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How To Degrease Engines With Genesis 950

How To Degrease Engines

Keeping a clean engine helps promote longer life for your car. Oil and grease build up can clog areas under the hood and if not properly maintained, make it more challenging to do simple tasks. In addition to eliminating buildup in the engine, a thorough engine cleaning can also deter metal based portions of the engine from rusting. 

Genesis 950 is a perfect cleaner when it comes to degreasing engines. The steps are simple and the process is easy because of the way Genesis 950 works. It is a surfactant based cleaner that works with water. When mixed with water, Genesis 950 will break apart the bonds of grease, oil, tar and other staining agents. When these stains are broken down, they can then be rinsed and lifted from the surface they have adhered to. This is idea when cleaning an engine. It makes the process easy, and hands free as the Genesis 950 does the work so you don't have to. 

In our example, this is a 1999 Chevy Suburban engine. The engine had not been cleaned in the past. You can see heavy buildup on the casing and hoses.

Genesis 950

When degreasing an engine, mix Genesis 950 and water in a spray bottle. The general recommended ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. You can however mix as high as a 50/50 ratio. However you do not want to go any higher than that as the water activates the Genesis 950. 

How to degrease an engine

Spray the mixture on the engine. Be sure to target the most heavily dirtied areas. Allow the mixture of Genesis 950 and water to sit for about 5 minutes. As it sits, it will begin breaking down the grease, oil and other debris. 

Clean an engine

After the mixture has sat for a short period of time, rinse the engine using a hose or powerwash type nozzle. In this example, a rinse wand at a self service car wash was used. 

Clean engine with Genesis 950

After rinsing, your engine will be clean. If there are areas where there is still buildup, reapply the mixture of Genesis 950 and water. Allow the mixture to sit for a longer time period. If needed, the ratio of Genesis 950 in the mixture can be increased. Detailing can always be done on specific areas using a rag to help break down excess.

Here is the engine before and after:

Genesis 950 is an extremely versatile cleaner. Not only does it clean engines, but it can also be used on the body, tires, hubcaps, grill and interior. It is a green cleaner, so it will not harm your vehicle's body, paint or upholstery. It is also free of harsh toxins and will not harm the environment.

As an interior cleaner, Genesis 950 works great to remove stains from carpeting and seats. Here is an example of some car interiors cleaned with Genesis 950:

Genesis 950 is perfect for professional detailers, as well as the at home mechanic and car enthusiasts. The uses are limitless and perfect for regular cleaning maintenance, or restoration projects. Genesis 950 is available in a range of sizes from pints and quarts to gallon sizes. For more information, visit www.genesis950.com.


Genesis 950 FAQ

Genesis 950 FAQ

1. What Is Genesis 950?

Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. This type of cleaner works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. It does so without any harsh chemicals making it a green, safe alternative to traditional household cleaners.Genesis 950 was developed over twenty years ago as a safe, green cleaner used in industrial press rooms to clean ink from equipment, flooring, clothing and rags. Over time, the press men were taking Genesis 950 home to clean things in their home and garage. They found that if it could safely clean industrial ink, then it should clean just about everything else. And it does! As the Genesis 950 began disappearing from the press rooms, the companies using it asked that it be made available to their employees so they could purchase it rather then take it from the press rooms. Genesis 950 was put online and has since blossomed into the best kept cleaning secret online. Now, thousands of customers have used it to remove pet stains, clean carpets, degrease engines, restore furniture, powerwash siding, clean flood and fire damage and so much more.

2. Does Genesis 950 Work?

Yes! Genesis 950 works better then other cleaners. It is the best way to remove pet stains and odors, to clean carpets, and for household cleaning. This can best be seen by reading reviews done on Genesis 950. These reviews were done by various bloggers. They were not paid to review the product, they are not affiliated with Genesis 950 and they were not given instruction on what to clean. They were simply sent the product and cleaned whatever they felt needed cleaning.
    Here are the reviews of Genesis 950 published online:
    The Small Things by Bre
    Madame Deals

3. Will Genesis 950 Remove Pet Stains And Odors?

Yes! Because Genesis 950 is a surfactant cleaner, mixing it with water activates it so that the stain can absorb the mixture of 950 and water. This absorption makes the stain water soluble. Once a stain has become water soluble, it can then be broken down. After the stain has been broken down, it can then rinsed clean from the area. In addition to removing the stain, Genesis 950 also removes the odor. It will kill any bacteria that has resulted from the stain. By killing the bacteria, it removes the odor. Other cleaners might contain chemicals which can discolor your carpet, cause illness to your pet or briefly mask the odor for a short period of time. 

