used in many of these cleaners can attract dirt. This photo is an excellent example of what store bought cleaners can do to a carpet. This carpet was "cleaned" using household sprays. The carpet was layered with pet stains. The carpet was stained with pet urine, vomit and muddy paws over a couple years time. Various attempts were made to clean the carpet by means of spot and stain removers. You can clearly see where the cleaners were applied and that rather than remove the stains, they created more. Grayish streaks form where cleaning attempts occurred. This was the result of the soap used in the cleaners. Rather than break down stains, they attracted dirt and made the area worse. 

How to remove pet stains from carpet
Old pet stains in carpet

Clearly this carpeting became an eyesore. The room basically became closed off from the rest of the house and it seemed that the only remedy would be replacing the carpet. However we will address this carpet shortly.

Another cleaning misconception is the recommendation of enzymatic cleaners. This process is very complex, but can be simplified in explanation as the reaction of one element in conjunction with another. In very basic terms, the theory is that an enzyme can be introduced to a pet stain and the result will be the breakdown of the stain. The complexities lie within how an enzyme functions. Enzymes are extremely sensitive. They react only to very specific conditions. If the conditions do not meet, the enzyme will not react. There are several conditions to make an enzyme work. The first and most crucial is temperature. Enzymes need a stable temperature to function. If it is too cold or hot, even by 1 degree, there will be no reaction. Shelf life also deters an enzyme from working properly. If the product has been sitting to long, it will not work. Other factors include the pet's diet and the acidity of the urine or vomit, dyes used in the food, moisture and so on. Another problem is that the enzyme may work on a portion of the stains, but not all of it. This is most obvious after a few days when the smell begins to return.

There is a lot behind cleaning pet stains, and unfortunately a lot of it results in stain removers not working. Perhaps the best way to remove pet stains is with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a green, all purpose cleaner that works unlike household cleaners and enzymes. Instead of breaking stains down with an acidic base or harmful toxins, it works with water to alter the structural bonds of stains. In doing so, a stain loses it's ability to bond to a surface. As a result, it breaks from the surface and can be rinsed away. It does so without harming surfaces. Even more importantly, it does so without harming you, your family or your pets. It is a green, sustainable cleaner. In addition to removing pet stains, it also removes odor. 

Genesis 950 can be used as a spot cleaner, or in a machine. Going back to the carpeting shown earlier, the results achieved with Genesis 950 are unlike that from any other cleaner. Here is that carpet again. Years of pet stains from both cats and dogs were left throughout the carpet. Several other cleaners were used with negative results, making the carpet look even worse that before. The scent of pets lingered in the room. Ultimately, this became a wasted space in the home. 

How to get rid of old pet stains
Old pet stains in carpet

Clean old pet stains from carpet
Old pet stains removed from carpet

Here is that same rug after it was cleaned with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 was used in a Bissell carpet cleaning machine. It was mixed at a 50/50 ratio of Genesis 950 to water. The mixture was able to break down the stains and lift them from the surface. Not only did it remove the pet stains from urine and vomit, but it also removed residue and stains left behind by other cleaning products. It also removed all the urine odor from the room. Urine odor often stems from below the surface of the carpet. Spot cleaning will not remove that odor. It is for this reason odor issues must be addressed with a cleaning machine of some sort. When used in a machine, Genesis 950 can break down the stains below the surface, deodorize the padding and kill disinfect any germs which cause the odors, as well as any bacteria that may promote mold growth. 

Genesis 950 works on all carpet types without damaging or discoloring the fibers. In these photos, Genesis 950 was used to remove pet stains that were months old. Like the above carpet, these stains were previously treated with other cleaners. However those cleaners were not able to remove the stains. Genesis 950 was used as a spot cleaner to remove the old pet stains. In this instance, odor was not an issue. The frustration arose from having beautiful carpet that seemed doomed with an embarrassing stain. Genesis 950 was able to make the home owner proud of her carpets again!
Remove old urine stains in carpet
Old pet urine stains in carpet

Remove old pet urine stains
Old pet urine stains removed in carpet
Genesis 950 is the perfect spot cleaner for small stains. Cat owners often face the dilemma of vomit. Whether is be food, bile or just random things ingested, the mess can leave a nasty mark. Dyes in food can be troublesome to remove and while some cleaners may get rid of the bulk of the stain, they often leave a faint outline of where the stain was. As a spot cleaner, Genesis 950 can be kept in a bottle. Typically a ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water can remove pet stains. In this example, Genesis 950 was used to spot clean and remove pet vomit.
remove vomit stains
Locate the stain

Remove cat vomit stains
Spray the stain with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water

clean cat vomit
Wipe the stain away

Remove pet stains
The bulk of the stain is removed

best pet stain remover
Wipe away remaining stain with damp cloth
Genesis 950 can also be used to remove stains on furniture. 
Remove pet stains from furniture
Locate the pet stain

Remove pet stains from furniture
Spray pet stains from furniture using a mixture of Genesis 950 & water

Clean pet stains from furniture
Wipe off stain

clean pet stains from furniture
Pet stain removed from furniture
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