4. Is Genesis 950 Safe?

Yes! Genesis 950 is a green, environmentally friendly product. It will not cause harm to you, your family, your pets or the surface you are cleaning. There are several federally regulated lists of hazardous chemicals. Genesis 950 does not contain any hazardous chemicals on the list. It also has an extremely low VOC level - even in concentrate form. Most cleaners sold contain up to 90% water. This is because the chemical content is so high that they can not be sold as a concentrate and the only way they can be sold is by watering it down to reduce the chemical content. 

5. Where Can I Buy Genesis 950?

Genesis 950 is only available online (unless you live in the Northern Chicago area where guests are welcome to buy it from our office). There are 2 places online where Genesis 950 is available. It can be purchased directly from our secure site at www.genesis950.com. It can also be purchased on Amazon. For customers who do not like to order online, we can take orders direct at 847-244-3600. Online orders can only be processed to customers in the Continental United States.

6. Where Can I Buy Genesis 950 In Europe, The UK Or Australia?

   In the UK, order online at http://www.genesis950.co.uk
   In Europe, order online at http://www.genesis950.eu
   In the UK & Europe, Genesis 950 can be ordered by phone at any of these numbers:
   0044 (0) 2893 365999 OFFICE 
   0044 (0) 7544 520357 SALES  
   0044 (0) 7834 214588 MANAGEMENT. 
   In the UK you may also e-mail genesis950UK@mail.com. In Europe you may e-mail genesis950EURO@mail.com.

   In Canada, Genesis 950 can be ordered by calling 519-339-6865 or 877-744-1113.

Unfortunately, Genesis 950 is not yet available in Australia. If you do wish to order from outside of the continental United States, we can process those orders, however shipping costs for such deliveries can easily run over $40.00 for one quart.

7. What Stores Carry Genesis 950?

At this time Genesis 950 is not available in any retail outlets.

8. Why Is Genesis 950 Not Sold In Stores?

Genesis 950 is not available in stores for a number of reasons. The primary reason is the nature of our company, Amerikal. Amerikal Products is one of the largest companies involved in the printing industry. Amerikal manufactures sustainable solutions for the printing industry. This includes chemistry used in printing packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and other consumable and non-consumable products. Chances are if you have any type of food product in your home, Amerikal had something to do with the chemistry used to package it. Whether it be in the design of the printing press, ensuring that the package was free of any toxins or chemicals used in the printing of the box or container. As a key player in this market, contributing to Fortune 500 companies, Amerikal had not been involved in retail sales. Our primary role is in the printing area, not consumer retail. But there are many other reasons Genesis 950 is not available in retail stores. Too often in retail stores, employees provide incorrect information on a product. With Genesis 950, it is very important water is used to activate the 950. If associates at stores were not there to explain this and the product was not used correctly, it would not work. We want to make sure that customers use the product correctly. We are also available to help customers use the product. Various stains call for different mixing ratios and treatment. We want customers to know they can reach us and we can help them use the product. Cost is another factor. If Genesis 950 were available in retail stores, there would be unnecessary markup on the product.  

9. Does Genesis 950 Have Any Money Back Guarantees?

No. Genesis 950 does not have any such guarantee. The reason for this is because we do not know the nature of what a customer might be cleaning. There are some other products available which can actually lock stains into the carpet. If such a product was used in the past, and it has locked the stain in, Genesis 950 can not reverse or be held accountable for damage done by the other product. Likewise, other products can also discolor or damage surfaces. Again, Genesis 950 can not restore damage done from another cleaning product. If something was used that discolored, rather then stained a surface, Genesis 950 can not restore the color. There is a huge difference between a stain and discoloration, and Genesis 95 can not repair the latter. Genesis 950 does work, and we will stand behind that. In the event, it is not working as expected, call us directly at 847-244-3600 and we will offer alternative directions that will help to remove the stain in question. The directions on the website are general directions and variations are available for tougher stains. We have had over 10,000 orders and are always able to ensure customers are happy, satisfied and pleased with the results. We work with customers! We would NEVER neglect a customer with questions or concerns. 

10. How Much Genesis 950 Should I Order?

This is probably one of the most asked questions. Typically, we suggest that people first try a quart to ensure they like the product. While the pint is the least expensive size, the quart is twice as much for only a few dollars more. Economically, the quart is a better value. Generally, people who do try the quart end up ordering the gallon afterwards as they are satisfied with the results. When steam cleaning a room, the gallon is the recommended size. If steam cleaning an entire home or a very large room, the 2.5 gallon cube is the best  choice. The 5 gallon cube is best for commercial cleaners, janitorial services, car detailers, restoration services, hotels, resorts and other services which do heavy cleaning. There are also 30 and 55 gallon drums available in the event more is needed. 

If you are a frugal consumer, the pricing of Genesis 950 is extremely consumer friendly when broken down. With the mixing ratio for general cleaning at 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water, a 1 quart bottle at $21.75 (our direct store price) really equals 7 quarts of cleaning solution. This breaks down to $3.10 per bottle. A gallon container costs $42.00 (our direct store price) breaks down to 4 quarts. This runs the cost per quart at $10.50. Further breaking it down, that's 28 quarts of cleaning solution when mixed at the 1:7 ratio. A frugal shopper will note that this in turn results in the broken down cost at $1.50 per quart. The gallon on the store even includes a free spray bottle so that the consumer can actually break down the concentrate by mixing it with water in the spray bottle. The savings are even greater when the 2.5 or 5 gallon cubes are broken down. 

11. What Will Genesis 950 Clean?

Genesis 950 can be used to remove any water soluble stain. It will clean pet stains, carpeting, grease, oil, tar, food, pasta, wine, kool-aid, play dough, make up, ink, dye, wax and so much more. We are always hearing new and exciting stains that have been removed by customers. Genesis 950 can be used on virtually any surface. Carpet, clothing, upholstery, furniture, tile, concrete, linoleum, asphalt, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, finished and painted wood, walls, stone, leather, microfiber and more. The only surface that it is not advisable to use Genesis 950 on is untreated or unfinished wood. This is because the wood will absorb the moisture and it may cause warping or expansion. 

12. How Much Is Shipping?

Whether your order on our online store, through Amazon or by phone, shipping is free. There is no additional shipping cost. However if you do live outside of the continental US, shipping rates are applied based on your postal codes for the delivery address. 

13. How Is Genesis 950 Shipped?

Genesis 950 is shipped through FedEx. There are two ways in which Genesis 950 is shipped. All pint and quart orders are delivered through FedEx Smartpost. With FedEx Smartpost, the order is picked up from our facility by FedEx. It is then routed to the United States Postal Service and then delivered by a postal carrier. Generally this type of delivery can take 5 - 7 business days. For gallon, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon orders, delivery is made by FedEx with no interception by the USPS. Because of this, these types of orders will arrive at their destination from FedEx. These orders deliver faster and generally arrive between 2 - 5 business days. All orders ship Monday through Friday. FedEx pickup from our location is approximately 3:30 Pm CST. All orders received before 3:30 PM ship the day they are received. Any orders received after 3:30 PM will ship the following business day. Orders received after 3:30 PM on Friday, and any orders received Saturday or Sunday will ship the following Monday.

We do have the ability to ship using UPS in the event that is the method of shipping your prefer. If UPS is desired, please place this order directly by phone at 847-244-3600. UPS shipping will most likely require additional shipping charges. 

Next day, Overnight and 2nd Day orders can be placed by calling directly at 847-244-3600. These shipping options require additional charges based on current FedEx pricing based on the destination postal code. Please note that these costs are often ridiculously high!

14. What Are Customers Saying?

"Your product is AMAZING!!! I bought a 1 gallon container and took it to my daughters house to help her clean her "room of shame". Dog stains everywhere and nicotine on the walls. Her kitchen was badly greased and nicotine on the white cupboards. Used Genesis 950 with a commercial carpet shampooer and was floored as to how well the carpets were cleaned." - Jennifer

"Omg!!!! This formula saved us from having to replace the carpet!! Pure awesomeness!!! Thank you!!" - Christy 

"I have finally found my miracle! I have 7 dogs I have rescued throughout the past few years and the pet smell has been a huge issue. A couple of them have had accidents due to issues they have so the odor has been a battle. It was to the point that when we walked in the door there was NO doubt that we had pets.
 I was skeptical because I have tried soooooo many products that promised they could combat the odor. ummmm...Not so much. Genesis 950 delivered on what they said. After thoroughly shampooing my carpet with it, I can come into my house and would never know there were 7 dogs running around. THERE IS NO MORE ODOR! You have no idea how happy I am. I have gone through this for years. I wish I had found you sooner. I now feel comfortable laying down on my carpet to play with my pets and not wonder what I'm laying on. You have gained a loyal customer for life. I only ordered the gallon size just to see if it would work. My next purchase will be the 5 gallon. I am never going to be without it again. THANK YOU!" - Liz

"I can not BELIEVE this product It is by far the best carpet cleaner I have ever used ...it got out pet stains that I thought would never come out...I.m just ecstatic about how good this stuff is....thank you thank you thank you. It got stains out of the bedroom carpet that was here when we bought the house 7 years ago, I can't say enough about this product. I can hardly wait to try it on other things." - Dennis

"I'm AMAZED!!!! I got my gallon and spray bottle yesterday, so before bed I tested out the Genesis 950 using the Rug Dr machine on my bedroom carpet because my bedroom carpet was (note: was) SO stained and smell
y from my puppy peeing (she has kidney disease so she always has to go....we now take her out to pee every half hour!!) the smell has literally kept me up night after night and I've even sle...pt out on the couch because of it and I've been panicking because I don't want friends and family visiting with the way the carpets are and I've tried everything! So, I did just the bedroom last night, it's dry this morning...no smell and no stains and it looks brand new again. You guys really have no idea how much this has helped my husband and I! I will be doing the rest of my apartment today and taking before and after photos which I wish I did with my bedroom carpet! Thank you guys SO much! My mind is blown by this stuff. I've never been happier with a product and it was absolutely worth the money! I will be buying more! :D" - Erica

"i purchased a gallon of genesis 950 from your web site. i have to say i am blown away. a friend of mine had carpet so dirty from work boots and stains from i dont know what, that i thought nothing would help. i used genesis 950 and and a rug doctor machine, and it looks like brand new carpet." - Anna

"put me on your payroll!! i will be singing your praises for a long time. 7 year old carpet in childrens room came amazingly clean as did my car seats and furniture. this is the best thing since sliced bread. super fast delivery. i read somewhere that this may be carried in home depot. any updates on that? we are raising five grandchil
dren ages 6-11, (yes thats right 6-11) so we will be using a lot of genesis 950! I know how upsetting it is to have nice furniture that you have to keep covered because of the stains. I want others to feel the excitement of not having to do that anymore. thanks again." - Virginia

"this has got to be the best carpet cleaner I have ever used... pet stains gone.unbelievable...food stains gone..coffee stains gone...unreal the best thank you ...thank you" - Denny

"This stuff is awesome! no more stains and smells and I have tried everything... from vinegar to tide to water to that stuff from home depot. Genesis 950 is all you need! Thanks for a great product!" - Janet

"Just used my Genesis to remove all signs that the Bernese Mt Dog had not made it outside in time . . . what a great product. This is truly an amazing product. . .Sophie the dog has met her match. It took lipstick out of a plush carpet like magic." - Libby


Genesis 950 Car Cleaning - DIY Auto Carpet, Upholstery And Interior Detailing

DIY Car Detailing With Genesis 950

When it comes to DIY car detailing, Genesis 950 is the perfect cleaner for all aspects of cleaning when it comes to car care. Genesis 950 can clean leather and cloth upholstery, carpet, plastic, chrome and more. Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner that works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface they have adhered to. It does so without harming, discoloring or damaging the surface. 

Being a surfactant cleaner, Genesis 950 is to be used with water. The water will activate the solution so that it breaks down the structural bonds of stains. When this happens, the stain can be rinsed away. The general mixing ration for Genesis 950 is 1 part 950 to 7 parts water. However this concentration can be increased as high as a 50/50 mix if the stains prove to be difficult. 

Here is a cleaning example using Genesis 950 with directions as to how it was used and how much was used. 

 Cleaning Car Interior Carpet

Car Interior Carpet Cleaning
Vacuum all loose debris from the carpet 

Car Interior Carpet Detailing
Once loose debris has been removed the carpet can be cleaned
Bissell SpotBot Review

The Bissell Spotbot has a removable compartment which can be filled with water and cleaning solution. For cleaning the car interior, the container was filled at a 50/50 ratio of Genesis 950 and water. The machine also allows the mixture to be heated. We used the heater feature in our cleaning. When ready to clean, select Manual. This allows the machine to release water through the hose rather then through the bottom of the machine. 

DIY Car Detailing
Holding the button under the handle, release the mixture of Genesis 950 and water into the carpet

Remove Car Stains

In heavily stained areas, take advantage of the bristles on the attachment head and scrub to ensure the area becomes saturated so the Genesis 950 can break down stains deep within the carpet. Once you have shampooed the carpet, let it sit while you clean the rest of the interior.

Genesis 950 Auto Care

After you have cleaned the seats, dashboard and any other areas needing cleaning, return to the carpets. Now, using ONLY clean water in the machine, rinse the areas you have cleaned. This will allow all the dirt and stains that the Genesis 950 has broken down to be flushed clean from the area. 

Genesis 950 Car Cleaning

Once you have finished, your carpet is clean. Now, just allow the area to dry. 

Genesis 950 Car Cleaning Genesis 950 Auto DetailerGenesis 950 Car Detailer

The same steps can be taken for cleaning the upholstery. Genesis 950 is safe for cloth or leather.

Genesis 950 Dashboard Cleaning

Genesis 950 Car Dashboard

Genesis 950 can also be used on the dashboard. To clean the dashboard or other non-fabric based areas, use a spray bottle with Genesis 950 mixed with water. 
Genesis 950 Bottle

This bottle contains a mixture of 1/3 Genesis 950 and the remaining 2/3 water. 

Genesis 950 Cleaning CarGenesis 950 Car Wash

Spray the area you are cleaning with the mixture.

DIY Car Wash

Wipe the area clean with a towel or rag.

Genesis 950 can be used on both the interior and exterior of your car. It truly is an all purpose cleaner and is extremely versatile. Serious car enthusiasts can go even further with their cleaning as Genesis 950 is also great on tires, can degrease engines, and more. With Genesis 950 there is no need for multiple cleaners. This all purpose cleaner does it all. 

To read reviews and order, visit www.genesis950.com.


Hot To Clean Cat Vomit Stains From Upholstery

How To Remove Cat Puke From Furniture

Cats are prone to occasional instances of random vomiting. Whether it be from eating something random, cleaning themselves or an illness, cat puke is never pleasant to clean up. It appears in the most inconvenient places . . . on good carpets, in the middle of the room, or even on furniture. Usually by the time it is discovered, it has already dried up and if not properly treated, staining surface areas. 

For us, these types of stains are a double edge sword. We hate the mess, and hate having to clean it up, but it gives us the opportunity to show how great Genesis 950 is at removing these types of stains. 

Cat Puke On Microfiber Couch
The stain in the photo above was discovered at the end of the night. One of the cats decided to puke on top of the microfiber couch as well as a blanket that was folded over the couch. This stain was already all dried up. If you own a cat, you know that the dried vomit is not easy to remove. 

To clean the stain, Genesis 950 was used. Because it is the best cleaner for multiple purposes, a spray bottle is kept under the kitchen sink for just these types of messes. The premixed bottle contains about 1/3 Genesis 950 and the remaining 2/3 water. Simply shake the bottle up a bit and spray on the stained area. 

Genesis 950 is not like any other cleaner. There are no harsh chemicals in the 950. It works with water to be absorbed by the stain. This alters the structure of the stain. As a result, the stain will break free from the surface it has adhered to. When the 950 is sprayed on the stain, the stain in turn breaks down and can then be removed. Because there are no harsh chemicals, it will not damage, alter, discolor or ruin your furniture and upholstery. 

After the 950 and water mixture have broken down the stain it can be wiped clean. Here, a paper towel was used to wipe the area clean. There was no need to scrub, scrape or chisel at the stain, it simply wiped away. 

Above the area has been cleaned. The entire process took about 1 - 2 minutes. Genesis 950 makes cleaning pet stains fast and easy. It can remove stains that contain dye from pet food, blood or bile.
In addition to cleaning vomit stains, Genesis 950 is also perfect for removing pet stains. It will not only remove the stain, but any odors associated with the stain. To make things even better, it is green! it is safe for you, your family and your pets.

Here is another example of how Genesis 950 can clean pet stains:


Remove Odor From Smelly, Musty Carpet

Genesis 950 Carpet Cleaner And Stain Remover

During the summer months, humidity can take a toll on your carpet. As the humidity rises with the temperature, it becomes harder for your carpet to air out properly. Moisture and dampness in your carpet can lead to the growth of bacteria or mildew. Your carpet is the perfect breeding ground for such growth. In addition to being a health issues, the smell can become unbearable. Damp, musty odors can become prominent not just in the carpet, but in your furniture as well. Prevent the growth and spread of mold and bacteria by properly cleaning your carpets through summer. 

Genesis 950 is the perfect way to properly clean your carpets throughout the summer. Genesis 950 is a cleaner unlike any other. It is a green cleaner, so it does not contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your flooring or release any toxins that are harmful to you, your family or your pets. Unlike other cleaners, Genesis 950 works as a surfactant cleaner. These types of cleaners are designed to work with water to break the bonds of stains and then allows them to be lifted from the surface through rinsing. 

Genesis 950 does not just break down the stains however, it also deodorizes. In the process, it kills mold, bacteria and other germs present. By doing so, it removes the odor. This is very important when cleaning the carpet. Typical cleaners will remove the stains, and cause a temporary masking of the odor, but continued dampness will only agitate odor causing contaminants. With Genesis 950, you are actually killing the elements responsible for creating the odor. 

Carpet cleaning can be expensive. A home service can charge upwards of $100 per room. You also have to schedule around their availability. But what is worse is that you have no way of really knowing what they are using to clean. How much of what they spray is water and how much is solution? Furthermore, how safe is the solution they are using? Not only are there concerns about the actual cleaning process and the scheduling, but what happens if when the carpet has dried, there seems to be no difference. Then it can be frustrating trying to get them back into your home or finding a way to deal with the remaining marks or odors. 

GENESIS® 950 2.5 Gallon
2.5 Gallon Cube Of Genesis 950
As a concentrated cleaner, Genesis 950 is sold in various sizes from pints to 5 gallon cubes. The 2.5 gallon is most commonly used by homeowners wanting to clean their carpet. Being a concentrated cleaner, water is to be added to the solution when being used. The general mixing ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This can be increased depending on the severity of the stain. When a 2.5 gallon cube is broken down to the 1:7 ratio, you actually have approximately 17 gallons of cleaning solution!! You should also have enough solution left to clean other projects, and to use as a household cleaner. When this is broken down financially the savings are incredible. A 2.5 gallon cube costs $60. Compare that to the cost of hiring a professional or replacing carpet. By cleaning yourself, you can clean on your own terms, control how much solution you are using, and are able to spend the time to focus on areas you feel need the most cleaning. 

To remove musty smells and odors from carpet, simply use Genesis 950 in any steam cleaner or carpet cleaning machine. Some machines will have a compartment for water and another compartment for solution. Simply fill the solution compartment with Genesis 950 and let the machine dispense the mixture with water based on the settings of light, medium or heavy - our recommendation is to use the heavy setting. In machines where the water and solution are mixed in one compartment, add them at the 1:7 ratio. Again, this can be increased depending on the level of which the carpet needs to be cleaned, never going higher then a 50/50 mix. With your machine, slowly go over the area allowing the mixture to penetrate the carpet. When odor issues are being treated, it is important to be sure the solution goes below the carpet's surface as this odor penetrates from the padding. Allow the mixture to sit for about 10 - 20 minutes. This will let it break down the mold, bacteria and odor causing germs. Next, rinse the area thoroughly using only fresh water in the machine. The rinse process may be repeated until the water being returned from the carpet begins to appear clear. Once clear, use the machine as an extractor only and pull as much water out as possible. Let the carpet dry. Use fans or dehumidifiers to speed up the process. Dry thoroughly to ensure that all moisture is removed from the carpet. 

Genesis 950 makes carpet cleaning easy. There is no need to spend money on hiring professionals when you can do it yourself for less. You also don't need to spend the time or money replacing carpet if it can be properly cleaned. 

Carpet Cleaned With Genesis 950

To read reviews and get more information, visit www.genesis950.com. 


Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner Coupon Code

Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner Coupon Code

Remove Pet Stains & Odors / Make Carpet Look & Smell Professionally Cleaned / Clean The Toughest Stains

Genesis 950 Coupon
Genesis 950 Coupon

Genesis 950 is available on Amazon, but ordering directly from the Genesis 950 Store saves you a couple dollars. When you order direct, you save a little more. In addition to saving a little more, any gallon purchased directly through the Genesis 950 Store includes a free spray bottle. This promotion is ONLY available through the Genesis 950 Store.

Save an extra dollar on any Genesis 950 Store order by using the coupon code Summer when checking out.

All orders include free shipping regardless of whether they are placed on Amazon or through the Genesis 950 Store.

Problems ordering or needing to speak to someone? We welcome phone calls. We are based in Illinois and when you call us, you don't get voice mail, touch tones or the run around. We love talking to customers and take the time to listen to your problems, assess the best way to clean your stains, and provide you with step by step directions. We can be reached at 847-244-3600 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST. We can also be emailed at info@amerikal.com.

Genesis 950 is easily the best cleaning product available. If you haven't tried it, and have your doubts, just read the reviews.


Genesis 950 Green All Purpose Cleaner Free Spray Bottle Promo

Free Spray Bottle With 1 Gallon Purchase Of Genesis 950

We are still providing a free spray bottle with every 1 gallon order of Genesis 950 on our store site. 

Genesis 950 removes the toughest stains. Whether it be pet stains, make up spills, rust on your carpet, grease and build up on your appliances or a simple food or drink stain, Genesis 950 has the power to remove it.

Genesis 950 works differently because it is a surfactant based cleaner. What this means is that Genesis 950 works with water to absorb into the stained area, break the bonds of the stain and lift it. In addition to removing stains, Genesis 950 deodorizes and kills germs and bacteria.

The spray bottle makes cleaning with Genesis 950 even easier. Mix 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Spray the stained area and let it soak for a few moments. Scrub the stained area until the stain is lifted, then rinse with water. If the stain is persistent, increase the amount of Genesis 950. With the spray bottle at hand, you are ready to tackle any stain as it happens.

This offer is not available on Amazon orders and only valid when ordering at www.genesis950.com.


Genesis 950 - The best green household cleaner

Genesis 950 Before & After

Remove Paint Stain From Carpet
Remove Paint Stains From Carpet

Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet
Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

Best Carpet Stain Remover
Remove Carpet Stains

Clean Car Interiors
Clean Car Interiors

Remove Pet Vomit Stains From Carpet
Remove Pet Vomit Stains From Carpet

Remove Pet Vomit Stains From Carpet
Remove Pet Vomit Stains From Carpet

Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet
Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

Clean Aluminum Doors & Siding
Clean Aluminum Doors & Siding

Clean Grease From Stainless Steel
Clean Grease From Stainless Steel

Clean Keyboards
Clean Keyboards

Remove mold, grass stains and grease from rugs
Remove Mold, Grass Stains and Grease From Rugs

Clean Pasta Stains From Carpet

Clean Pet Stains From Carpet
Clean Pet Stains From Carpet

Clean Pet Stains From Carpet
Clean Pet Stains From Carpet

Clean Play Dough Stains From Carpet
Clean Play Dough Stains From Carpet

Clean Vinyl Records
Clean Vinyl Records

Clean Water Marks, Rust & Grime From Porcelain
Clean Water Marks, Rust & Grime From Porcelain

Clean Carpet
Clean Carpet

Clean Food, Oil & Grease From Stove Tops
Clean Food, Oil & Grease From Stove Tops

Clean Porcelain
Clean Porcelain

Clean Porcelain
Clean Porcelain

Clean Old Carpet Stains
Clean Old Carpet Stains

Clean Furniture & Upholstery
Clean Furniture & Upholstery
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Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner that cleans like nothing else. It is a green, surfactant based cleaner. This means instead of attacking surfaces with harsh chemicals like bleach, vinegar, ammonia or soaps, it works with water to be absorbed into the stain and then alter the stains composition to break down the bonds of the stain. Not only does it remove the stain, but in the process it kills germs and bacteria associated with the stain. In turn, this also deodorizes the area. Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner with multiple uses. Among the most popular are carpet cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, and car detailing. However the uses are limitless when it comes to what you can clean with Genesis 950.